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  1. Higher in the dome = crispy on top. This is what works for me. A deflector sitting on top of another deflector. And yank the parchment paper out, after the first couple of minutes, if I want to cook over 560°, cause you know, flame on goes the parchment, but usually don’t because why complicate life.
  2. Makes me wonder what else I’ve been doing wrong my entire life.
  3. Isn’t technology grand! Can’t get the Kamado up to temp quite fast enough with out a little help, but the other way is too fast, and blows ashes on my stone. Talk about first world problems.
  4. Things happen in manufacturing all the time, most of the time it can’t be corrected buy the consumer, but sometimes it can. As in this situation, the solution is about as simple as they come. I don’t understand what is so difficult about asking KJ to send you a thermometer, and drilling a hole. Even if KJ sent you a new Joe. It would take more effort to unpack the the thing, and that doesn’t take into account assembling it, than it would to drill the hole, and pop in a thermometer. Or has KJ ruled it out as a solution?
  5. I guess I’m the kind of guy that prefers to turns the lights off when I walk out of a room, and turn the ignition off when I get out of one of my vehicles. Trying to help save the planet for all the younger people out there Let me try a different question. With the bottom vent wide open, it looks like it will go through it’s fuel pretty quickly. About how many pies do you think you could you cook, with the amount of lump you used, or how long will it stay hot enough to do an adequate job at cooking pizza?
  6. Thanks for keeping us updated on the DoJoe John. From our original discussions, it was said the Dojoe needs to burn out on it’s own because there was no way to shut it down. With the amount of lump you put in the basket in the video, it seems like that’s going to be quite some time. If you’re only going to cook a couple of pies, a wasting of a lot of fuel. If it doesn’t come with some kind of door to plug-in the opening, I’m sure a rudimentary one can be made out of scrap or even extra heavy duty foil. Thoughts?
  7. I would agree, it would be much easier to drill a hole than replace the top, However use a diamond holesaw/ drill design for cutting tile and ceramic’s without the use of a hammer drill. Not a Masonary bit with a hammer drill or you could break, or crack the top. Then move on, and start cooking.
  8. Also can be used to seal chips, pretzels, pistachios, etc. anything that comes in a mylar-type or heavy/stiff plastic bag. Food saver does not recommend thin baggies. Comes in handy when buying junk food in bulk. Just got to be careful about crushing your chips. https://www.foodsaver.com/service-and-support/product-support/product-faqs/tips-and-hints/pantry-storage/tips-and-hints-pantry-storage-faq-Q-A-2.html
  9. Another warm welcome from the Odessa/ Tarpon Springs area. You know, because it’s above 60 degrees unlike the rest of the entire North American continent. (At this time)
  10. Because it’s available for pre-order a.k.a. not on the market yet, this thread is as close to a review as you’ll get at this time. John has worked with a test mule.
  11. At the beginning of this thread, but here you go: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/dojoe-preorder-1?fbclid=IwAR16JJjCWJZ1MMXAJBWuO1i5FJ3fsRVS1Zij_Ldan97FrBq3Uj5t2Q4kuQo
  12. Impressive! Would definitely like to have seen the flip. Will also be trying this out.
  13. Oh yes, congratulations on the new Joe. Is it the Classic?
  14. I’d say you might have a problem, and have you thought about counseling, but considering the company.....
  15. Just showed this to my wife. Her exact words “oh that sounds and looks lovely”! I see it on the menu in the not to distant future. Beautiful presentation!
  16. The rest of the cook. Yep, that's a heat deflector used as a pizza stone Simple pizza and a movie.
  17. This is simple cook I have down to a science in a convection oven. So I had to try my hand at fixing something that wasn’t broken. Since we had pizza and a movie planned for last Saturday night, I figured I’d take advantage of the one heat source and see how one of my staples, granola, would come out on the Big Joe. This is a quick, inexpensive, and easy to make snack we pay far too much for when buying it from the grocery stores. I let the temperature stabilize around 350° for a little while, then put my cookie sheet of granola on for about 30 minutes. I probably could’ve taken it off at 25 minutes, but I like my granola like I do my pizza, crispy. Just personal preference. The granola certainly took on some smoky goodness. Interesting new twist to the flavor. This particular batch contained most of the ingredients listed below, however it was just shy of the 3 cups of oats. You can add just about any freeze dried fruit you want to dice into it. I prefer not to put in too much fruit, otherwise it won’t come out as crisp as I like. Granola Oats 3 cups Brown sugar 1/2 cup Coconut oil 1/2 cup Maple syrup 1/4 cup Craisins 1/2 cup Sliced Almonds 1/2 cup Cinnamon 2 tsp/or to taste Cayenne 1 tsp/or to taste Mix the ingredients well, or you’ll end up with clumps of brown sugar. Spread the mixed ingredients out on parchment paper in a 12x17 inch Cookie sheet, then cover it with wax paper and roll it out to make it as flat as possible. If you want bars or pieces, now is the time to cut or shape them before putting it into the oven or kamodo. Once the granola was off, up went the temp for pizza.
  18. Welcome to the forum! Don’t miss out on the opportunity, the road show at the Orlando Costco is now, and gone after this weekend. https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html It was in Tampa a few weeks back, and they had some good deals, but I’d be guessing at the prices. I stocked up on lump.
  19. Hats off to Mrs skreef and you! I’ve spent some time in a few different game rooms, and I must say yours is probably the most inviting I’ve seen. Wonderful job of bringing all the decour together. It’s always good to keep a few personal abilities, maybe a few funny incidents, secret. I think it makes for a more interesting long-term relationship.
  20. Welcome aboard, and good luck with the overnight cook.
  21. Welcome to the forum, mucho good info to be found amongst these pages.
  22. Yeeaaaah....waiting for the fire to be completely out, like maybe a day or two is probably a good idea. You know, just considering your location and all. In case anyone ask, tell’em potash baby, it’s good for the plants, and say it with authority. You couldn’t believe how much the flowers pop around my porch.
  23. There was a conversation about this a little while ago, and some of us talked about using our shop vac’s. Yep they work well. KK came into the thread and said use a leaf blower, and I thought yeah right. Then I started to think about it. That gals onto something good. I don’t use my shop vac anymore. I do use an electric leaf blower for this. My personal preference, others mileage may vary. Just pull the tray out, point your Joe in the direction you want the ash to go. I’d recommend down wind. Close the lid, snap it shut tight, open the top vent all the way, stick the end of the leaf blower in the vent. I seal the blower tube up it with a big car washing sponge. Crank that blower up, move it around at different angles, and poof the ash heads down wind. If you wand to open it up and take a couple more shots to hit different areas you can, but I don’t get it that much cleaner. Pretty neat trick KK. Thanks!
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