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  1. I got my Large Akorn at Wal Mart at the end of July for $100. I found one in another store using the app about 1.5 hours away in the middle of nowhere that had them marked down for that price. I was ready to make the drive, but stopped in my local Wal Mart and the kid was there marking them down to $238 when I walked in. I asked if they would price match the other store's price, so the kid marking them down grabs the manager and she comes over and marks it down to $100 no questions asked after I showed them the price in the app. The best part was there's about 10 people in line already and she goes and takes over the register, rings me up like I'm VIP, and I go on my merry way. Best customer service experience I've ever had at Wal Mart in my life. This was in Central PA.
  2. I found a stainless expander cooking grate on Amazon that sits 3.5" above the cast iron grate and looks to be just the right size, and it's round too so the pizza stone should be pretty stable I'm thinking. I'm going to try your method of putting the smoking stone on the cast iron and the pizza stone on the expander grate and see how that goes. Any time I see pics where someone puts the pizza stone directly on the cast iron grate the crust looks burnt, but yours looked just about right.
  3. My thermoworks smoke came earlier in the week and I had off today so I finally got a chance to play around with low and slow temps and checked for leaks some more. The leak up top around the dome wheel appears to be going away the more I use it, I'm assuming from soot buildup. I was able to hold around 250-255 for about 4 hours which I was really pleased with, and this is without any mods so far. I shut it down after the fourth hour and this time didn't open the lid and did notice it cooled down much faster, although the temps weren't that high to begin with. I did notice to maintain low Temps you really have to keep both top and bottom vents barely cracked, almost to the point where it seems you're going to snuff the fire. It's a fine line, I can see where a temp controller would come in handy, although I'm not ready to pull the trigger on that just yet. I still may do the gasket mod, it is pretty cheap and certainly can't hurt and will be easier to do with a newer grill. I don't see how you can hold temp below 250 without this. All in all I'm really pleased with the Akorn, for the price I paid I was able to get the smoking stone, cover, and Smoke thermometer and I'm still under the $300 retail price. I'm cooking some St. Louis style ribs on Sunday and can't wait to see how they turn out! Thanks for the input so far. Happy
  4. I have not yet thrown any wood on to test for leakage, just smoke from charcoal so far. I think I might fire it up again today with smoke and play around with low Temps and check again for leakage. I see now that opening during cool down is a bad idea, I probably introduced fresh air and extended the cool down process. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Finally around 7pm (6+ hours later) it was down reading zero degrees and was cool enough (for me) to put the cover on. Seems extremely slow to cool down, but maybe I just need to get used to that? I'm also hoping the top vent will seal up better with more usage around the silicone seal. I could definitely see it escaping around there. Seemed kind of weird that it was running at 400-450 degrees with the vents set at 1, hoping I can do 250 low and slow when the time comes. It was around 85 degrees today but the grill was not in direct sunlight at all, so I dunno? I'm so new to this thing I don't really know what to expect. Does it seem normal to have to wait 6+ hours after using at 400 degrees to put the cover on?
  6. I like your setup and have heard that getting the stone up off the grill grate is key to not burning the crust. What kind of rack and pizza stone are you using currently?
  7. Looking for some advice on how to proceed. It finally stopped raining long enough today for me to do my initial season on my new Akorn (full size) . Got it up to 400 around 11:30 AM and it held pretty well for the hour. I think it may have been closer to 450 when I shut it down. No biggie I thought. When I started the grill, I used a Weber cube broken in half and lit in two different spots in a semi volcano setup. Had the fire bowl about 80% full of lump. I spread the coals out after they got a bit white and tried to get the lit pieces more even across the grate surface during the seasoning. I had both vents sitting around 1, maybe a little less, during burning, then shut it down after an hour. My question is, I checked the grill around 4pm, 3 hours later, and it was still sitting at 200 according to the dome temp thermometer (Thermo works smoke has not yet arrived). I did open the lid at that point to see if the coals were still lit (this may be a mistake not sure I should have done that). It's now about 5 hours after I shut it down and it's sitting at 100 on the dome temp. Is this normal? Am I over reacting? Does it hold temp that long after shutdown, or is there possibility of leakage here? I did notice some minor leaking up around that thin silicone seal at the top, nothing around the main seal or ash pan seal during the first burn in and my parts seem to fit fairly snug. My bottom vent does seem a little too loose for my liking, but I'm not sure I want to mess with it just yet. I could probably blow on it to open and close it. Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated! I'm not afraid to mod this thing if needed, I scored a great deal and got this new in box at Wally world for $100, so either way I'm still way ahead on this thing. Thanks, Happy
  8. Thanks appreciate the hospitality everyone. Now if only it could stop raining in Pennsylvania I'd be all set.
  9. Hi everyone, been lurking on this site for a while. Long time gas griller, new to charcoal. Finally picked up an Akorn this past weekend and figured I'd join in on the fun. Have a Maverick and thermopop on the way, can't wait to start cooking with some fire!
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