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  1. Mike I think your not understanding why we pay attention to the Dome or oven temp. We do that because we are trying for consistency in our cooks when smoking. When I do ribs I try to keep it around 225 this way I have a rough idea on how long the ribs will cook. But this is a guess the meat will be done when its done. From your post is seems like you are also paying attention to the oven temp as well. I don't know if your smoking the beef and pork roasts or roasting them. Ribs smoked at 225 for 5 to 6 hours yummy at 350 for the same time a little too crunchy for me. I guess time and temp are inversely related (wow haven't used inversely since high school math class) one goes up the other goes down for the same meat internal temp. Now this is all based on using a deflector, and your right about our grills being a charcoal fired oven but we do have a more stable oven temp. Every oven I adjusted had temp swings. You set it at 350 it will over shoot to say 375 then cool off to 325 before the element kicks in again, turns off at 350 but carry over to 375 and start over again. Some ovens are better at keeping this swing smaller. On my Kamado Classic I can keep 350 better than my oven your akorn jr. will probably have less of a temp swing also. Hope I'm not getting too far into the weeds here.
  2. John have you made any coffee yet? I'm rather curious.
  3. Rico to answer your question I would say no. The ceramic would suck in the grease and may cause problems plus the meat might adhere to the ceramic. I have no experience with this just a wag.
  4. FunkyMunky If your new to charcoal grilling the smell might be due to not allowing the fire to be fully lit. the white smoke is a form of this. You didn't state how long the grill was going for. Different coal will start differently. An example Royal oak produces white smoke while starting and has a smell, Rock wood doesn't produce much smoke while starting and small order. This is partially do to type of wood and how it is cooked in the oven(?) when it's made. Some charcoal is cooked longer and burns off the volatives in the wood more, this is why they sound different when dumped in the grill and are lighter in weight. Or you could just have a bad bag. Don't give up these grills are great.
  5. Like Donbb after cooking i let it go up about 450 -500 while eating dinner (temp wise your part way to this temp ) then brush the grates off when it is done smoking (burning off grease and stuff off deflectors and grates)and shut it down. Length of cleaning will depend on how much grease drips down. If fire bowl holes are filled with ash a quick suck with the shop vac (make sure it's cold and no glowing coals) maybe every 8 months or so dissemble and vac all and scrub dome with with nylon brush if needed.
  6. Daninpd Thought it was half time at the Westminster dog show
  7. I think he's in Australia everything is upside down there. Only joking It kinda looks like a Komodo kamado you might try posting in there site here. It is nice looking
  8. Hmmmm glad someone else has my strange sense of humor
  9. Belly Don't get too hung up on brands shop around and find one that works for you. I could recommend a brand but you buy the bag and its all small pieces and you'll hate me and the charcoal. each brand is a little different. I don't like Royal Oak for my rotisserie chicken ( too much smoky taste for us ) but really enjoy the flavor it adds to pizza. This is just a personal opinion, yours may be different Good luck in your search. Chairmaker the best way to get rid of the mold is to grill in the winter I've had to brush off 1&1/2 feet of snow this past winter it just made the ribs taste better. But then my neighbor thinks I'm not quite right.
  10. Nice looking first butt. Glad it came out good for you I'm jealous cause you have fresh sweet corn to grill
  11. I've used cotton balls lighter squares and a blow torch they all work good. The lighter fluid is a no no due to the burning fluid giving off gas and petroleum by products that can be absorbed by the ceramics in the grill. There is no set way to light the grill we all have our favorite way of doing it. That's why there are so many BBQ sauces in the stores.
  12. In my age group we call that gaining experience same as the childhood scars we have to remind us not to do that again
  13. A.O. Jeffie had a good guide for his tenderloin buy keep in mind his grill is different than yours, and the time can be different. On the last one you did keep a log on size of fire temp of grill size of pork loin , this one was over done so shorten the time on the next one till you like the results, also the pork can change the time also. With the pork butt you will encounter the "stall" where the internal temp stops rising and just sits there for an hour or 2 this is normal but the first time you might find it confusing and be tempted to up the grill temp Don't. I've read that this is caused by fat melting inside the meat and cooling it. A little trick is to pull the butt at 175 or so wrap in foil with a cup or so of liquid I use chicken stock. This will help to keep it moist and give you some juice to use when reheating the next day Great Tacos. either put back on grill or in a 250 degree oven till internal temp of 205. If you follow Johns direction you wont go wrong. What kind of thermometer are you using to measure the pork temp? The charcoal will be a crap shoot been there with the charcoal crumbs I'm a strong believer in clear plastic bags
  14. Thanks SK have been waiting for this
  15. If you have a large hunk of meat ( like a 10 lb brisket 10 lbs x1.25 hrs per pound = about 12.5 hrs.) it will take a while the meat the temp will effect the time. If this is the dome thermometer then the grill is stabilized Burger Meister was referring to how accurate the dome thermometer was some of these can be 30 degrees + off To clarify one of my answers i do have a controller but for the butt I did Monday I only used it to monitor grate temp and meat temp the fan was not used and held a solid 225 for about 6 hrs. When you do a butt or a brisket beware of the stall. For a test run try chuck roast cheaper than a brisket.
  16. Forgot to answer your last question. A temp controller is not really needed to use the grill. My classic II can run for at least 14 hrs at 225 degrees. Learn how to use the vents to control the grill before you use a controller
  17. Have you read this? Not sure of the scientific reason but it works. The length of depends on the temp your running temp of meat when putting it on the grill the size of the meat A 4 pound brisket will be done before a 10 pounder will be. A big key to remember is the meat is in charge and will be done when it wants to be done. Take some note for the first several cooks to compare what worked and what didn't. Don't get too wrapped up in times each roast will be slightly different. Don't give up it will come Ribs are a good choice to start with there forgiving and cook some what quick 5-6 hours and will help you learn your grill. Good luck and keep us posted
  18. Welcome Jones86 That is a great book put together by John, If you dig around here you can find the video series of recipes lots of good ideas there. Hopefully our winter is over
  19. Are you now sleeping in the Garage????
  20. Bailey Nice looking cook. Just one comment be careful of where you put the temp probe it looks like you have it close to being in the open gap between the deflector and the side of the ceramic. This would put it in the direct heat flow from the charcoal and might read a little high, as apposed to a reading above the deflectors. When I do ribs I cut the ends off so they are a little away from the edge of the deflector. The ends were getting cooked more than the rest. Plus they make great snacks for the pit master while smoking. I like your controller rain coat, i steal one of my wife's Tupperware containers and put on top of it. Glad your happy with how it worked out for you.
  21. Now that is a tasty looking meal
  22. I agree with John But if you sell a product you are still responsible for the product if you make it or subcontract it Glad it appears KJ is refunding. It might take a temporary monetary hit but the biggest hit is to there reputation as a quality product good reps are hard to make but easy to loose. Quality of a product has always been an issue I once attended a seminar at a large rc airplane show about our radios we use. I was surprised when the reps from several radio manufactures informed use in the electronics industry a 10 % failure was acceptable but not for our radios because we are a small community and word spreads fast about our radios, and with the internet it's a smaller community. Perhaps it would be best if KJ would stop coating there products. Hope I'm not rambling too much or getting too deep into the weeds here on the issue
  23. len440


    Nothing to worry about the other ones are too tight. Sorry for the joke just space the other ones out a bit more this is normal mine looked the same way when i put mine together the first time
  24. Glad your using your Kamado Pies look good Kind of look like mine every shape but round
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