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  1. Good on you for gifting it. Hopefully they invite you over to taste test.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcomes. Hoping that the Kamado can replace a few of the current grills. As for the first cook I have some porterhouse steaks ready for the initial cook tomorrow night. Is a burn in recommended for these?
  3. Hello everyone. Tomorrow my Kamado Joe Classic 1 from the ace hardware sale should be delivered. Been lurking on this site for a week or so and figured I should go ahead and introduce myself. Pretty excited to add the Kamado to my deck and collection of other grills/smokers. Currently own a 22.5 Weber Smokey mountain, 18 Weber kettle, Weber genesis gas grill, Weber Smokey joe, Napoleon travelq, and a green mountain grill pellet smoker. Looking forward to learning lots more from everyone.
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