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  1. I made mine pretty tight but it worked out perfectly. The opening is 27 3/4 wide (at the counter height), 16" high x 39" deep. Good Luck!
  2. Do you guys think it's ok to have my Big Joe siting directly on the granite or should I order the ceramic feet for it?
  3. Yes, low hydration but not my dough. I have a wood fired place nearby that i know cooks at hi temp so I purchased from them.
  4. Thank you for the praise guys! I made pizza again this past weekend and the results were good but not great because I started my fire too early. I loaded up Big Joe at 6:15 p.m.and by the time I was putting on my last pie at 8:00 p.m. the temp dropped down to 500 from a high of 800. Next time I'll I think I'll add a little more lump and start putting pies on a little earlier.
  5. Nice looking NY pie. Bottom is perfect.
  6. Really happy with the results. They were delicious. I cooked at 750 degrees for about 2:30 min. The only issue I had was with the parchment paper. It disintegrated from the high heat.
  7. Oh ok, that makes sense. I did not purchase the display, just the Big Joe. Thank you!
  8. I purchased a Big Joe Saturday but I didn't get a Wok or Cast Iron Grate. As a matter of fact, I didn't get the cover nor fire starters. I contacted Customer Service and they're sending them out but ignored my comment about the Wok or Grate. Think I just ask again?
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