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  1. welcome to the forum fellow Georgian!!
  2. I started the grill this morning with starters. I loaded it the lump charcoal which i thought would be enough (about 2 inches) and placed two starters and light them. Once I got some embers and smoke, I closed the lid and opened it wide open. It started smoking like crazy and thought I was good. Waited about 15 minutes and placed a 3 maple wood chunks in the bowl and then put in the grate with a drip pan on the bottom rack. Then then placed the butt on the top rack, closed the lid. At the time I didn't know about start shutting the vents down when it is about 50 degrees before the desired temp. It shot up to about 300. I got it down to where I wanted it and hour later it dropped to 200. I did this back and forth for about the reminder of the day. Then I did experience the stall. I loaded more charcoal at about 8 hours in. Since then I have been able to keep the temp around 235 to 250 now for almost 2 hours but the meat temp is coming up really slow. It this time the meat is at 167, I want to pull the meat at 200, but I don't know how long it will take. I will be picking up a heat deflector before my next cook. I am thinking about trying a brisket next weekend. Thank you. I am so glad i found this forum.
  3. Thank you BobE. Yes that was my biggest issue today with smoking the Boston Butt, I kept playing with the vents. But the temp kept going up and down. It would hold for a while and then start going down. It is going to take some practice on controlling the temp. Thank you again.
  4. Thanks St1brew for all the information. I have a really tough time with the temp today. I learned the hard way that about loading the bowl with lump coal. I am thinking I didn't put enough lump in this morning and then I didn't let the lump get going enough before closing the lid. I did make the rookie mistake of getting the grill too hot. At one point it was reading 305. I got it down but could never get it to hold at desire temp 235. Then about 8 hours in the temp of the meat started dropping and the temp inside went down. It held there for over 30 minutes. I decide to add more lump coal. Since adding the lump coal and finally figure out the right place for the vents, I have been able to keep the temp at and around 250 to 235. I am now just waiting for the meat temp to start going up. So, it is going to take me a few times cooking before I get good at using the vents. And my next cook I will do the load different. I have to order me a heat deflector. I did this cook without one. Never again. Thank you again.
  5. Hello y'all. Just picked up a Vision Diamond Cut B Series Kamado Grill yesterday from the local Sam's. I am brand spanking new to using a Kamado Grill. The first thing that I am attempting to smoke is a 8lbs Boston Butt. I don't know if anyone else that is new, has issues with maintaining the temp, but I am. Anyway, hopefully it will get easier the more I use it. Anyway, I have been wanting a grill like the BGE for a while. Got so tired of trying to grill on a propane grill. I also like the idea that with the Kamado, you can smoke, grill, sear, and even bake on it. That was my biggest draw to it. Well that and being able to smoke some meat on Saturdays in the fall when college football is on. Thank you for having this forum and if anyone has any suggestions or helpful ideas, I am all ears. Thanks D
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