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  1. It's called "Member's choice" charcoal, its from Mesquite. I tried a reverse sear today and the popping was still there but a lot less than before. I will try to find other charcoal next time.
  2. Yes joined last week. Sad to see the forum disappear to Facebook. Gonna enjoy until 1 Jan 2019, I am not giving my data to Facebook anymore.
  3. So I turned the heat up again today with the same leftover charcoal. In the movie you can clearly see the ash flying. I think it has something to do with one piece of the charcoal. After about 15 minutes the flames stopped and it was burning as expected. test2.mp4
  4. Hi, Yesterday I smoked chicken breast and porkbelly ribs afer that. The Akorn was on for 10 hours around 225 Fahrenheit. After that I wanted to reverse sear a t-bone. I got the internal temp of the tbone up to the amount I wanted and took it from the Akorn into some aluminum foil. After that I opened both air vents to the max and closed the lid. The temp went up pretty quickly and the charcoal started showing flames and got very hot. When I opened the lid it was practically impossible to stand close to the Akorn, pieces of burning ash and charcoal were flying around. I did put my steak on there to try the sear but I failed miserably. After about 2x 15 seconds for each side I decided to take the steak of and just eat it. However clearly there were a lot of pieces of charcoal on it . I loved the inside of the steak it was perfect! I didnt really think about the fully open air vents at the bottom at that time, but now I wonder would closing the air vents on the bottom have helped control the flying burning charcoal and ash?
  5. Looking perfect! Do you have a recipe for the dough ?
  6. @philpom Thanks a lot for this guide! It helped me a great lot especially to be patient and dont wiggle around with the intakes to much. I'm able to keep a consistent Dome temp of about 225-ish now for up to 6 hours I needed for my ribs. However I think the Dome temperature measure is a bit higher than it will show me. Can't wait for my Smoke + Gateway to get some better and real time temp measurements.
  7. Been living in Mexico for about a month now and my spanglish isn't good enough to give clear instructions to the guy cutting my meat, however I managed to get a hold of some pieces of pork. He cut for me. From what I could make of it, it looked like it started as the side of the belly including the ribs. I let them cut the "ribs" in 3 parts, from which I will attach the pictures of the front and the back to this post. Can someone help me identify which pieces I have here and if I need to cut away some pieces of meat somewhere and BBQ them seperate? Part 1 - Front : Part 1 - Back : Part 2 - Front : Part 2 - Back : Part 3 - Front : Part3 - Back : Thanks!
  8. Welcome, from a dutch cheesehead to a Wisconsin cheesehead! We gotta try to smoke some cheese!
  9. Hi All, I am Patrick, originally from the Netherlands. I moved to Playa Del Carmen last week for at least 6 months. After reading all topics on the forums about 3x the last couple of days I just got toooo excited and decided to bring an Akorn home with me. As a double left handed guy I took my time to put it together, cost me about 3 hours. I bought the Akorn yesterday here at Soriana in Playa Del Carmen. It's a bit heavy price wise, I paid like 450$. At Wallmart it was even more expensive and ordering it from Amazon would take to long and 150$ customs charges. I opened it up in the store first to see if it looked good and was complete...because yes its still Mexico Did a burn in at around 500 with a peak to 600 Fahrenheit yesterday. Today I am starting to play with temp control (still limited to the temp meter on the Akorn itself untill I buy a better temp meter). Started "Volcano" style with a napkin with some olive oil. For now it seems to be holding at 200 Fahrenheit. I was a bit hesistant to buy it at first because of the "mods" thread, there were a lot of problems with the older model. I think the Char-Griller people watched all the complaints and made a lot of improvements. I was affraid to get some older model here in Mexico because it's import, but I think this one has the latest improvements. The only thing missing, stil, is the heat deflector... I mean come on Char-Griller people... you learned a lot to make this product better from your customers, would it hurt to supply a nice heat deflector with it ? It's a necessity for the purpose most people buy the Akorn for. Hope to learn a lot and make some nice meat fish and veggies soon!
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