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  1. Are you using an old bag of Charcoal? Charcoal absorbs moisture out of the air and if left in a really damp environment it wont burn as hot. The other angle is how are you lighting it? How hot do you want it to get? You could also use a charcoal chimney, light the entire thing and then dump it in.
  2. Ive got a DeWalt cordless weed whacker , and just picked up an electric Chainsaw. The chainsaw is not cordless, but still think its worth mentioning as I was uber-impressed with how well it performed. Im so used to gas chainsaws that dont want to start, have bad gas, won't idle right etc, comparitively, working with this thing was a breeze. It's also super light, and surprisingly powerful. The company claims it to be the equivalent of a 3.5 hp motor. I live in the city so Im just doing light tree trimming and its worked phenomenal for that. Ive got a fairly new top of the line Toro mower t
  3. REalize this was posted a while ago but I dont see any responses. So for those that come after and find this thread by a google search, a lot of people use the Rutland gaskets ,you can get them on amazon and they were , I believe, originally designed for wood stoves. Just google "Kamado Rutland Gasket" and you'll see what Im talking about.
  4. I came here to see where people are at with this issue. I've owned my Pitboss for about a year now, and love it with the exception of the performance I get from the hinge. I've had hinge problems since day 1. Initially, after reading some info on another forum, I had modified my hinge - when they come stock, the screws you talk about being too tight - I'm pretty sure that is because there is some built in 'slop' - just a tiny bit, that helps the lid sit perfectly flat on the base without 100% proper alignment. Part of the problem is with these grills only available at Costco, its hard to
  5. I think it would work simply due to the weight of the lid. The latch is nice but not neccesary to get a good seal, IMHO.
  6. Hey , sorry, dont know if anyone will read this or not. Obvs I dont check this forum as often as I should :) My hinge upgrade involved simple taking it apart and drilling out the hole of the small piece of metal that goes between the two bands. The problem with it - theres three holes. Two of them are slightly larger than the third one, and the bolts used were sized for the smallest hole. This would essentially at least on mine let the unit 'wobble' when you lifted it up and down. So I took the hinge apart and drilled the smaller hole out to be the same size as the larger two holes. Then
  7. I bought mine this summer. The only problem I've had have been relatively simple fixes. Upgraded the hinge and plan to switch to a Rutland gasket eventually. I bought mine at Costco, which means I can return it for up to a year, but I have no plans to do so. I got mine end of season clearance for $600, i couldnt being to replace it with anything even for double that price.
  8. I use mine exactly like you would expect. I usually put it legs up, and that leaves room for a water pan in between the plate setter and the bottom rack. I would like to pickup the woo ring from the CGS though, even though I've really had zero problems.
  9. Its hard to explain by typing, but if you look at the hinge assembly on the K24, there are three pieces of metal where the hinge actually pivots. YOu can see in the pic that the screw is clearly not in straight, that was because the hole sizes in the different pieces of metal were not all the same. So I took mine apart, drilled them all to the same diameter and bought new bolts that are the exact diameter. Works great. Only problem now however, is the gasket was so compressed from the weight of the lid that it doesnt seal super tight. I was looking at the Kamado Joe gasket, the fibreg
  10. I would trust the thermoworks smoke over the bi-metal dome thermometer any day of the week. Those thermometers that come in most cookers are not accurate, and if they are its usually an accident. (I say this because I also have a Weber smokey mountain, to which everyone will say you cant trust the dome thermometer, somehow mine is dead accurate.) The easy test is to stick the probe of your thermoworks in a pot of boiling water. It should read 212 F. If it does, its accurate. A 40 Degree difference between the grate and the dome would need to be accounted by something. Either the probe is
  11. I should have been more specific - I dont have a KJ. I have a Pitboss K24 I got for a steal at the end of the year from Costco. And like many others, it had a horrendously misaligned lid, which can be resolved by drilling the hinge - from the factory, the hing bolts go through three holes , one of which is smaller than the other two, which made keeping the bolts tight a PIA. Maybe hard to explain over a forum, but its a pretty popular thing to do.
  12. I think this is what I want to do. The Kamado Joe has the gaskets that are like "springy" (definitely just made that word up). They are like metallic mesh and when you put the base down , the two gaskets compress significantly. I feel this would likely net a better seal than what I currently have. I did the hinge mod to mine where I drilled and upgraded the bolts in the summer, ever since I have difficulty getting a 'perfect' seal. I test by having a piece of paper in between the lid and the base when closed - at the front, its super tight, but at the back I can pull it out fairly easily.
  13. Dont know if its a regional thing or not, but RO lump - in the blue bag - is about the very last thing I would use. I have a collection of rocks on my deck that ive pulled out of RO bags, and the bottom 1/4 of it is always nothing but dust and pieces so small they can't be burned.
  14. Beef ribs may be one of my favorite things currently. I had never done them either, did them for my first time about 6 weeks ago. Followed a great video from aaron franklin, they turned out killer
  15. I don't see the point, personally. Just my thing. If temperature swings one way or another by 20 degrees, I'm not too worried. I've only been smoking on a ceramic for about 8 weeks but even the first time I used the kamado, it held steady temp all day long on its own. If you want something simple, check out a tip top temp, not sure if you've ever seen one or not. Ive used one on kettles and the wsm, it works astonishingly well once you figure out its little quirks, and costs 1/10th the price of a controller.
  16. I dont know if I just got lucky or what - but I shaved my felt gasket down until it was essentially just the layer of glue left. Still too tight. Ended up disassembling and removing the felt. Would you mind sharing the product specifics you used on the top? Want to order some from amazon if I can.
  17. Damn, have a couple things to try here. Now sorry if this is a stupid question, why the bbq guru blower AND the tip top temp? I also like the double felt idea on the top vent. So just so I'm clear, you're saying if I put two layers of felt on the top vent, it will be snug enough to just hold on without any hardware? I think I'll look into this. I found the PB doesnt get quite as hot as I thought it would and maybe more airflow is what I need. Is there a felt you recommend?
  18. Wondering if anyone has a decent resource, I dont think my lid is sitting right enough - the front is okay but the back is a bit more loose between the felt than I would like it. Wondering if anyone has a decent resource or youtube video maybe as the best practice for getting it to sit flat, best way to adjust the bands or whatever. Thanks in advance.
  19. I bought a blue bag of royal oak lump about 2 weeks ago from Costco. I was pleasantly surprised, its been great so far. Godo mix of wood size /shapes, burns hot, clean. Costco has blue bags. Want to say $11.99 for a big bag.
  20. Has anyone seen a replacement top vent for the pitboss k22/24? I really like the way both the egg and KJoe dampers can be basically opened wide, essentially removing them entirely.
  21. I did this on mine, but I had to trim it down to almost nothing, and even after doing so, the vent slide hardly works now. Its definitely a two handed operation. I'm not sure if mine was just tight or what the deal is.
  22. Mine takes pretty much all night. IE, if I finish grilling at 6 pm, close all vents, by 10:30 at night its usually under 100 Celsius. At that point, I don't know if a fire is still burning, of its the just the ceramics staying warm. Like what I often wonder - lets say your cooking pizzas and you took the pitboss up to 700 degrees for an hour. If you immediately snuffed all fire source, closed the lid, vents and walked away, how long would heat retain just in the ceramics? Would that still be 100 degrees a few hours later? There is usually a lot of reusable charcoal next morning so it must be
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