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  1. 6-8 hour soak with an all purpose rub, evO2, rice vinegar, and a bit of sweet chili sauce. Slow cook on rim around 300 to set initial base. Sauce. Back on grill over direct heat up to about 350. Sauce a second time and back over direct heat.
  2. First smoke-free weekend in a long, long, long while. Time for wings!! Hasselback jumbo Yukon Gold potatoes (coated with house cured bacon), a huge pot of collard greens (with extra house cured bacon), and Eastern Washington Red Mountain Cab. Life is Good. Cheers all.
  3. Well, it’s more like coulotte because moron cut the fat cap off, but still spectacular. Salt and heat. Nothing more is needed. Cheers all.
  4. Guga says: Picanha!!!! and +1 on the skirt steak.
  5. Free range bug eater. 36 hr dry brine uncovered in the garage refer with salt and pepper. Modest sprinkling of herb de Provenance in the cavity. Spin with a hint of cherry at 375. Finish at 400. Sometimes, I impress myself. Had to fight the better 3/4’s for the salty, crispy back
  6. Left/Right. Prefer not exposing my hand and half my forearm over 600+ degree coals to finish a steak after searing.
  7. I have been looking, unsuccessfully, for a good sized capon to try a rotisserie spin on the Big Joe. Several weeks ago I brought home a pair of rather large 7.5 pound stewing hens from the local Wally World and decided to give it a try. After a 48 hour uncovered dry brine I brought big bird up to temp, applied a light dusting of a FODMAP friendly rub, and started her spinning at around 300 degrees with a bit of apple wood. Raised the temp a bit after 2 hours and began to apply some sauce. She spun for a little over 2.5 hours and here is the result. As expected, it was not tender, succulent chi
  8. Bacon, Ham, and Ham. One more ham to go.
  9. Ham, Ham, Bacon, and Ham. No Spam. Big Joe will be busy today. Two brown sugar Maple syrup sweetheart hams, a black pepper molasses cottage bacon, and bourbon, chipotle, molasses picnic.
  10. Difficult to come by, but I have used grape vine clippings wrapped in a foil pouch with nice results. And, of course, the standard Alder.
  11. Bourbon Orange Marmalade BBQ sauce with a hint of chipotle. Add extra cheesy grits and a fruit bomb Eastern Washington Barberra. Be well all.
  12. This was a small pork shoulder roast I found at Wally World. Seemed like it had most of the coppa section in tact. Took netting off and left it on dry cure this in a ziplock bag for two weeks. Got another curing in the refer now. Does not last long in our house.
  13. I believe this may be what you refer to? Cottage or shoulder bacon? Gallon zip lock bag. 1/4 c of Ruhlman’s basic cure. Black pepper. Maple syrup. 2 week cure. 225 on light cherry smoke to 155. Serve with cheesy grits and eggs over easy. Yeah, baby. Mmmmmmmm.
  14. My son is a budding Classicist and has developed an interest in ancient Roman cooking. To that end he recently told me that he wanted to make Garum, also called liquamen, a fermented fish sauce that the Romans applied to everything. Garum is similar to asian fish sauces, but the flavor is supposed to be much deeper and more intense. Our Garum is loosely based on a recipe described in a book titled A Taste of Ancient Rome by Giacosa and other various research on the inner webs. The base ingredient is a whole fresh mackerel, including head, tail and entrails - the whol
  15. First crop of Shi####o Peppers is in. Time for Yakitori!!! Crispy chicken skin - check Chicken hearts - check Gizzards - check Livers - check Chicken thighs - check Umami bomb teriyaki - check House blend Togarashi - check Nigori Sake - check Matcha Mochi ice cream - yeah, weekend got busy and did not have time. Wondering if anyone has tried their hand at making Mirin? Real fermented Mirin, not the nasty stuff made with corn syrup commonly found in the Asian section of the Kroger.
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