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  1. LOL, yep. The chicken was amazing.
  2. Chicken was marinated in Swiss Chalet Chicken Marinade Potatoes were quartered and had Garlic Plus seasoning, ClubHouse Brand Added an Onion + 4 slices of cooked bacon to the potatoes Preheated the Kamado to 425 Temperature dripped when the chicken went in and never got back to 425, stayed closer to 380 After 1 hour chicken hit 165 degrees my apologies, I didn’t “stag” these photos. I didn’t expect it to come out as well as it did
  3. I have a Costco Pit Boss K24. I like it, but following some videos online I feel I need a few accessories to do some cooks. John used a Divide and Conquer frequently and I watch his videos quit a bit. PitBoss doesn’t have a lot of stuff online, but there seems to be stuff on AliExpress, but ordering directly from China I’m not sure what to look out for. First on my list of wants is the D&C so I can get multiple zone cooking going. Can someone direct me on the best way to go about this whole AliExpress thing or direct me somewhere else to deal with PitBoss Kamado accessories. If it makes a difference Im in Canada.
  4. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/BBQ-Spare-Parts-Divide-and-Conquer_60665079854.html?s=p Ok, I think that one should work.
  5. Any time I click the link, it opens in the app automatically. This post has a link to the alibaba site for a rotisserie. If you click that there is a D&C on the recommended page.
  6. I follow a lot of John’s videos on YT and he uses the divide and conquer a lot. Would this be be an equivalent for the Pit Boss K24? Ive copied the link from the app Check out this product on Alibaba App BBQ Spare Parts Divide and Conquer Cooking System for 21'', 23'', 24'' Auplex BBQ Grill https://f2rq3.app.goo.gl/?link=https://app.alibaba.com/dynamiclink?touchId%3D60665079854%26type%3Dproduct%26schema%3Denalibaba%3A%2F%2Fdetail%3Fid%3D60665079854%26ck%3Dshare_detail%26ck%3Dshare_detail%26shareScene%3Dbuyer&apn=com.alibaba.intl.android.apps.poseidon&ibi=com.alibaba.sourcing&isi=503451073&amv=69
  7. Do you have a direct link for the divide and conquer system? i also have a K24 and trying to find a D&C type setup with 2 half moon stones
  8. I have the Costco Pitt Boss and so far I have used it to cook: - Chicken Wings - Burgers - Pork Shoulder - Pizza I have all the pieces that came with the Pitt Boss: - Heat Deflector - Cooking Rack I have been watching a lot of John's videos where he uses a Kamado Joe. He has other racks and such that I don't have. On my BBQ I love to toss a Tenderloin on the Rotisserie. I have also been doing some Reverse Searing in the Oven with a Prime Rib. Both of which are dynamite! (1) I would like to be able to do some sort of Rotisserie set up on the Pitt Boss if that's do-able. (2) Which accessories do you find to be versatile? It looks like the Ceramic Grill Spider Stone Bundle from Ceramic Grill Store is similar to what I see John use often. Without buying EVERYTHING, what is/are accessories that would be useful and I should look in to?
  9. So far I’ve done burgers, pizza, and chicken wings. Pizza #5 turned out awesome. The rest were ok. Burgers and and wings were A+
  10. My wife purchased it for me last week from Costco for $399.99 They started out at $799 and went down to $699 where they stayed for several weeks. I have been religiously keeping an eye for the $399 price drop and during that time I demanded (actually I begged) that my wife get me one. We ended up borrowing a dolly to wheel it to the back yard. Once the stand was assembled I was able to lift the kamado up while my wife wheeled the stand underneath. The manual said to sure it, so I tossed in some lump charcoal and had it going around d250 degrees until the charcoal burned up. Saturday we had some company and I killed it with my burgers on the kamado! Recipe: Ground Beef Packet of Onion Soup Mix 2 Eggs Handful of Breadcrumbs This was my first ever cook over charcoal, however we BBQ several times per week. The charcoal gave the meat an excellent taste. One of the guest said it was the best burgers they have had it years. I'm excited to do some more cooks!
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