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  1. Thank you for the informative post, even though your burst my bubble it’s good to have it straight. I have it in my head I want Napolitain style after just having a sample last night and boy was it special and you are spot on as they cooked it about 90 seconds.
  2. So I’ve had my Big Joe for about a year, learning the ropes. There was a nearby vendor that was making pizza in what looked like a gas fuelled Blackstone, could have been charcoal but I didn’t smell it or pay too much attention at the time. The cook on the pizza was great, nice really thin pizza with a beautiful crunch crust. Is this something I can emulate on my Big Joe without buying the DoJoe and just using KJ pizza stone? Can someone détail to me on how they compare in terms of the cook and why I would buy one over the other.
  3. Lol, that sounds good though, honestly I could have put that point in a bowl of cereal and it would have still been amazing.
  4. Here are the pics and I couldn’t be happier on how it went. I couldn’t have done it without John Setzler’s videos. I don’t think my smoke ring is that great, wondering if I needed more chunks, I had a bunch of small pieces on top and a really full load of charcoal, but the taste was great regardless. Full packer 12.5 pound brisket rubbed with even mixture of coarse salt/pepper, smoked with Pecan wood chunks. 225 for the first 7 hours, spritzed with Apple Juice for 1 hour every 15mins, another 3-4 or so hours at 225, double foil wrapped around 170ish, I was getting worried about dinner getting on the table too late and I upped temp to 250, and then 275 for the remaining or or so. Removed the point, cut and mixed with bbq sauce and placed back on the smoker. Double foiled wrap the flat and towel wrapped and placed in cooler. Along with Smoked Mac’n cheese with Bacon Roxy’s kicked up coleslaw Horseradish Mayo Costco rolls Cherry coke Tequila/Cointreau Margaritas Costco Carrot cake I didn’t feel like re-sizing all my photos, you can see my Imgur links, I’m open to constructive feedback, gotta keep learning. https://imgur.com/a/EfnKcpa
  5. You were dead in with that advice, I started prep at 3am and even then my rest time brought me to 19:30! I increased to 250 about 10 hours in and almost 300 in the last hour when it was foiled wrap, I just didn’t have any more time to spare and it still sliced like butter. In hindsight I should have done my final touches on trimming the night before and should just needed to get my KJ up to temp and get that piece of meat on a lot faster.
  6. I know time can vary greatly, If I wanted to serve dinner at 18:30, how many hours would you start prior, including one hour rest? Knowing I can keep it in the cooler up to 3 hours is a decent buffer but won’t do me any good if I start at 6:30 and stays on the KJ for the full 12. Also, any preference to cooking at 250 vs 225? Is 225 safer?
  7. In case John checks in, thank you as I have relied on your videos and techniques for all my cooks and even with my limited experience I have never missed. I purchased my first brisket, close to 12 pounds trimmed, full packet with a point and flat. I’m going to follow John’s Brisket 101 technique for the meat prep, but I will follow his Texas style video for the salt/pepper rub and could wrap technique and then back to his 101 video removing the flat and making burnt ends. questions: 1. Do both top/bottom and sides of the brisket get rubbed with salt/pepper, from the Texas style I only see the thick layer of salt/pepper on the top. 2. How long can I reasonably allow the brisket to rest wrapped in foil and covered by towels in my cooler, I know it is mentioned to do it for one hour but how long can I stretch this without ruining the cook but giving me as much time as possible before serving? 3. The rub recipe calls for coarse salt and pepper, I have coarse salt on hand but only fine ground pepper, can I still get away with using it in equal parts? Otherwise I’m okay with going out to get the course. 4. It will be the first time I use wood chunks in my cook, I have cherry, pecan, and apple on hand, which would be the best bet? 5. In the Brisket 101 video, John sprays the brisket around the 1 hour make to form the bark but does not do this in the Texas video, should I spray or does it have anything to do with the Texas video wrapping the brisket in foil? 6. Should I be using the entire point for burnt ends? Thanks for the feedback and thank you John! I’ll also be doing your smoke mac’n cheese because it was a big hit, along with bacon coleslaw.
  8. Ok thanks for confirming, it never was able to open, even before my first cook, I thought maybe it was part of the design change. I’ll take a closer look.
  9. I saw some videos where the vent actually can be fully slid open, the top part swivels across. for the life of me I haven’t been able to get mine to slide, I assumed it wasn’t supposed to, can anyone confirm please. My vent looks very much like this one, https://dicksonbbq.com/collections/kamado-joe-accessories/products/kontrol-tower-top-vent
  10. Where is it available for pre-order, and has any independent done a full review?
  11. Just to confirm, it doesn’t include the stone, right? I wanted to buy a stone but was holding off to hear what would be included with this product.
  12. At the end of the day I don’t think it would have any impact to the cook but I’m happy to report that the store I purchased from had engaged Kamado Joe and I have already been advised that a replacement was sent out, I can’t complain about the customer service and mistakes happen, I don’t hold it against them.
  13. I just received my KJ Big Joe reversible Cast Iron griddle and it seems to have a lot of surface defects, lots of small gauges, or small areas where the surface is not smooth and jagged from a spec sticking out. i attached a picture but I’m not sure it does it justice, I just wanted to know if this is a product defect or do all their Cast Iron surfaces have this issue? I just haven’t seen it on other Cast Iron products I have purchased.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback, I ended up ordering Apple, Cherry, and Pecan.
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