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  1. BrewBQ

    Kontrol Tower Vent Issues

    I know this has been brought up before but I was wondering if anyone has some helpful advice. I have to admit I loved the Kamado Joe top vent when I first bought the grill.. slid with ease and was a real joy to use. Now it’s just a constant pain in the ###. The slider is always getting stuck and I’m finding myself using a screwdriver to pry it open before each cook. Tried high heat..have also used the hot tub with barkeepers friend scrub. It helped but still leaves several crevices full of grease. Was just wondering if anyone had discovered a fix for this or know of alternative top vents that don’t get so much build up. Thanks! PS - I owe this forum some pics. I’ve had some great cooks lately and would have to save my favorites by far are joetisserie BBQ chickens!
  2. BrewBQ

    Ground it then Browned it!

    I've procrastinated long enough in grinding my own meat... may have to be my next investment!
  3. BrewBQ

    Prime Rib

    Looks amazing John! I picked up a 3lb boneless prime rib roast from Trader Joe’. Plan on cooking the same way tonight. Any guesses for how long it will take to cook at 250 indirect?
  4. BrewBQ

    KJ Classic II Paint

    Yup discovered this by accident. Edit with native photo app and save, should upload with no issues.
  5. Hey All! So I did my first cedar plank salmon on the Kamado a few weeks ago and it turned out great. However, I go for the wild caught sockeye instead of farm raised so they aren’t quite as thick. Cooked at 350 raised direct for about 15 mins and they were a bit dry. Any tips for these thinner filets? I could obviously cook for a shorter time but wonder if 10 mins or so is long enough to soak up the cedar flavor. Anyone try this at a lower temp? Open to any suggestions! Thanks. My last cook -
  6. Wanted to say thank you to everyone for the advice and suggestions. Smoked my first brisket last night into this afternoon and it was a huge hit. Was a bit skeptical of using only a salt and pepper rub but boy I’m glad I did.. was loaded with the perfect flavor. 8lb flat thrown on the smoker at 11 last night at a temp of 225. Alarm went off at 2am when it dropped to 200 so had to crank it up a bit. Average cook temp was around 240 for most of the cook. Pulled it off today at 1pm, 14 hours later at 200. Rested an hour then enjoyed by all! Thanks again! Lee
  7. BrewBQ

    Joetisserie. What to cook with it?

    I also just bought a Joetisserie and did my first cook last weekend. A 4 lb chicken with a simple BBQ rub. Cooked at 350 degrees for about an hour. Absolutely delicious and by far some of the best chicken I've had. Plan on attempting one again this weekend with a Peruvian rub. I also plan on trying to spin a Prime Rib in the near future. Congrats on the purchase, you won't regret it!
  8. Thanks guys! I will definitely do a test run and I like the idea of starting simple with just the flat. Guess I'll plan on getting up real early to get the meat on the grill. I don't feel quite confident enough yet to go for the overnight cook.
  9. Hello fellow Gurus! I'm having my parents over for dinner in a couple of weeks and they requested brisket. They gifted me the Kamado Joe and have been receiving pictures of all my delicious cooks. I told them I need to get some practice cooks in before having them over to enjoy. This will be my first brisket cook and from what I hear it can be one of the tougher ones. I'm hoping not to screw it up! Any advice to make this progress as smooth as possible? I'm having them over around 1pm for football and plan on eating around 5 or 6. Should I go for the full packer or just the flat? Will a packer fit on my Classic? Anyone have tried and true methods for not screwing this cook up? I appreciate any and all suggestions! Lee
  10. BrewBQ

    6lb New York Roast

    Wow my mouth is drooling. I need to learn how to cook something like this. So you left the entire fat cap on? I’m always confused as to how much fat should be left and what should be trimmed.
  11. BrewBQ

    Just simple pepper steak

    Man that looks delicious! Might have to try this.
  12. Second spatchcock attempt. Credit to Chris Grove at nibblemethis.com for the recipe. Cooked indirect at 350 for an hour. Thighs were awesome but the breasts were a bit rubbery. Thighs were right at 180 while the breasts were about 150-155.. probably pulled a bit early. Might have needed to flatten the bird a bit more for a more even cook. My first spatchcock right over the coals was much better. Awesome flavor though, loved the dark meat! Plated with cheesy-baked cauliflower.
  13. Happy Labor Day Weekend All! Looking for some cooking suggestions for this holiday weekend. I’m thinking burgers Saturday night and looking to smoke something Sunday. So far I’ve done spatchcock chicken, spare ribs, and pork shoulder. Open to anything but wondering if you guys have any simple tried and true recipes you love. Thanks!
  14. BrewBQ

    Keto Diet

    Also have been doing low carb / ketoish diet for several years now. I don't like to call it keto since I don't actively monitor my carb intake.. I mostly avoid sugars and starchy foods as much as possible. I tend to stick to the 80/20 rule. I allow for light beers, potatoes, and the occasional bun on my burger 20% of the time but the other 80% I'm eating really well. I've pretty much maintained my weight. A few years ago I did strict keto and kept my carb intake under 50g a day. I dropped about 20 lbs in six weeks. It's amazing what low carb can do!