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  1. Thanks, I had better get some practice in quick then! I have just ordered another wireless thermo to use with the maverick on the other "egg:" https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BR2V8MS/ref=pe_3187911_189395841_TE_dp_1 plus some more premium lumpwood: http://www.oxfordcharcoal.co.uk/shop/box-tastic-offer Thanks for all your help.,
  2. Thanks, I'm using Oxford charcoal, the first bag did not smoke, but the second one does - it's meant to be smokeless.
  3. thanks chaps, I have some threadlock somewhere which I'll use - also time to break out the maverick then. re the white smoke - i was under the impression that this disappears once all the charcoal is alight - would that not result in high temps? Also, wouldn't unlit charcoal give off white smoke once it catches?
  4. Well I've had my PB24 (Costco uk) for a few months now and cooked a variety of food on it. I also have a smaller different brand ceramic bbq. I have a few issues with my PB which I am living with - one of the nuts on the LHS hinge keeps working its way loose to the point of dropping off. Doing this nut up tight stops the lid from closing flush at the back leaving a big gap. I therefore leave it loose as the lid then closes and seals perfectly. I was sent out a replacement hinge to rectify the problem, but I'm not quite sure how to replace it as no instructions were supplied and there is no video to refer to. The second issue is the top vent has worked its way loose but I'm unable to remove it as the screws don't come out - I'll have to use a bit of brute force to pull them out and then do the gasket mod to fit securely and seal. I feel that the deflector plate sits too high up, even with the legs up.. I've done a few L&S cooks and they have not turned out great as they needed more time - I think this may be due to the grill being too close to the deflector and therefore at a lower temp than higher up. I never had this problem with my weber - perhaps I need to learn a bit more? When filling with charcoal is it best to use little and light all, or use more and light less? My first cook I lit a small amount of a 3/4 fill and when up to temp put in the food, but the taste was tainted by the charcoal smoke. SO should I wait for all the charcoal to light thereby all the smoke gone, control temp then place food on? I have had a few runaway temps but managed to get down to 150 deg C before cooking. I attempted pulled lamb shoulder today, which I've done many times on the weber, 1.5kg with shoulder blade @ 150 deg C for 4 hours. It did not come out very pull-able but was soft enough although the blade was not readily removable. It just seems that stuff I have done many times on the weber is taking longer on the PB. I have a big cook coming up for 30 in 2wks and plan on doing short ribs & lamb shoulders as the slow cooks, but I'm a bit worried that I haven't nailed it yet! I do have a maverick which I've not used with the PB yet. Would lowering the deflector help or any suggestions? Thanks
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