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  1. Starting the weekend early. Grass fed hanger steak salad. Herb roasted baby Yukon Golds, grilled Zucchini, vine ripened Early Girl, shaved Romano, baby spinach and romaine hearts, and house white miso honey-mustard vinaigrette. Columbia Valley reds (x2) and we are off. Tedeschi Trucks Band Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers All!!
  2. 2:1 for on wings at the local grocery emporium last week. They darn near jumped into the trolly on their own as I walked by at that price, right!!!! 48 hr dry rub brine. 325 over open fire in Big Red with a handful of apple chips in the ash tray. Coat well with orange chipotle bbq. Bump the temp up a bit to set the sauce. Add crispy cheese fries and house bread and butter pickles. Cheers all.
  3. This thing was a beast. I cannot imagine how this bird was able to walk upright without tipping over. Only got a 6 hour dry brine on it, which was no where near enough time to penetrate Birdzilla. Took the better part of an hour to cook. It might still be on Big Red if I had not partially boned it. The better 3/4 deemed it acceptable. Regardless, new Chicken Rule No. 1: birds for roast, grill, or spin shall not exceed 5 lbs. Anything bigger goes in a pot for chicken and dumplings.
  4. The Ham’s too Damn High!! $11.99/lb for water logged deli ham at the local grocer? Oh, hell no. We have better options on our back patios, folks. 2 week dry brine in a 2 gallon plastic bag on a basic cure mix with generous additions of turbinado and real maple syrup. Several hours on a light, cherry cold smoke. Raise temps to finish. Problem solved.
  5. Little Red was put through his paces tonight. Horseradish crusted King Salmon, roasted green beans and cherry tomatoes with goat cheese and Aleppo pepper, and parsnip pomme purée (extra butter and heavy cream). Add Willamette Valley Chardonnay and the weekend is off to a good start.
  6. Got extra pig? 3-cheese pulled rib Mac & Cheese with 4th cheese crusty topping. Mmmmmm
  7. The better 3/4 wanted ribs last night and I wanted to make arepas. I think we both did well. Several hour smoke with apple chips in the ash drawer for clean light smoke. Two hours wrapped in foil to braise to sweet tenderness. And 45 min or so on the grill to set chocolate orange adobo sauce. (Do Mexican chocolate, orange marmalade and chipotle peppers make a good bbq sauce for pork rib? Why yes, it does. Because orange loves chocolate and chocolate loves chili. ) Add cheese, pickled red cabbage, and green sauce made with parsley, cilantro, green onion, garlic oil, avocado and lemon juice. This one will definitely go public for a party later this summer.
  8. Pig candy and wing sticks ready for their rub down. Next up, Huckleberry Habanero glaze. Good eats tomorrow.
  9. Looks spectacular. And the Tannat with those ribs, great choice!!!
  10. Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Salmon, and Tomato sammiches (w/Japanese Mayo) and orange chipotle glazed Armadillo Eggs. Happy Sunday y’all.
  11. Same as you would brine and smoke beef brisket. But pigstrami is way better.
  12. Pork brisket, on the bone. Local pig purveyor here that finishes pigs with hazel nuts and sells boned pork briskets. They make fantastic pastrami. Fat melts in your mouth. Nothing like it. Well, except maybe the secreto, the wagyu of pork.
  13. Butcher has some beautiful pasture raised tied lamb legs that I could not pass up. Dry brined over night, doused with EVO2 and a light coating of Lebanese 7-spice (Allspice, cinnamon, black and white pepper, cloves, nutmeg, fenugreek, ginger, and coriander. Yes, it’s 8, but that’s the version I was given LOL). Next time Persian using adveih. Roasted in oven 15 minutes at 450 with the fan on to set some color and the into Big Red at 350. 1:45 later it was 135 and on its way to a perfect, tender, and succulent 140. GF quinoa tabbouleh, house made tzatziki, good feta, vine ripe tomatoes, soft nan bread, and an earthy Red Mountain Syrah. Happy Sunday all.
  14. I was at the local butcher yesterday looking for beef cheeks and he had some beautiful pasture raised turkey breast that had to come home with me. (No cheeks : - ( ) Soaked overnight in a brown sugar chipotle brine and on to the new Little Red Dude this morning with a bit of cherry. Turkeys sammiches tonight!!!
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