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  1. Did 5 racks of baby backs on my Joe Jr for the superbowl. Turned out great. Made sure to keep some space in between the racks to allow smoke to penetrate. Spritzed the outside racks for the first few hours to stop any drying out with the airflow round the deflector. Rubbed in meathead memphis rub and glazed for the last 30 mins with a bbq sauce thinned with apple juice and whiskey
  2. Good thread idea. I find too often I concentrate on the main event at the detriment of the sides or other courses and they don't shine as they could.
  3. Picked up some cheap beef short ribs and decided to make some tacos. Smoked over hickory at 225F on my joe jr for 8 hours until 203 internal. Rubbed with Angus and oink dirty cow coffee mocha rub. Rested, sliced and served with Coriander guac sweetcorn sour cream and cheese. So good. If anything I found the upper part of the rib (above a fat layer) to be a bit tougher than the bit just above the bone even though it probed at 203. Is this usually a less fatty section of the short rib? Should I have let it just keep on cooking over and above the 203F internal? Love the good results you get for a more affordable cut
  4. Here’s a few on the jr. Yes it’s not big enough to do larger pizzas but I’m easily able to crack three/four smaller ones out quickly. Takes a bit of skill taking one out and putting a new one in, making sure not to leave the dome open too long, but providing you keep it up around 550-600° it should be fine for a good run. Getting decent height into the dome is key, I use three long plumbing connectors (copper maybe?) giving a good inch and a half clearance above my deflector, which itself sits on top of the grill grate. Just need to get a bit more practice with a good dough recipe! Good luck
  5. This is really nice. Great job using bjorns and modifying with handy add ons. I’d wanted to try this but Ikea didn’t have the table in season when I was wanting to build last winter, and was a bit panicky about cutting the metal but you’ve done a nice job. I just built my own from some reclaimed wood and it’s working a treat. Love having the Jr at a good height.
  6. This is my little area. Not a lot of space but gets the job done!
  7. Have tried and can’t do it. Have just ended up going with a cowboy ribeye or cote de boeuf with less of a bone but still the same great meat element so that you can get a good smoke for the reverse sear.
  8. I got the initial plans from here - https://jenwoodhouse.com/diy-kamado-grill-table/ and just changed the measurements/ratios to what suited my space and what was appropriate for the jr. If I can find my original measurements I’ll post them. First cook this evening was a few pizzas for the family. The improved height made it MUCH easier to do then when I’ve done them before. Was a little antsy with the first high heat cook in the wooden table but all seemed ok. Have a good inch gap around the circumference and lined the inside of the circular cutout with gasket replacement tape. The joe is sitting on a few ceramic plant pot feet, on top of a paving stone.
  9. For completeness... looking forward to the first cook at the weekend where I’m not bending over!
  10. Thanks everyone. Was probably a little late posting for such a soon upcoming cook. But did pretty much what you all have said. Actually managed to start the wings around the ribs for the last hour of the rib cook, took them off and sauced, cranked the jr up to 400 for a quick grill. Ribs stayed warm foiled in the oven. Turned out great. Always learning. Appreciative of the support of this site.
  11. Back at it this evening for playoff football. Went honey honey hog and holy gospel mixed as it’s all I have currently. Rub variety not the easiest to come by in Ireland. Glazed the lot with my whiskey glaze mentioned above and stuck some wings in for good measure. Gonna crank the heat here after the wings are sauced and grill them to finish. Joe jr is my hero.
  12. Need some advice. Have a few guys coming tomorrow night for the colts chiefs playoff. Intending to do four racks of baby racks (can do these coiled and skewered) on the jr for 3-4 hours and want to do some wings too. Any thoughts on the best way to have everything ready at the same time? Was thinking start the wings in an oven and raise the joe jr temp for a final push when the ribs come off (and foil them). May even be able to put the wings around the rib flower for the last hour (space permitting) and get them started at 225 then crank it. Also appreciate thoughts on direct or indirect for the wings as haven’t done them yet on the joe. I am aware the better solution would have been to get a bigger joe ha!
  13. Great thanks for the advice! Father in law is lending me his but not sure about what to use so your numbering is a big help. Thanks!
  14. Have struggled for a while with bending over to reach the jr so decided a table was necessary. Got some reclaimed wood and found some plans online. Adjusted a little to scale it for the jr. Going ok so far. Still a bit to do in terms of sanding and finishing.
  15. You know I didn’t even measure properly but it was roughly half a cup of honey, half a cup of whiskey (bushmills), a teaspoon of soy sauce, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a teaspoon of tomato purée and a tea spoon of tomato ketchup. Brought slowly to the boil and reduced until it had a much thicker consistency. Loved it.
  16. Trying out some different finishing sauces this weekend. Used meatchurch honeyhog as a dry rub and the following - 1. Brown sugar butter and honey in a foil wrap 2. Bullseye bbq sauce 3. My own whiskey / honey / soy / ketchup glaze 4. Just left dry corn and champ (mash with green onions and white pepper) on the side might be biased but number three won out. Felt the honeyhog was nice but needed a bit more pop. Will go back to the holy gospel next time and try the whiskey glaze. Shout out to joe jr.
  17. Fantastic. Would love to read a rough breakdown of your timings and how you brought everything together
  18. 32nd birthday today so my wife and I celebrated with a CÔTE de boeuf (I think in America it’s a bone in rib eye..? Essentially a tomahawk without the long rib). Reverse seared. Indirect at 225° on the joe jr until 10° short of medium rare, for about an hour. Vents fully open, removed the deflector plate and dropped the grate to just on top of the firebox for the sear at 650°. One min then turned 90° for another min, then flipped and repeated. Exceptional piece of meat from one of the best suppliers in the UK - Peter Hannan. Did some hasselbeck potatoes with Parmesan and garlic asparagus to go with. Testament to the the versatility of the joe jr, absolutely love this little hero! Slow to searing hot so quickly.
  19. Fancied something quick and easy. Flattened a few chicken breasts, seasoned with pepper salt and garlic granules. Stuffed with basil leaves, Parma ham and cheddar cheese. Wrapped with butchers string and cooked for 15 mins. Very very tasty.
  20. Thanks. Definitely a learning experience. Shorties didn’t have a decent bark and we’re a bit dry tough in places and the pork babies were also a bit overdone. Should have wrapped both a little earlier. Chalk it up to inexperience and will take it to the next cook. Noticed my avg ambient probe temp (250-260) was higher than the dome (225). Not sure if this was due to where I placed it on the grill, ie over the air gap of deflector plate. I switched to trusting the dome temp but maybe I was cooking these a bit too high. You can see this in the left of the picture above. Any thoughts on this?
  21. Thanks for the advice. Been helping reading around the forums so far for little tips here and there. Have sauced the ribs ribs and foiled the shorties to move them along. Nearly there
  22. First cook on my first Kamado (new joe jr) today. Doing some beef short ribs (my own simple s/p/garlic rub) and a rack of pork baby backs (Meathead’s Memphis rub). A few hours in and amazed at the temperature stability compared to my previous experience on my Weber kettle, even after starting in direct sun and now it’s raining quite a bit. Stuck the pork in after the beef got some alone time first. Expecting to make lots of mistakes but excited to learn. Have probably stuck too much charcoal in and have crammed it a bit full of meat but hoping for a good result!
  23. Hi there. Been smoking on a weber kettle for a few years now and finally decided to enter the kamado market, albeit starting at the ground up with a kamado joe jr. Planning some ribs this weekend to break it in. Looking forward to getting to know my grill over the next few months.
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