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  1. Turned out very good, grabbed it at the 12 hour mark, the injection definitely helped keep it moist. The bark was superb. Gravy
  2. Shed vinegar injection, Big Rick's jalapeno honey mustard binder with burn co (Tulsa product) rub, kamado joe big block and 4 hickory chunks. Heading out there for a 14 hour low and slow around 235 degrees. Gravy
  3. Finished product, 168 internal temp, the aroma is "outstanding" as John Setzler would say. Gravy
  4. Following the guidelines of John Setzler's recipe, homemade pesto, with roma tomatoes, fresh grated parmesan and extra garlic gloves for good measure. More to come shortly - Gravy
  5. Thank you Scott, grill worked like a champion, never deviated below 240 or over 260, with the bulk of the time right at 250. Gravy
  6. 4 + hours in, right at 195. Time to wrap and sit.
  7. SPG, Stubbs beef marinade as a binder, 250 with hickory on junior. Hope the outcome is as good as the presentation. Thank you for all the advice to the forum. -Gravy
  8. Yes indeed TKO, super excited about the soapstone, look forward to hearing some good recipes that include it.
  9. What a great wife, did not see this coming from anywhere. Super excited to get joe fired up.
  10. Has anyone used or have any feedback regarding the MEATERS wireless thermometer? They certainly look useful, especially the MEATER block that comes with 4 different probes for multiple cuts on the same cook.
  11. Gravyva

    Joe Jr Cover

    Thank you hillbilly, they definitely look nice.
  12. Gravyva

    Joe Jr Cover

    Does anyone have a recommendation on where to get a cover for Jr? Prefer a high quality one, thank you.
  13. Arrived at Costco at 930 this morning, left at 1030 with a classic II, Jr, free grill cover (classic), 2 starter boxes, and complimentary bag of charcoal. Cannot believe it was only $1450 with tax, felt like Costco paid us to leave the store.
  14. Was at Costco today (Tulsa, OK) and the new deal is as described by Ron on the first thread. Here they are offering a free wok and dutch oven with display model of big joe, one or the other with joe classic display, and free bag of coal with joe jr display. The rep stated that Costco discontinued the big joe purchase and free little joe earlier this year. Very likely due to the confrontation mentioned above.
  15. Thank you for the kind words, looking forward to gluttony lol. Keeper ov de flame, that is a great recommendation, exactly the type of advice this forum is known for. Appreciate all contributions.
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