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  1. I use cotton balls and Vaseline in my survival kit for lighting regular fires and one thing I have to do is pull the cotton ball apart a little bit. This creates edges and air spaces so it will catch a spark. Also, make sure you’re not using synthetic cotton balls. It sounds dumb but you would be surprised by how many people don’t check to see that they’re using 100% cotton.
  2. You should see what they have at Fred Meyer. When I lived in Anchorage I used to get my hardwood chunks for my old Smoke Vault from there. I recall them carrying some smaller bags of lump.
  3. Kosher salt is good for curing and pulling juices out of meat. I think Kosher meat has to have blood or juices removed from it. Anyway, I use it for brining salmon and curing bacon.
  4. Does this include the $80 or so you would’ve saved by not paying a sales tax in Oregon?
  5. I would go with the temp controller because I have a pretty decent pizza set-up. I just don’t see how a DoJo is going to improve my pizza much. However, I like the idea of being able to set a temp controller on a long cook and get a peaceful nights sleep.
  6. That looks great. You should’ve thrown in some beard hair and cigarette ashes to make it more authentic.
  7. I got a Flame Boss 100 on Ebay for about $130-$140. It works great. Once I set the temp it holds firm. I check it periodically, but I would feel comfortable setting it on a long overnight cook and going to sleep. I chose the 100 because I don’t like relying on WiFi or an app that has been known to go tango uniform from time to time.
  8. I like the manual seal of the Cabelas sealers and I also like the 1/4 inch weld. I used to have a Foodsaver, but the weld was too thin and leaked quite a bit.
  9. I’ve been using this one for about 9 years. It’s very durable and works with all bags.
  10. Southern Pines, NC Lowe’s has this deal. It has the old gasket and no air lift hinge, but it’s still very nice.
  11. I got the half moon from KJ and I got a separate pizza stone. However, if I had to do it over again I would’ve gotten this. It’s a better deal.
  12. I use this exact same set-up only I use terracotta planter feet instead of copper T’s. It works great.
  13. Lowe’s is also a grocery chain based out of NC. http://www.lowesfoods.com/
  14. We have both. The only things they both sell are BBQ sauce and water.
  15. I got an nice little 3 1/2 lb rib roast at Lowe’s for a good price so I decided to give one a try on my Kamado Joe. I used a Dijon herb wet rub and gave it a little smoke with some post oak. I like to cook mine to 120 degrees. I normally go at a higher heat, but I stayed around 250-275 on this one. It turned out good, but I think I’ll stick to baking it at a higher heat with a little less smoke. Don’t get me wrong. It was delicious, but I like a more traditional flavor.
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