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  1. Glad all went well with the move When's the first BBQ?
  2. I think i was fortunate that my mom and dad liked med rare steaks. I still remember when my Dad apologized for giving me an undercooked steak (Rare). It was love at first bite.
  3. I loved Red in that show great one liners plus his wife was priceless
  4. OK how did those bad boys turn out?
  5. I've had 2 crappy bags of royal oak about a year or so ago up to that time no problem. The B&B looks ok to use. Like I keep saying I wish the charcoal came in clear bags
  6. Henry My heart goes out to you. My first wife preferred burnt cinders for steaks. She was raised by a mom who was one of the gray cooks. Everything had to be gray all the way through,, on the weekly Sunday dinner of rump roast I could not pour enough gravy on it. I can still see the look on my wife's face when in a very pricy restaurant the chef came out and apologized for not being able to cook her steak that well done. But for each one of us we have our quirks. Makes life interesting. My second one likes it as rare as I do, makes grilling easier. The micro wave comment gave me a chuckle.
  7. As a second thought maybe that's the squirrel from the phrase " Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn"?
  8. Reminds me of the song high hopes Just what makes that little old ant Think he'll move that rubber tree plant Anyone knows an ant, can't Move a rubber tree plant But he's got high hopes He's got high hopes He's got high apple pie In the sky hopes
  9. When I use my grill i always take it up to 500 degrees while we have dinner and burn char the gunk on the grill than use a webber grill brush to clean the crunchies off the grate the brush is several years old, and like the Kamado I inspect it before and after use ( lesson from my dad). I also used to use a fender brush a while ago and learned from my dad to pitch it when it started to look old. If you crisp the left over sauce, grease ect it won't clog the brush. This way the grates are good to go next time you grill.
  10. When i use my remote thermometers i also keep an eye on the dome thermometer as well. My dome thermometer is always about 20 degrees low.(too lazy to recalibrate it) I just use it as a quick reference. How did the shoulder turn out ?
  11. Tex BBQ I'm open to be adopted I must confess I had some doubts that it would all fit on your BJ. They look fantastic I'm holding back from licking my screen How is that custom grill grate for doing steaks?
  12. Wire brush Been using them for about 60 years. Maybe it might be helpful if we post a pic of the brush we use
  13. Welcome Krusty Either one would have been a god choice. They both have their pros and cons. The key is to use it and enjoy it. Have you seen this
  14. Good luck with your first cook on your new joe and welcome to retirement
  15. MM looking forward to some pic on your cook Instead of the scrapper maybe use a Nylon brush to clean loose stuff I wouldn't get too frisky with the scrubbing. I'm glad you are fixing and using a old grill in this throw away era we live in. Enjoy your ribs.
  16. I've had the same experience with the charcoal changing temps on long cook i agree about the charcoal size idea bigger chunks you might better air flow and more glowing coals higher temp. Can't respond about the 7 hr. stall never smoked a chunk of meat that large. Try pulling out thermometer and see if it drops down then reinsert in a different place. Will be waiting for pics.
  17. Pulled pork and baked beans simple butt nice. Good job
  18. Wow new kitchen new patio new Kamado life is good on your side of the pond. All kidding aside welcome to the forum lots of help here Have you read John's book
  19. John Looks like a perfectly done piece of beef May have to add a sous vide cooker (?) to my to get list thank for sharing with us
  20. If your dipping you toe in the smoking waters may I suggest ribs as a starter. They are forgiving smoke time is short 4 to 6 hrs and will help you learn how to manage the grill and fire and vents on the Kamado. If you can roast in your JR.and hold a stable temp for it than your part way there for smoking. The biggest difference between 350 roasting temp and 225 smoking temp is size of fire started and vent controls. One last thing and this is a strong warning a pizza on a Kamado will RUIN you for take out pizza other wise good luck and enjoy
  21. AO good luck on the first brisket. Keep a record of the cook ,grill set up temp meat size ect ect. This will help on the second plus briskets. How big is that bad boy? Going to use a rub? I just use 50/50 miv of salt and pepper. Please keep us posted
  22. Looks very good done to perfection.
  23. Clooud Yes to all the above so many ways to skin a cat (have no idea where that phrase comes from) and so many ways to smoke something. My only comment to add is beware there are 2 types of meat in a full brisket the point and the flat. From what i gather they cook slightly differently. I have only smoked 2 points so I'm not an expert on brisket. A good way to practice on beef is to use a thick chuck roast. Good luck on your first one. Below is a link to Aaron Franklins brisket cooking site. I'm not saying you should follow it 100% but it contains a lot of good info. https://www.smokedbbqsource.com/smoking-your-first-brisket/
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