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  1. Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Salmon, and Tomato sammiches (w/Japanese Mayo) and orange chipotle glazed Armadillo Eggs. Happy Sunday y’all.
  2. Same as you would brine and smoke beef brisket. But pigstrami is way better.
  3. Pork brisket, on the bone. Local pig purveyor here that finishes pigs with hazel nuts and sells boned pork briskets. They make fantastic pastrami. Fat melts in your mouth. Nothing like it. Well, except maybe the secreto, the wagyu of pork.
  4. Butcher has some beautiful pasture raised tied lamb legs that I could not pass up. Dry brined over night, doused with EVO2 and a light coating of Lebanese 7-spice (Allspice, cinnamon, black and white pepper, cloves, nutmeg, fenugreek, ginger, and coriander. Yes, it’s 8, but that’s the version I was given LOL). Next time Persian using adveih. Roasted in oven 15 minutes at 450 with the fan on to set some color and the into Big Red at 350. 1:45 later it was 135 and on its way to a perfect, tender, and succulent 140. GF quinoa tabbouleh, house made tzatziki, good feta, vine ripe tomatoes, soft nan bread, and an earthy Red Mountain Syrah. Happy Sunday all.
  5. I was at the local butcher yesterday looking for beef cheeks and he had some beautiful pasture raised turkey breast that had to come home with me. (No cheeks : - ( ) Soaked overnight in a brown sugar chipotle brine and on to the new Little Red Dude this morning with a bit of cherry. Turkeys sammiches tonight!!!
  6. You can also try dry brining overnight with coarse kosher salt and a bit of baking soda. Then spitz with neutral oil like grape seed oil.
  7. So, got a Joe Jr last weekend and have been breaking the newbie in this week. The better 3/4 has a standing request for seared red meat on Friday, so tonight’s offering was a pair of reverse seared prime ribeyes with light cherry smoke (Brazil style, salt only, for Guga), parmigiana roasted Yukon golds, and white miso creamed spinach. Add a Walla Walla Rocks District Syrah Mourvèdre blend. Outstanding. The little red dude has been spectacular. Should have done this years ago.
  8. OXO silicone roasting racks. They work great for keeping your meat elevated over dirty grates. Temp: 250 Smoke: light cherry Prep: dry brine 48 hr (covered with plastic wrap) Mix rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil, cracked black pepper and Aleppo pepper (light touch on the Aleppo) with EVO2. Generously coat at let set a bit. Spritz with mix of cider vinegar, dry white wine, brown sugar, and coconut aminos. Wrap around 165. Pull at 203-205. Rest. Pull. Eat. Made wraps with GF naan.
  9. Wrap around 165. Pull around 200-203. Rest wrapped in several heavy towels about an hour.
  10. 9” of snow, ice laden tree limbs dragging on the power lines, and a slow warming Joe. But a soft, succulent, pulled lamb shoulder shall see us through it all. Now on to the naan and yogurt sauce.
  11. 6-8 hour soak with an all purpose rub, evO2, rice vinegar, and a bit of sweet chili sauce. Slow cook on rim around 300 to set initial base. Sauce. Back on grill over direct heat up to about 350. Sauce a second time and back over direct heat.
  12. First smoke-free weekend in a long, long, long while. Time for wings!! Hasselback jumbo Yukon Gold potatoes (coated with house cured bacon), a huge pot of collard greens (with extra house cured bacon), and Eastern Washington Red Mountain Cab. Life is Good. Cheers all.
  13. Well, it’s more like coulotte because moron cut the fat cap off, but still spectacular. Salt and heat. Nothing more is needed. Cheers all.
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