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  1. I saw this thread and rather than trying to revive a 4 year old thread (that was tried back in March and failed) I figured I’d try a fresh perspective as my situation is slightly different.
  2. I should’ve mentioned I have the grates for it. Took them out for picture sake.
  3. Recently moved into the home my girlfriend’s grandparents left her when they passed. In the process of going through their things and cleaning everything up, we stumbled across this hibachi pot. Her grandfather was military and met her grandmother in Japan and brought her and this habachi pot home to the states with him. I don’t know really anything about these cookers except from the little I’ve read online (earthenware clay, don’t cook over 300°-400°) so I’m really a newb to this area of cooking. Prior to now, everything I’ve cooked has been on a gas grill, but I’d really like to learn how to use this and look forward to learning a lot here. My qiestion for today is what are your thoughts on this? The lower fire ring is cracked into a few pieces, but I’ve read that many people use them that way. It needs a new gasket and a good cleaning, but is there anything else I should consider doing before I try to cook anything in it? I’ve also read where people will place a nylon rope in the gap between the fire ring and interior wall of the cooker to prevent the heat from sneaking around the edges? I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I’m hoping this is the kind of pros and cons I can learn from you guys. Thanks in advance!
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