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  1. everything looks soooo good, I just finished to eat, but looking to the pics, makes me hungry, well done!! I'll be there tomorrow.
  2. Actually I seeing now on the website, for warranty details, it shows the different warranties. But still at first with big bold letters they said 5 years. Anyway, the grill is good, but I remember when I bough it, a lot of people were asking about the longevity of the grill. Still a good grill.
  3. Well, here are the pics of my ash-pan, I always kept it covered and maybe 2 or 3 times the grill saw the rain while cooking. The grill still works fine despite the holes on the ash-pan, keeps the temp solid and snuff off the coals as soon as all the vents are closed. Now if you go to the website they advertised the grill comes with 5 year warranty, proclaiming themselves to be leaders in the industry with the warranty, but then when you ask them, they send you a different PDF file, that's wrong. Below are the correspondence with the manger of char-griller, what they sent me and what they advertised on their website. In my book is deceiving, in no where of the their webpage you can spot the different warranties for the parts of the grill. https://www.chargriller.com/warranty-information Below are the copies of the emails from customer service and the manager. The PDF file they sent me I wasn't able to get it when I was on their website. Customer Service <service@chargriller.com> Feb 13 (11 days ago) to me Good afternoon. The ash pan is not covered under the 5 year warranty. The body of the grill has a 5 year warranty for rust through. The ashpan item #900101 is $39.99 plus shipping. It can be purchased from our website www.chargriller.com or by calling our Customer Service Center at 912-638-4724. I will also attach a copy of the warranty policy. Thank you. Denis Dee Morehouse <dmorehouse@chargriller.com> Feb 14 (10 days ago) to me Good Morning Norman Baker, Thank you for choosing Char-Griller! Your warranty claim was escalated for further review. I have attach a copy of the Manufacture's Warranty. You will see, ash-pans are address in two locations, each stating, ash-pans and defectives parts are covered one (1) year from the date of purchase. Ash-pans are replaced from time to time, depending on care and use. I believe our representative gave you the part number and cost information. You are welcome to call customer service to place that order for you or go to Chargriller.com and you may place an order there. Sincerely, Dee Morehouse Margaret ~Dee~ Morehouse || Customer Experience Manager || Char~Griller ||wk (912) 638-4724|| E mail manager@chargriller.com || Warranty Information.pdf
  4. Mine has holes on the ash pan, but still the coals goes off short after I closed all the vents.
  5. Looks nice!! Have you cooked in it yet?
  6. I really love the Akorn, I definitely going to keep it, again, I thought Char-Griller would at least covered the shipping charges to send a new ash-pan. I can probably fix it with aluminum foil for right now, in fact, actually I'm still using it the way it is. I never have done any mods in this grill and even though it leaks from the top and bottom, I can still maintain low temperatures around 200 +/- 20 degrees with no problems. I do would like in the future to get ceramic kamado, like someone mentioned here, I'll be checking at the end of the season for clearance sales. Thank you for all the input. Norman.
  7. I purchased my Akorn almost 5 years ago, I love the grill, I cook in it very often. Unfortunately, the ash pan is rusting and having holes close to the edge, I have contacted char-Griller but they say the ash pan and the lid only have a 1 year warranty, the main body has a 5 year warranty. I live in Greenville SC, the winters are mild and I keep the grill covered when not in use. I remember when I bought mine, one common question was the longevity of the grill. Anyway, I'm thinking in buying a ceramic grill, I've been looking at the Vision Grill, my local Sam's are selling them for $549 + tax. The cost of a new ash pan is $39.99 + tax + shipping, but I think spending the money for a ceramic kamado in the end will be cheaper. I took pictures and I do have the receipt when I bought the grill, which I have sent to char-griller. Again, the grill is great, but I spent $324.00 for it, I think it should last more than 5 years or at least char-griller should have offer the part at a discount price. Anyway, that's my personal opinion. Norman.
  8. I have owned my Akorn for 3 years now, have not done any mods at all. I'm from another country, I have lived here in the US since 1988, I love this country and I have become an American citizen. In all my years of living in this country I have learned with hard work and sacrifices you can get a lot materials things in return. I also learn that people (not all of course) love to show what they have achieved and their possessions, in fact, they actually do enjoy more to show to others what hey have than the joy of actually own it. Is trying to keep up with the John's. I worked in the medical field and I see so much people with all kinds of terrible deceases, cripple them to be in bed and depend in others to do absolutely everything for them. I know people who have a lot of money and bought a lot of thing (toys) and still are not happy. I'm originally from Argentina and have shared a table with very modest people who have cooked in the most primitive and simple grill and the end result was great but better yet, is the fact of being together and spend a great quality time, relaxing and enjoying to be alive and healthy and being with fiends, family and love ones. If had a lot of money to buy any product, no matter how expensive it was, the truth I wouldn't care that much, I guess because of my mentality, I don't have to have the biggest pipi to feel macho, important or what ever is the case. Weather is ceramic aluminum, stainless, hey, I'm just glad to cook something and have my family and friends, wine on the table an share the moments and enjoy. Now, I'm not trying to create any arguments or discussion, is just my opinion and I'm not saying that I have the right answer. To finish, I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and may God bless all with Health and Joy. Norman.
  9. Dave, that steak looks cooked just perfect for me, pink all the way! The cast iron pan, how big is it? and where did you get it? I want to buy something like that where I can cook fajitas. Norman
  10. You welcome DerHusker, i looked inside and it does have small pieces but it seems to be of a good quality and for the price i think is a good buy. N
  11. I took a pic of the inside of the Frontier lump charcoal and it seems pretty good, I guess I'll buy a few more bags since the price is pretty good. I used it today to grill some chicken legs and it did not spark at all, ok here is the pic I should have taken a pic of the chicken legs, but they did not last long on the plate, they are all gone.
  12. I was in my local Sams this week and I saw they are selling Lump Charcoal, a 20# bag for $9.98, I thought it was a good deal and bought just one bag cause I don't know anything about this brand. Anybody has used it? Here is the pic
  13. Just like John said, just enjoy the grill, cook on it, I have mine for 2 years and I have done no mods at all, people go crazy trying to voice they have cooked pork, ribs or what ever at 200 deg or less, like they can tell the difference between cooking at that temp or 300, anyway, if I was you, I just used the grill and enjoy it first and then go from there. Norman.
  14. Fernando, don't sweat too much the air gaps, I don't think you have a problem, at the beginning the temp was going down faster cause you were outside and it was colder than when you brought the grill into the garage, my grill takes longer to cool down in summer than in winter. Enjoy the grill, the more you use it, the quicker all the air gaps will close with the grease and gunk. I know you'll put the grill to work often, congrats!! Norman
  15. Where did you get the skillet? I like it Norman.
  16. DerHusker He is a good looking boy, I love animals and its got to be nice to wake up in the morning and see him sleeping or ready up to play. I looked at the pics and I can tell he will be a big boy, his legs are pretty thick; that's nice it was rescue and found a beautiful home with a great grills and a excellent cook, I'm sure he will keep you company when cooking on the grill lol!!!
  17. I have the old CGK with the shelves, I wonder if they sell the cart only,so I put my CGK on it N
  18. My local Sams in Greenville SC has it too for $589, looks really nice.
  19. I just put salt and pepper with some garlic powder right before I put them in the grill. I have never try that method, if you haven't done it before, don't try it when you have company, just my advice.
  20. If the steaks are a pound each, I imagine that are quite thick, you can sear both sides and then move them to indirect heat or, get the grill temp around 400 and cook them at that temp they'll get sear and will cook nicely without being too burn outside and still being raw inside. I like the steaks when they get a nice salty/sweet crust outside, but if the temp is too high for the thickness of the steak, sometimes the crust will turn too burn and its nasty and bitter.
  21. How do you keep it from rusting? Can it be leave it outside? or it needs to be brought back inside? N
  22. I thought or heard that type of charred is not good for you, they say is carcinogenic, not to be a party popper. Anyway, if you like it that's all it matters. N
  23. I like the fact that you can raise the charcoal grate for better sear on anything you want to sear and then you lower it down to complete the cooking. A friend of mine has one similar, it cookes real good, the only draw back, even when you closed all vents the coals still keeps burning till they are gone.
  24. Pawleys; I'm not an expert by any means, but if you want to get a bark on your ribs, one you may need to leave it longer in the grill with the sauce, but you'll get a nice bark by increasing up the temp to 350 to 375. Keep an eye on them, it wont take long before the sugar can get burn. Anyway, that's my opinion, I know you'll hear a lot of suggestions here, good luck and keep grilling. N
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