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  1. can anyone share links or DIY steps for a rotisserie for my K24. are there other brands that fit? in canada Thanks in advance
  2. as the subject describes... i am looking for a recommendation for my Pit Boss K24
  3. thank you all - you definitely confirmed my suspicions.
  4. the temp got higher then expected - that was not my main concerned... more so, about the blackish oily nature of the pizza itself , which i did not finish cooking, after seeing the colour distortion.
  5. i think i know what happened, but am looking for confirmation. I tried to make pizza the other day (done this multiple times with great results) and I got my temp higher than i normally do (700F). I think i put my pizzas in too early, I do not exactly recall smoke coming out of the top, but I think it was happening. Eventually the smoke went away, but by then and after the results (See pix), I stopped. I normally put regular lump charcoal and 1 hardwood log (this one had bark on it). Anyways - my pizzas came out with blackish covering... and what i think looks like resin on it. Obviously we did not eat it. But i think, the smoke and likely the bark on the log were not ready for me to cook. I should have waited for the smoke to go. what went wrong?
  6. success - not at getting temp consistent, but having the wings turn out well temp started around 250 then got up to 330 by the end of 1.5 hrs... but damn good. Once i took them off the grill, removed the heat deflector, the kamado cranked up to high heat fast... the wings were tossed in butter and bbq sauce to finish i didnt make enough.
  7. thanx all almost everyone is suggesting to use the deflector - i was going to attempt it at 275 for 1hr... and then crank it up to get the skin crispy... i totally like the idea of mixing it in butter/oil/sauce after
  8. I typically have three different brands - Dragon's Breadth - big pieces typically found in the bag - Sourced at Costco, way cheaper than bbq specialty store - Maple Leaf - not bad as an everyday fuel source - Natures Own Natural Maple Hardwood Lump Charcoal - sourced at Costco - i have tried the coconut stuff, its pretty good - but not sure if its worth the price I wanna try Fogo and Wicked Good - i heard good things about both
  9. when going low and slow for chicken wings, is the rule of them to use the heat deflector? also at what temp for how long? I will likely through in some pecan wood, but not a lot.
  10. do you freeze your 3 cups? canned them?
  11. oh yes - we love san marzanos - we used them in our every day cooking!
  12. thanx! we did some pizzas last weekend and ended up making fresh sauce similar to what you shared. The harvest this year has been pretty good for roma tomatoes, and we probably have less than 20 left (eating and giving them away) from 200. So, likely going back to canned San Marzanos.
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