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  1. Cycledoc


    Wonder if the upcoming tariffs on Chinese goods include Kamodo grills. https://www.businessinsider.com/us-china-trade-war-trump-wants-tariff-on-200-billion-of-chinese-goods-2018-8
  2. August 25. Just ordered a Classic from Amazon, $695. Moving from a Weber Kettle charcoal. Have never used propane but also have never had a rig that did slow cook. Seems like a good deal. What other accessories would you recommend to start our aside from a cover... Thanks
  3. Have used Weber's all my considerable adult life but now looking to purchase a Kamodo. Considering Pit boss but concerned about the lower vent not sealing issue. In YouTube videos the vent looks quite flimsy. Have they fixed that? Other options the Primo round or maybe a Kamodo Joe.
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