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  1. Leave it to me to make as many SNAFU's as possible in one evening. 1) I was cruising Costco's meat isle and came across a beautiful butt. (12.5 lb pork butt). I decided to make this my first endeavor into the world of smoking. Fast foward 3.5 hrs and as I'm laying down for the night I begin to wonder if my children managed to het all the groceries from the truck... yep this is about as obvious as whats fixing to happen to the teens that walk outside during the horror flick. The vacuum sealed shoulder was still cold to the touch so I stuck it in the fridge to prevent further damage while researching. 2) I decided to put my new Thermopop to the test and got a cpl readings from 58 - 60 degrees internal. As I read further it looms as if I just increased the chance that I inject foreign bacteria into the meat. What do you guys think, chunk it or smoke that mother anyway. It would end up being pulled pork for my wife, 2 daughters and I this weekend.
  2. chromedome82

    Wireless thermometer help

    I let the wife know earlier that we would have to grab a pork shoulder and some ribs when the thermo gets here. You know, to test it and make sure everything works properly. I'd hate to get a dud and ruin a family meal.
  3. chromedome82

    Wireless thermometer help

    After doing some digging on here I decided to get a good thermo pen first. I just ordered the ThermoPop and should have it in the next few days. I can use that while saving a little lunch money here and there to pick up the Smoke. Thanks for the advice guys.
  4. chromedome82

    Akorn Mods & Fixes

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/66dDafRYY7VN7MWz9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZFd8WfoBVLFGDhXE9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/dTotsuUrBquyeN5E6
  5. chromedome82

    Akorn Mods & Fixes

  6. chromedome82

    Akorn Mods & Fixes

    Alright guys and girls, I've been sitting here learning from the last 35 pages of Guru knowledge but still have an issue that I hope one of you intuitive types might be able to help me with. I picked up my King Griller the other day for $60 with the purpose of learning the kamado in mind. All in all it was a great deal but it does have some gnarly rust on the bottom of the outer shell and top of the ash pan. Is there a mod for rust of this scale? Is there something I can JB Weld or fabricate to insure a perfect seal? I've been firing it up every day with the purpose of learning temp control and am able to keep it in the 300 range for up to 6 hours now (thats just because I shut it down to go to bed) but I really want to get good at riding 225 - 250 for a good low and slow. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  7. chromedome82

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    I went to the local Wally world to pick up some lump and found that the RO was actually $10 a bag. Given its the 15.44 lb'er. It looks to be the "Made in USA" and not the south american dump lump.
  8. chromedome82

    Wireless thermometer help

    Awesome guys, I appreciate all the feedback. I'm kinda stuck between the 732 and the Smoke right now and I'll be honest its mainly due to the cost. I realize the Smoke is the superior thermo. Is there a definitive place to pick these up at a killer deal? Do they pop up often on the marketplace?
  9. Good evening guys and girls. I know there has to be many good posts on here concerning wireless grill/meat thermometers but my search foo is weak. Can someone please link me to a few of these or help me out. I keep thinking I've found the right one and then, BAM theres a new one in the mix. So far I like the Thermopro tp08, 09, 12, Weber igrill2, ivation and maverick et 733. Im cooking on a King Griller an plan to do lots of low and slow. Once again, sorry to ask for something that I know has to be on here multiple times but I just can't find. Thanks for the help an BBQ on!
  10. chromedome82

    Good Evening from NW GA

    I completely understand BobE 1 Kenobi
  11. chromedome82

    Good Evening from NW GA

    Good evening fellow smokers. I've been studying the sport of smoking for a while now and finally found a nice used Akorn to practice on. Now its time to make some crazy delicious food with the knowledge of the KamadoGuru family.