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  1. Would like to find a nice lid handle for my old Kamado K5. Anyone have one or know where I can get one? Measures approximately 5 1/2".
  2. Went back to Wally World yesterday and the price was up to $7.88 for the 30lb. bag. Still a good price. I highly recommend getting a bag or 2 at this price. I had a piece in one bag that was the size of a softball, had to break it in half. What I do is try to take the bags off the top of the pallet, feel the bag to make sure it feels solid all the way around. There are smaller pieces in the bags and some dust but for the most part nice useable pieces of lump. I'll probably go back and get more, I've got like 200lbs. right now and I don't know if I'll ever see a deal like this again.
  3. I'm going to be replacing tiles that fell off my Kamado K5. My idea was to use red high temp rtv and then regrout. Will this work? Any better ideas?
  4. I've bought 6 bags so far. Did a shoulder, brisket and baby backs with this lump and no complaints except it takes a bit longer to come up to temp than RO. Here's the kicker, it's on sale up here for $6.50 for the 30lb. bag.
  5. Thank you, lots of good info! Gonna start working on it this weekend.
  6. Here's what's left of the firebox. It was like a puzzle to get it this far, going to try and put it back together with some refractory cement. Any help appreciated.
  7. Well, I finally got her today. I think this is a Richard Johnson K5 Kamado. 42" high, 18" cast iron cooking grate. The fire ring looks good, the firebox is all broken up in the bottom but appears to be all there, the inside looks good no cracks but I'll have to clean it up to be sure. So here's some questions for you guys. What's the best way to clean the inside to get rid of all the old ash? I was thinking about using high temp rtv to put the tiles back on, is there a better way? Going to use refractory cement to try and put the firebox back together. I got this thing for $50 and paid my son and a friend $40 to help me get it and lift/move it, pretty heavy maybe 400lbs. Looking forward to restoring her and will need all the help I can get from you guys here, and I thank you in advance. I will keep you all updated with pics as the restoration of this beautiful/ functional piece of art proceeds.BTW the original owner was a doctor in Seattle that gifted it to him and it's been sitting unused for 5 years outside with a cover, which he also gave me.
  8. Well thanks for the replies folks, talked to the guy and he says between him and my friend they will be able to lift it into the back of my Silverado. I told him I was going to lay it down in the bed on a mattress, he said when he hauled it he had it upright in the truck. Problem is I have a shell on my truck. He said I'd may lose a few more tiles if I do it my way but I have no choice at this point. He has most of the tiles that already fell off so what do I have to lose by having to replace a few more tiles. He showed me some pics of the inside and says the firebox is broken, can't tell if the ring is good because of all the ash. Don't know diddley about these Kamados as I've never owned one but always wanted to. So we are going to get it tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck! After more research this Kamado looks almost exact to marauders K7.
  9. Thanks 5698k, from some research I think there are 3 bolts holding the top/lid on. Was going to PB Blast them and hope for the best and replace with new stainless hardware. All I know is the guy said it's just been sitting for a few years, I'm assuming outside. Can't really afford renting a truck with a lift gate. It's only about a 35 minute ride so it's worth going to give it a try.
  10. Hi, I'm new here and I have a chance to buy an older Kamado K7 or K5, not sure. My question is how am I going to lift this thing into the back of my truck. I am 62 years old and 160 lbs, my friend from work is 35 years old and 230 lbs., young strong kid. The guy I'm buying from said 2 guys lifted it in the back of his truck when he bought it. He says it weighs around 400 lbs, but I think he's guessing. A K7 is around 500lbs., a K5 around 400 lbs., right? I was going to lay it down on an old mattress in the back of my truck and strap it down. This one has the wheels, not the tripod stand type. Should we disassemble the lid from the body? Any help greatly appreciated! Sorry for the lousy pics. Will take better ones if I'm able to get her home, and then will need some advice on restoring, thanks much.
  11. GaryB

    Hi there!

    My name is Gary and glad to be here. Looking to get an old Kamado K7, which I will be posting questions in other kamados. Currently using an 18" Weber Smokey Mountain, started out 30 years ago with a cheap old Brinkman. Always wanted a Kamado.
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