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  1. chromedome82

    Akorn Mods & Fixes

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/66dDafRYY7VN7MWz9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZFd8WfoBVLFGDhXE9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/dTotsuUrBquyeN5E6
  2. chromedome82

    Akorn Mods & Fixes

  3. chromedome82

    Akorn Mods & Fixes

    Alright guys and girls, I've been sitting here learning from the last 35 pages of Guru knowledge but still have an issue that I hope one of you intuitive types might be able to help me with. I picked up my King Griller the other day for $60 with the purpose of learning the kamado in mind. All in all it was a great deal but it does have some gnarly rust on the bottom of the outer shell and top of the ash pan. Is there a mod for rust of this scale? Is there something I can JB Weld or fabricate to insure a perfect seal? I've been firing it up every day with the purpose of learning temp control and am able to keep it in the 300 range for up to 6 hours now (thats just because I shut it down to go to bed) but I really want to get good at riding 225 - 250 for a good low and slow. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  4. chromedome82

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    I went to the local Wally world to pick up some lump and found that the RO was actually $10 a bag. Given its the 15.44 lb'er. It looks to be the "Made in USA" and not the south american dump lump.
  5. chromedome82

    Wireless thermometer help

    Awesome guys, I appreciate all the feedback. I'm kinda stuck between the 732 and the Smoke right now and I'll be honest its mainly due to the cost. I realize the Smoke is the superior thermo. Is there a definitive place to pick these up at a killer deal? Do they pop up often on the marketplace?
  6. Good evening guys and girls. I know there has to be many good posts on here concerning wireless grill/meat thermometers but my search foo is weak. Can someone please link me to a few of these or help me out. I keep thinking I've found the right one and then, BAM theres a new one in the mix. So far I like the Thermopro tp08, 09, 12, Weber igrill2, ivation and maverick et 733. Im cooking on a King Griller an plan to do lots of low and slow. Once again, sorry to ask for something that I know has to be on here multiple times but I just can't find. Thanks for the help an BBQ on!
  7. chromedome82

    Good Evening from NW GA

    I completely understand BobE 1 Kenobi
  8. chromedome82

    Good Evening from NW GA

    Good evening fellow smokers. I've been studying the sport of smoking for a while now and finally found a nice used Akorn to practice on. Now its time to make some crazy delicious food with the knowledge of the KamadoGuru family.