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  1. nas130

    Pork belly porchetta

    So here’s the cook. I cut cut the whole porchetta in half and cooked the half. I put her on the joe at 300 and finished her hot to crisp up the skin. Overall the flavor was great, I wish more fat rendered. Next time I am going to score the inside the pork belly before I season it. I think I could get away with cooking it longer due to the fat content on the belly around the loin. What does everyone thing of cut the tenderloin shorter due to the extra shrinkage of the belly? Happy Sunday, n
  2. nas130

    Pork belly porchetta

    I tried to post pics, probably too new here.
  3. nas130

    Pork belly porchetta

    Hey guys, Doing my first attempt at a porchetta inspired by a small butcher in Sartreano Italy. I’m way too lazy to debone a small pig so doing the port belly wrapped tenderloin. Herbs and spices: Fennel seed and peppercorns toasted Fresh sage Fresh oregano Fresh thyme orange zest and a small amount of juice lemon zest and juice salt Garlic cloves good stone ground mustard I put it all in a food processor and made a paste. Here is where I am so far. I’ll post more as it continues. The plan is 350 on the joe.