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  1. Love a chook on the Joetisserie and that one look awesome.
  2. I have been known to stink out the neighbourhood a lot of times whilst hot smoking. Here are some pics of my belly bacon being cooked and what not. Early days I used to use charcoal to get the heat up but decided against that after dripping fat onto the coal caused a fire. I did save that batch, even though the outsides were a bit black. These days I use the gas smoker as I find I cannot fit enough on the kamado. I always use a dry cure for belly. Pics are from various cooks.
  3. I have made the no knead one quite a few times and it is a great method of making bread. But I usually do it in the inside oven.
  4. I've made bread in the kamado a few times, usually after making pizzas if I have leftover dough. This batch was from a long while back but you get the picture. This is why I love kamado's, because of their versatility. I built a cob oven but when I discovered the kamado I knocked the oven down.
  5. gnol


    Thanks everyone for the welcome. Nah..yeah..@KismetKamado. Pretty sure it is a Saffire replica. They were branded as "Dragon" Kamados down here at the time and were close to half the price of the Saffire. I'd say the Saffire was going out the side door and these were going out the back.Purchased through a group buy at the time on the Aussie BBQ forum. Soon after that the "Dragon" disappeared of the market. G'day sandgroper. Hail from the cabbage patch
  6. I have found the Jotisserie excellent for certain cooks. Chicken and pork belly come out awesome. Couple of vids of a cook, or they may be separate cooks. My files are all mixed up. Listen to that hollow sound of perfectly cooked crackling in the second video.
  7. Thanks. I use my late wifes recipe. I do tweak it every now and then. For instance with this batch I was using low protein flour and out of date dry yeast. So I threw extra yeast in it. And sometimes depending on the flour extra waetr is needed. I do the first knead in the Kenwood, sometimes the second as well if I can't be bothered using my hands. Usually rise it in the fridge overnight then roll it and rise once again at room temp. As for temps I usually cook at about 300-450 C on the Kamado dial. Pizza crust ....recipe 3 - 4 cups fl
  8. I love a slow cooked lamb shoulder. Find it much better than the leg, Having said that I went ahead and tried a boned leg a few weeks back. Came out pretty good.
  9. This is how I make my hams.These were made a couple of weekends ago. Brined and injected thoroughly. Depending on the size I'll brine them for 10-14 days. These two were just over 4kg each and were in the brine for 10 days. The brine is a pink salt brine. Pit temp was about 235 F and I got them to an internal of 165 F. Though I think my Maverick is playing up and they were a bit on the dry side.
  10. I try and make pizza's at least once a month and when I do it is an all day affair. I'm a widower with three kids so time is of the essence. If I get a chance to make them I'll make minimum six and maximum as much as dough and ingredients allow. Plus charcoal is getting rather pricey down here due to the interest in BBQ so I go all out. I make my dough the day before and rise it overnight in the fridge and get going in the afternoon the next day. These pics are from when I last made pizza a couple of weekends ago. The pic where I'm working the dough is from the time before that.
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    Hey all. Nice forum. I'm from Melbourne Australia and a bit of a cooking with fire nut. I have had my Kamado for about five years now. It's not a brand name one but it is exactly the same as the Saffire. Anyway, look forward to seeing your cooks and showing you some of mine.
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