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  1. Thanks for the compliment on the pork butt - it wasn't my first, just the first on the KJ. I have had my gasser (Weber Genesis) for 14 years. Transition to Charcoal was not too bad, I was just surprised at the ash, but in hindsight, I did go through a lot of lump and I cooked for a long time... I am still wondering if people empty the drawer during a long cook or just leave it till the end. Is it dangerous to open the vent and pull out the ash drawer while the cooker is hot? Cheers, Patrick
  2. Yes, a gasser and a Bradley digital smoker.... why do you ask?
  3. Folks, I have had my Big Joe for about 3 weeks. Yesterday I did my first long cook on it. - a 9 pound pork but with skin on. Cooked it at ~225 for 14 hours (to ~198 interior temp), then I took the meat off, cranked up the heat to 550 and put the meat back on for a couple minutes to get the cracklins from the skin. I used mostly KJ big block, but there was a bit of Dragon's Breath lump in the fire box left over from a previous cook. Before I topped off with the KJ big Block, I shook the remaining ash off lump in the fire box, emptied the ash drawer and cleaned out the ashes from the ash drawer opening. I was about to start a long cook, so I wanted to make sure the cooker could breath for the duration. Lighting and cooking went well, temp held well, and the result was delicious! After dinner, the kids went out to make s'mores and the grill was still hot, I just stirred the coals to shake the ash off and revive the fire for the marshmallows. Afterwards I shut it down. At this point it had been hot for about 18 hours. This morning I went out to clean out the Joe from my cook. I opened the lid, stirred up the remaining lump and went to empty the ash drawer. It was overflowing! As I pulled it out, there was ash falling from the slopes into the ash drawer opening - I would guess enough to fill the drawer again... (no pics of the ash - sorry...) So I have a couple questions: 1- is this normal? More ash caused by the Dragon's Breath lump? 2- do you empty the ash drawer in the middle of a long cook? If this was normal, I would have expected the ash drawer to be bigger to avoid the mess... PS: No Kick Ash basket yet, just using the OEM grate. for any input. Cheers, Patrick in Alberta.
  4. I have had my BigJoe for about 3 weeks. Last week I got the CI, I have used it once and so far & I love it! I made seared ahi tuna... Can't wait to do Smash Burgers...
  5. Re Bradley I have a digital 4 rack. The 6 rack is not recommended because the main heating element is not strong enough for the volume. It has the same element as the 4 rack. The 6 rack would need a stronger element. Pros: Easy to use - set the temp and time and via a separate control, the "smoke time". Set it and (almost) forget it. You still have to keep an eye on it in case the bisquette conveyor jams up. Good into tool to Smoking Relatively cheap to buy Cons: Easy (& boring) to use - no challenge. Bisquettes can get expensive (~0.30USD each & 3 / hour. It adds up). Has trouble getting above ~250F Food is difficult / messy to access with the vertical design (open door, pull out grill, drip all over the deck / table) I find I often finish things on the Weber - Chicken to get the skin crispy at a higher temp, ribs to easily sauce them I still like mine, but now that I have the Big Joe I will probably use the Bradley only for cold smoke... (I have the attachment). Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy grilling, Patrick
  6. thanks for the feedback - Ribs are about to go on - I fired up the joe a bit early to give myself some time to stabilize the temps (plus I was anxious to get a fire in it!) Screw the string - I just used scissors: Lump and a couple chunks of applewood in the firebox: Fire Started - temp starting to rise: Stable @ ~250 (260 on the grill):
  7. Pizzas look Awesome! Thanks for taking the time for the write up and all the photos - it's people like you that make forums a great place! One quick question regarding the Parchment Paper - I remember seeing that it is safe up to 425F. Have ever had any issues? Thanks, Patrick
  8. Hi all, I will be firing up my big joe for the first time tomorrow for some baby back ribs. I have done ribs before on my Bradley smoker & weber gaser using the 3-2-0.5 (3 hours on the smoker, 2 hours wrapped on the Weber and 0.5 hours with sauce). I do the last two steps on the weber just because the ribs are more accessible for wrapping and sauce. Family usually loves these. Ribs on the Joe: I am planning on dry rub, no sugar ~5 hours @ 225-250 with no wrap, occasional spritzing and add sauce for last 30 minutes or so. Questions: 1- Is a drop pan necessary? Dry or with liquid in it? Based on my reading so far, I think not necessary other than to keep the heat deflector clean... opinions? 2- To wrap or not to wrap? It seems both are acceptable. preferences? impact? 3- how do I know they are done? by temp? bones? probe? Any other suggestions? I'll post during and after pics tomorrow. Thanks
  9. I have been grilling for about 20 years (currently on a 14 year old Weber Genesis) and smoking for about 6 years (started on the Weber & got a Bradley Smoker 4 years ago). I have been thinking about a Komado Joe for 18 months or so... Well, my Big Joe was delivered this evening. I purchased locally at BBQ Land and it was delivered fully assembled. I am making Baby Back Ribs on Monday night (we have dinner plans at friends' on Sunday, so I have to wait till Monday...) I was given a box of fire starters and a couple bags of KJ Charcoal with the purchase. First accessory will be a Pizza kit (stone, peel, cutter, etc.) and eventually a Joetisserie. I already have BBQ tools, a basic BBQ butane starter & gloves. I will be getting wood chunks tomorrow morning. Am I missing anything to get going? Any suggestions for must have accessories other than those I mentioned? I'm glad I got the Big Joe - see pic with three racks of baby back ribs with room to spare. I realize you can cook three racks on a Classic, but using a rack or in a spiral shape - not as convenient for saucing, etc. I think I will like having the extra room (yes I will unwrap them before I cook them - I was just checking size)
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