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  1. Never L8 4 chow

    Kamado Joe Classic ii - Greetings from Norcal

    Welcome to the forum, and as keeperovdeflame said “we love that kind of stuff “ yours is no exception. Well done sir!
  2. Never L8 4 chow

    Surf'n Turf with a Tater

    I’d eat that. Yum!
  3. Never L8 4 chow

    Jalapeño Popper Pizza

    She’s a beauty! Jalapeños are one of my favorites. I don’t think a pizza gets made around here without at least a few going on. Yours looks like it might have required an extra sip or two of your favorite beverage.
  4. Never L8 4 chow

    XL Adjustable Rig

    This? https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/kamado-joe-big-joe-accessories-by-cgs
  5. Never L8 4 chow

    My First Customization

    Considering what you’re going to use it for, popular or any other scrap you have laying around would be fine except maybe PT. If you’re going to use it you’re probably going to mark it up again anyway.
  6. Never L8 4 chow

    My First Customization

    Nice upgrade, and welcome to the forum. What kind of wood did you use?
  7. Never L8 4 chow

    Impromptu EggRolls

    Nice recovery, and plated shot! I also see a joke in there somewhere, but I’m not even going to tread those waters.
  8. Our 20th is coming up, and I was wondering which you’d prefer? I’m not 100% deadest on this, but she has use about everything else she could want, and always says nothing, when asked. Guys please feel free to chime in here too. I’m fresh out of new ideas.
  9. Never L8 4 chow

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Well kind of ...sorta...That’s is why I was seeking the ladies advice, and possibly you guys to get your wifes to chiming in . If they had a choice, which would they prefer? KK did point out the potential of the sapphires getting lost on certain outfits. We saw the diamond dragonfly several months ago while we were on one of our seldom visits to the mall, and she commented on it. I wouldn’t want to disappoint her by getting the sapphires.
  10. Never L8 4 chow

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Thank you for the suggestion. Looks exceptional, and conveniently located right around the corner. Not only your favorite, yours and many others, judging by the reviews.
  11. Never L8 4 chow

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Yes she does wear jewelry, but never too much, or anything ostentatious. She’s a minimalist. And yes the brooch is a gamble, but they have been in hig fashion forever, and made a strong resurgence over the past couple of years. Again I cross my fingers, and hope she likes it. If money was not a factor. Since the 20th anniversary was originally Considered China anniversary, but has has been modernized into the platinum anniversary. A limo would pick us up Friday morning, take us to the airport where a private jet would be waiting to fly us to San Francisco. Check in at the Hyatt on Market Street, have cocktails and exchange gifts. We would then go have dinner in Chinatown. . Spend the next day rummaging around on the Embarcadero, and at fisherman‘s wharf. Have dinner at the Cliff House. Spend the night back at the Hyatt. Fly back to Tampa on Sunday. This was the original plan, but the logistics, and the cost of the plane, have gotten in the way. I’m not done planning yet.
  12. Never L8 4 chow

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Mr KK is a very fortunate man!
  13. Never L8 4 chow

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Yes she has a few other sapphire & Diamond pieces, sapphires are her birthstone.
  14. Never L8 4 chow

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    I think that would be fine on on odid birthday, but for this particular anniversary, I think I need to step up to the plate with just a little bit more focus on knocking it out of the park. I would not consider my wife materialistic, but I know she likes things that sparkle. Don’t ever let a woman fool you, sometimes they will say one thing, and be thinking something else, they want you to be able to read their minds. They want to be surprised and be swept away by their lovers. Jmo
  15. Never L8 4 chow

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Thanks everyone for the replies! I agree, the Sapphires & Diamonds look better to me too, and I saved about a Nickel. Unfortunately the straight diamonds are available locally, but the combo had to be ordered. Hopefully it comes in time, fingers crossed.
  16. Never L8 4 chow

    Anniversary Duel

    Happy belated anniversary! Sorry I missed the thread when you posted it. Looks like it made for a fun and tasty day.
  17. Never L8 4 chow

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Will we be able to buy the DoJo from Amazon through your Link anytime soon? Have you seen the production unit? In the abt description, I think it said temps between 400&700 degrees. Will you actually be able to control temperatures? How about shutdown? How will that be accomplished? By removing the unit, or is there a door to put in place?
  18. Never L8 4 chow

    Intro new member

    Ps: Thumbs up on the avatar!
  19. Never L8 4 chow

    Intro new member

    Congratulations on the new Joe, and welcome to the forum. It’s my go to consultation before most new Kamado cooks, a wealth of good information here.
  20. Never L8 4 chow

    My First Kamado "The Original Hibachi Pot"

    Talk about rekindling an old thread.
  21. Never L8 4 chow

    Backsplash and Knife Bar

    Well done!
  22. Never L8 4 chow

    Vacuum Sealers

    I’m a member of the Costco Food Saver tribe myself. Also use it to seal up anything that came in a heat sealed bag that won’t be used immediately. Sure beats a Chip Clip.
  23. Never L8 4 chow

    Hello from Melbourne

    Welcome, and happy new year!
  24. Never L8 4 chow

    KAB for XL - conidering the purchase

    Since this thread has already meandered down a different trail. You guys do know they make bags for some of the popular shop vacs, don’t you? One of the best simple improvements I’ve added to my shop in years. No more cleaning the nasty filters, and having to pour out 10 pounds of dirt, dust, ash, and various construction debris into a trash container. Just throw the bag out, and put another one in. As far the baskets go. I didn’t have a basket with my Pitt Boss, and felt I needed to clean and vacuum out the grill about once a month to keep it from getting loaded up. I got the KJ basket with the Joe when I bought it, and haven’t felt the need to hit it with the vacuum to this day. No the basket is not a necessity, but it is much much easier to keep the Kamado clean with it.