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  1. $399 is a no brainer. You would be one of the few to pay less than I did for a new KJ!
  2. pretty cool this website is available to those outside of the USA and those, like me, who luck up on demo deals!
  3. for sure. still love my black one and stoked I was able to get one from a dealer 18 months ago or so. was forgotten in the back, used as a demo once. but more subdued compared to red or green
  4. love my black KJ, picked one up from a dealer like a year and a half, maybe 2 years ago? I get red if their thing but I love the black
  5. "The new style gasket looks nice as well but I'll just buy one of those when the current one needs replacing" I plan to do the same "I'm not sure about the new control tower. It's nice to not have rain come in" Just get the smokeware cap. I had one on my BGE and will be ordering on for the KJ soon "The daisy wheel kind of has a charm to it" I hate that stupid thing. Hated it on the BGE and hate it on the KJ haha
  6. I got a new black KJ for $550 back in Oct or Nov (dealer had it sitting in their back warehouse So $561 for that is a great deal!
  7. well that is not excessive at all
  8. https://smokeware.com/products/kj-chimney-cap Found this, one made for the KJ I had one for my BGE. Way better than the DFMT, imo
  9. https://smokeware.com/products/kj-chimney-cap Can always upgrade the top too
  10. awesome, I will go ahead and order that. any idea about the top? I assume the DFMT easily removes from the top of the Classic 1? It is not screwed in or anything. And I am also assuming the top of the Classic 1 and the L BGE are similar?
  11. I am picking up a classic 1 Saturday. As a previous BGE owner I swapped out the DFMT for the following. Will it also fit the Classic? https://smokeware.com/products/stainless-steel-vented-chimney-cap I would also like to upgrade the gasket from the felt to something a little better quality. On my BGE I installed a Rutland gasket. Is there an equivalent for the Classic 1? I figure with the upgraded top and gasket I will be partway to having a Classic 2 ha. And if/when the firebox cracks I can have replaced under warranty with the new style. Only thing I will be missing out on is the new hinge system, and the savings will make that fairly easy to handle for me. Thanks!!
  12. first post on this forum I was a BGE owner for several years but a move and divorce left me without one last few years. I have been using a weber kettle in place I was back in the market for a new kamado and was planning to go bge again but since it has been so long I decided to do a little research first the KJ at Ace for $699 popped and up and I was leaning that way. But since I had never seen a KJ in person I stopped by local authorized dealer. Spent some time talking tot he guy and I mentioned the Ace deal. He said he no longer has any new Classic I for sale but that if I was looking for a deal that he has a classic I, in black, that was his demo for store. Comes with nest, shelves, multi level rack for indirect, and the two half stones for indirect. I called KJ and confirmed I would also get full warranty. They said yes. $550 at that price, and with what it includes, I could not pass up. I'll build a table for it, upgrade the top and gasket, and I should be pretty set
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