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  1. I’m on a mission to find these guys now! I’m not sure why that recipe recommends jalapeños instead of habaneros since the habanero is closer in taste (as I understand). If anyone in the Northern Virginia area knows where to find Scotch bonnet peppers please let me know!
  2. Here's the recipe for the jerk sauce: http://www.jamaicatravelandculture.com/food_and_drink/jerk_chicken.htm I couldn't find the scotch bonnet peppers so I substituted with jalapenos. Cooked raised direct at 400, basting and flipping every 20-30 minutes until done. Highly recommend it.. it was some of the best chicken I've grilled.
  3. Pretty solid weekend of cooking. Grilled my best steak dinner yet. Two baked potatoes on at 400 for an hour.. then cranked up to 650 and opened the gates of hell for my steak sear. Was worried I charred the steak a bit too much but I was wrong! This will be my go to method from now on. It was absolutely delicious. Seasoned with just salt, pepper, and a little bit of cayenne pepper. Tonight I grilled some chicken quarters I had marinading in a homemade jerk sauce for 24 hours. Turned out great as well!
  4. Rotisserie chickens on the Kamado are my favorite! My usual go to is about a 4lb bird cooked at 350 for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Bank the coals to the bank and use a small drip pan as mentioned above to prevent major flare ups. My favorite rub for this is Plowboys yardbird. Let us know how it goes!
  5. I also primarily use KJ big block. I love the high quality for the price but wish I could find one with smaller chunks. My last bag had two huge logs that took up half the bag. I'll have to give jealous devil a try. Also - can't believe I never thought to use my heat deflector for the joetisserie... doh! Thanks!
  6. Looks awesome! Beer Brats are my favorite. I usually cook them stove top though and haven't tried on the Kamado. Care to share your process?
  7. Update: Brisket was a winner! Threw the meat on at 6:15 this morning. The thicker piece hit a pesky stall around 160 and sat there. In the interest of time I wrapped it in butcher paper and both pieces finished an hour before we left for my parents. Three hour rest and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The wrapped brisket didn’t get much of a bark but still had excellent flavor. The other flat though.. man oh man.. probably my best cook yet. Juicy, a nice bark, and tremendous flavor.
  8. Nice job! I’m getting hungry now
  9. I really appreciate everyone’s input. I’m going to fire the Kamado up early and shoot for 300. Thinking I’ll put the bigger one at grate level and the smaller brisket on the expander rack I just bought. Will take pictures and let everyone know how it goes!
  10. Thanks fellas. Can I still get a juicy and tender brisket cooking at 275-300? Prob can knock it our Sunday morning at those temps. Otherwise I’ll shoot for late Saturday night. Flame boss should keep real stable.
  11. Happy Friday! Calling all brisket gurus! My Mom was supposed to pick up a 8-10 brisket flat she wanted me to cook for Easter Sunday but got two smaller flats instead (5 lbs and 3.7 lbs). The plan is to go over around 2pm on Sunday and eat sometime between 3-4. Initially I planned on doing an overnight cook but now I’m concerned since these two flats will (should) cook much quicker. I can still throw them on late but I’m worried they might finish real early in the morning. Anyone have a good approach for this? If the brisket finishes 6-7 hours before we eat is it going to ruin it by reheating? Pictures below for reference. First and last are the 5 lb, middle pics are the 3.7 lb. Welcome all and any advice. Thanks in advance.
  12. Appreciate the suggestions. Will go down the list until I find the solution. Cheers!
  13. Hey guys, I can’t get my Kamado top to stay shut during cooks. The front latch pops up every minute or so. I think I read the joe came with some adjustment parts but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Any other way to fix this on my own? Thank you! Lee
  14. I know this has been brought up before but I was wondering if anyone has some helpful advice. I have to admit I loved the Kamado Joe top vent when I first bought the grill.. slid with ease and was a real joy to use. Now it’s just a constant pain in the ###. The slider is always getting stuck and I’m finding myself using a screwdriver to pry it open before each cook. Tried high heat..have also used the hot tub with barkeepers friend scrub. It helped but still leaves several crevices full of grease. Was just wondering if anyone had discovered a fix for this or know of alternative top vents that don’t get so much build up. Thanks! PS - I owe this forum some pics. I’ve had some great cooks lately and would have to save my favorites by far are joetisserie BBQ chickens!
  15. I've procrastinated long enough in grinding my own meat... may have to be my next investment!
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