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  1. yes it should slide completely open. undo the screw on the right and lift it off and clean, it might just be stuck with gunk. Or just give it a tap with a soft mallet.
  2. Well had my KJ basket a couple of months now, brilliant addition, so much easier to manage charcoal. I haven't cut anything off it and all is working well
  3. Mine is quite tight, I positioned it and knocked it down with a Hyde Hammer (gently tapped it down) But its not loose that you can just pull it off.
  4. My gasket was also damaged on my KJ Classic, looked similar to yours. Got a new gasket from KJ, but haven't changed it yet. The damaged one works fine, so a job for later
  5. First cook with the basket and very pleased. Lifted the basket out and gave it a good shake to get all the ash out. Now last question I promise Do you guys who use a basket take all the charcoal out and put new on the bottom before you light it again, or do you just put new on top and light, so older charcoal on the bottom. Before I got the basket, I was taking all the charcoal out after each cook, cleaning all the ask out and then putting new on the bottom and then putting the burnt stuff on the top. Or doesn't it make a difference?
  6. Ok I went ahead a bought a basket for my KJ Classic II. First thing I noticed was the basket is a tight fit on the DC rack, I had to wriggle it to get it to sit right, so it looks like the hooks are bent inwards slightly. But it all went together ok. Having read about the heat deflectors not sitting very well on the top of the hooks, I found mine seem to be fine. So maybe the hooks are now being made bent in more. But in any case, very pleased with the basket.
  7. Having had moisture in gauges in a open top sports car and on an old motorcycle. I drilled a small hole in the case, which allowed air into the gauges and the issue went away. But I have no experience at all with this method on thermometers, so don't take this as a solution as I haven't tried it, but seems to make sense. If I get this problem I may try and let you know
  8. Thanks, but did you find any difference in temp control with the basket as opposed to without and just a grate. That is the bit I'm struggling with, I get the bit about its easier to manage the charcoal.
  9. Nearly at the point of pulling the trigger on a KJ basket. I get the points John made about charcoal management. But does the basket help at all with temp management, on slow cooks I use a fan and temp controller unit to maintain temp and that seems to keep the temp within 8 degs pretty well, but will having a basket mean more stable temps. I am not dissatisfied with the performance of my KJ at the moment, but always open for things that can enhance the performance. I also saw a video John did reviewing the Kick Ash basket and he lit the charcoal from underneath the basket, is that the way to light the charcoal in a basket, or do you just light as normal from the top
  10. Newbie question - I can see how the basket works, but my question is, what are the advantages of a basket, I get the air flow bit. Do people use the basket all the time, or are there cooks where the grate works better. if the basket is an improvement for everything, why is a basket not standard instead of the cast grate. Just trying to decide whether I need one
  11. Good advice, but for slow cooks, think the bbq guru is brilliant, but it can't work wonders, if you have the fan damper closed Lesson learnt, onwards and upwards
  12. So last night I put my first Brisket on to cook. I was struggling controlling the heat again. Had to keep opening the top vent fully to get the heat up to 230F. Woke up at 1:30am checked the temp, it was 188F. Got up, opened vents again, noticed my pit viper fan was running at 100% but temp not rising. Then I went to check the fan again - what an idiot, for the last two cooks I have been running the pit viper with the damper fully closed, I opened the damper and guess what, full air flow. Temp rose immediately then after an hour, it settled to 225F, my set temp and has been at that temp all night, with the top vent on the KJ nearly closed. Feel a right fool now, definitely operator error, but at least I now know why I couldn't control the temp with my BBQguru and pit viper
  13. Ok, so think it was operator error :). I lit it again this morning, new charcoal around the edge, old in the middle, lit it, left the bottom vent fully open and the lid open for around 8 mins, then closed lid and left both vents fully open. Temp climbed and within half an hour it was at 700F. Think my problem was I wasn't giving the charcoal enough time to catch properly, putting heat deflectors and closing down too soon. I have also found that the pit bull is not man enough to raise the temp, if the charcoal hasn't caught properly. Thanks for all the inputs, hopefully all should be good now. Brisket is my next mission over the weekend.
  14. Thanks for your inputs. It is not an airflow issue, because I stripped everything down, including taking the firebox sides out and re-assembled everything. When the box was red at the end of the cook, temp was up around 650F, so it was well alight. It must be something to do with the new bag of charcoal. Previously the Joe has been easy to light and maintain heat. The only other question I have, is, does outside temp impact how quickly the internal temp rises? Like I said, its not that cold yet in the UK, yesterday was around 50F.
  15. I have had my KJ for just over 2.5 months now, I've had no issues with heat. Used the same restaurant grade charcoal from Bookers (wholesaler in the UK). Had a new bag, loaded as normal and lit for a pizza cook. I had trouble getting to 550f, temp wouldn't climb. I then tried to roast a duck the other night but couldn't get temp to get above 300F, so abandoned the cook. Today I stripped the firebox down and completely cleaned out all ash etc. Packed the firebox with new charcoal and put some of the unburnt stuff on the top and lit. Had to re-light a couple of times, temp wouldn't build. Then I managed to get some heat, using a chimney to light come charcoal and dump on top of the firebox. Managed to stabilise temp at 370F manually, couldn't control with the pit bull fan, not enough air I guess. Eventually Duck was cooked and after I took the Duck off, the firebox was red, so charcoal was lit. After all that, I am assuming the charcoal is the issue so I thought I would try some KJ lump for my next cook, there is nothing else I can think could be the issue. Are my assumptions correct, or is there something else I need to check
  16. Not sure I get the image thing, my images from my iPhone has a jpeg extension, so not sure what I should be saving it to. Anyways, not an issue, raised my ticket with KJ support Europe, they were brilliant and a whole new tower arrived this morning. Thanks KJ
  17. I have raised a ticket with support. Image wise, I'm using an iPhone 6s, and have never had any issues with images uploading to other forums, the image has a jpeg extension, so I assume its a jpeg and not some apple propriety format
  18. My Classic 2 is 3 months old, been covered. In the UK, just wondering if the paint should already be coming off the top vent, the bit that slides. Tried to upload a pic, but wouldn't upload
  19. Well it was a success, crusty bottom, delicious, managed to get the dough off the peel, much better than I have ever achieved in the oven. Quickly becoming a Kamado bore
  20. Going to attempt pizza again this evening, so fingers crossed
  21. Thanks for the tip about the stone. Need to get the pizza off the peel and onto the stone, that will be a breakthrough
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