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  1. I had a go at this starting Saturday night with a 10lb Butt. I lit too big a fire to start with then did not close down the top vent enough for this low a temp cook so I let it run at 100C (212F) and it was ready after 18 hours, I could have pulled it after 16 hours but I was out having breakfast, used the Flame Boss app to drop the grill temp until I was back but the Butt was at 205 when I too kit off, it was perfectly cooked though. I did the whole cook in a foil tray, in the morning (14 hours in) I poured off the juices and added 250ml of Herefordshire Dry Cider before wrapping. So much juice came out of the butt that it was more than half submerged before I wrapped it so I'm sure cooking it in the foil fray reduced the smoke coverage but I am still not comfortable with letting all that drip into the grill. Usually I use a drip pan sat on the X-rack in position 2 and the meat on the top position but thought I would try this way this time. I'm a fully signed up convert to John's positioning of the pit probe (clipping it to the stem of the dome temp), since I moved away from clipping it to the grill grate 2" from the food I have had much more consistent cooks. Forgot to take a finished picture but I promise it looked good!
  2. A Flame Boss controller calls the probe that it uses to regulate the temperature the ‘pit probe’. Following John’s opinion I attached the pit probe to the dome thermometer’s stem. The red line is the pit probe’s reading.
  3. I have always placed the probe on the grate about 2" from the meat following the instruction that came with my Flame Boss 300 without giving it too much thought. Yesterday I cooked 2 racks of beef short ribs on my Classic 3 using the SloRoller and thought I would give John's approach a try. I attached the pit probe to the dome thermometer's stem, one meat probe in each rack and instead of using a third meat probe I used another pit probe fixed to where I would usually clip it to the grate. I'm not sure how much of a difference it made to the cook but it was interesting to see the variation, I have attached an image of the graph showing the grate and dome temps, the red line is the dome temp and the black line is the grate temp. Not sure if this adds to the debate but thought others may find it interesting.
  4. Do you have the SloRoller sitting on the firebox and the 3 tier d&c rack on top of the SloRoller? Just curious if the big joe 3 is different to the Classic 3 because on the Classic 3 this is the correct method and raises the top tier of the d&c rack by a couple of inches above the height of the gasket. I received a classic joe 3 a few weeks ago and think the extra height in the bottom dome and the SloRoller are such good improvements that i’m considering upgrading my big joe 2 as well.
  5. I used the Sloroller to cook a Boston Butt on Saturday in a Classic 3. It was a 5lb Butt and I put it on the top D&C setting, the star rack in the middle and a drip pan on top of that. Didn't seem to cause any issue, Butt cooked faster than I am used to before this accessory, total of 6 hours (4 hours naked and 2 wrapped in foil). It was nicely smoked and juicy throughout, not sure if this is coincidence or if the Sloroller really is an improvement (not that the improvement was really needed!). I also cooked a chicken at 450f using it and a drip pan, again no problem and good result so I think I have answered my own post: no problem using one and keeps the grease out of the firebox so worth using for me.
  6. I bought the charcoal basket for my Big Joe last year and felt it needed to be modified to be able to sit the deflectors on securely and in the lower position, was really happy with it having done so (cut off the hooks) but I did think that in general it wasn't quite sized correctly. I received a new Classic 3 yesterday which has the basket included and it fits in perfectly with absolutely no need for modifications. Not sure if the basket fits better with a classic than the Big Joe or if gen 2 is a little different to get 3. P.S. Already cooked up steaks on the Classic 3 and supper happy with it, can't say if it is any better than the gen 2 but much more appropriately sized for day to day cooks for my wife, son and I than the Big Joe 2 (which I still love). Looking forward to testing out the SloRoller with a Boston Butt this weekend. Will have to update my profile picture...
  7. Hi John. I've just ordered a Classic 3 (hopefully being delivered before the weekend) and have been watching your videos using the sloroller. Just wondering if you are not using a drip pan because it interferes with the cyclonics, the sloroller manages the fat in a way that makes one unnecessary or if you do generally use one but it is not shown in the videos?
  8. Sorry, I think I have allowed myself to get too dragged into this, I've just tried to answer questions from my experience with it. I actually am happy with it's functionality and I wouldn't go back to the charcoal grate, hopefully I have made that clear.
  9. Here we go, it has allowed me to upload them as .pdf files instead of .jpg IMG_2655.pdf IMG_2654.pdf IMG_2656.pdf
  10. For some reason the site is not allowing me to, I've tried on my mobile and on my desktop. They are only 1.6, 2.7 and 2.6mb files so within limit, I keep getting a pop up message saying 'There was a problem uploading the file'. I'm happy to send another way if you have a suggestion?
  11. Having them sit a little higher is a slight issue because it limits the space between the deflectors and the top rack making inserting a drip pan a little tight (the ones that I use are 3” high and I had to bend over the sides to fit it in the gap). The problem comes when trying to place the deflectors plates onto the top of the hooks. It is a bit fiddly when they are cold but a real challenge then they are hot and you need to move fast over hot coals. The charcoal grate is removed when using a basket because it no longer serves a purpose and restricts air flow, one of the two major selling points (for me) of using one. The point that I was making in my last post and in the post that I linked it to is that the bottom of the charcoal basket is 1.5” higher than the height that the cast iron grate sat at when it was installed so space for charcoal and chunks is reduced, I don’t imagine this to be a problem for most people because I have run the grill for 18 hours at 225 with lots remaining. I still think that a charcoal basket is a brilliant upgrade I simply think that Kamado Joe could have made it much better and for £125 it should not have any issues. Cutting off off the hooks does remedy the deflectors issue but i would note that a plus side of the KJ basket is how heavily built it is. The downside of this is that it is quite heavy so without the hooks some people might find it a challenge to lift out and shake off the ash.
  12. I respectfully disagree with John on this one. There are significant fitment issues with the KJ ash basket. I have posted some photos and reasons on this thread: . To summarize the hooks need to be cut off to use the heat deflectors in the low position and the base and feet are so wide that the basket base is 1.5” higher than the height of the cast iron grate so that is lost space for lump and chunks. I can post more photos if you would like them. I don’t have any experience with a Kick Ash basket in my 2018 Big Joe but I do have one in my Junior and it fits perfectly. I have the new stainless version and have had no issue with warping over a couple of dozen cooks so far.
  13. I found them a bit fiddly to put on when cold but they did sit ok however when changing the setup during a cook with them fully heated and working over hot coals you don’t have time to finess them into place and it becomes very difficult. Cutting them off wasn’t an issue for me. My main erk is with the dimensions that it has been manufactured too. Why is the base such a large diameter with the feet so far up the firebox walls? Would it not have been a better design if the base fit within the firebox base and the feet sat on the firebox base’s rim where the removed cast iron grate sat? That way you would retain the full useable height of the firebox increasing the volume of lump wood and chunks that can go in whilst lowering the whole assembly and avoiding the issue with the hooks.
  14. Kick Ash do offer a version that is reviewed well ( https://www.kickashbasket.com/store/product-detail.php?product_id=55 ). I have their basket for my Joe Junior and it fits / works great. It has easy to use, none interfering handles. I decided to go for the new Kamado Joe version for my big Joe instead of the Kick Ash offering because it is more heavily built, it comes with a divider and all the other KJ accessories I have are brilliant so thought the premium price tag worth paying. With hindsight I think the Kick Ash basket is the better choice until this is made to the correct dimensions.
  15. They are available from a few online retailers that I found. The one that I ended up ordering from was bbqland: https://www.bbqland.co.uk/search-by-brand/kamado-joe/kamado-big-joe.html
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