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  1. Go to any Korean grocery store and ask for beef Kalbi. They will sell some sweet, pear based, marinades for it that are delicious too!
  2. One more recommendation for the Cuisinart. No experience with the Breville, but I have been satisfied with the Cuisinart FP-14DC for years.
  3. I am picturing this with half the grill set for indirect for the 30 minute portion, so flare ups wouldn't be an issue. The other half the grill using direct heat, for the reverse sear in a CI pan. I'd skip the aluminum pan, unless you want the burgers sitting in grease during the indirect cook.
  4. Try tightly wrapping the chunk in foil with a couple of holes poked in the foil. The wood will smolder, rather than burn so quickly.
  5. As you move east in NC, the transition is to vinegar based sauces. I like George's
  6. My experience has been similar. Based on what you're seeing, I am going to try the Cowboy next.
  7. This was EXACTLY my sense; helps me to have that confirmed. Has me thinking that the Joetisserie may make a better Christmas present in the long term.
  8. I am a few months into owning a Big Joe II and, with Christmas coming up I am looking at accessories. My question is in regard to the value of a temperature controller. I am not sure that as my experience grows, I will have no issues nailing the temperature with out a controller. I'd like to get to a point that I could start a cook in the early morning hours and leave it unattended for long stretches of time with out worrying about temperature fluctuations. Thoughts? If in favor of a controller, which one?
  9. Did my first cook on my new Big Joe; cooked a 7 pound Boston Butt. Took about nine hours in the grill; got the meat to 195, wrapped it in foil and put it in the cooler for another 90 minutes. The results were absolutely perfect. I am from Raleigh NC; an area that is no stranger to pulled pork. Around here, when one says "barbecue", that generically refers to pulled pork. I say that because the pork i cooked was at least as good as any that I have ever had, be that from a restaurant or a pig pickin'. I did a pretty basic rub, but that was it, no brining nothing else d
  10. Thank you all for the replies. The bottom of my firebox does have the three raised contact points. I swept everything thoroughly with a whisk broom, to no avail. It's hard to say if the imperfection lies with the firebox or the grill floor; but the wobble is there. I will try shimming with some gasket material. I am confident that will stop the wobble, just not sure how long it will last.
  11. The firebox on my Big Joe has some wobble to it. It's enough to be annoying. Anyone else run into this and find a way to correct it? I am thinking about getting some of the gasket material to slide underneath it.
  12. I appreciate your experience here. This is not a trivial accessory. I have the Big Joe and the price of the basket equates to about 7% of the total price of the grill. For that money, I expect an excellent fit right out of the box.
  13. I was reading on this forum that folks were having to cut (or bend) the hooks on the KJ version to prevent them from interfering with the deflectors. My understanding was this impacted the new style firebox. Is this still an issue? I was going to purchase the KJ basket until I read about this fit issue with the new style firebox.
  14. Too funny; I have already ordered one; figured I would try it and see if I wanted more. I did find this one for the BJ: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D6GMH3G/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AX96KWIRXDDJ7&psc=1
  15. Just purchased a Big Joe II after many years on a gas grill. Not only is this my first kamado, this is my first time not cooking with gas. I look forward to reading any learning from the others on this forum. My contributions here will largely be in the form of asking questions. My current plan is to keep the gas grill; based on my limited knowledge, seems to me that it will still have it's place. I am curious to see how much it gets used moving forward.
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