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  1. Since this thread has already meandered down a different trail. You guys do know they make bags for some of the popular shop vacs, don’t you? One of the best simple improvements I’ve added to my shop in years. No more cleaning the nasty filters, and having to pour out 10 pounds of dirt, dust, ash, and various construction debris into a trash container. Just throw the bag out, and put another one in. As far the baskets go. I didn’t have a basket with my Pitt Boss, and felt I needed to clean and vacuum out the grill about once a month to keep it from getting loaded up. I got the KJ basket with the Joe when I bought it, and haven’t felt the need to hit it with the vacuum to this day. No the basket is not a necessity, but it is much much easier to keep the Kamado clean with it.
  2. So how did the Char Broil lump train work out for others? I ordered 4 boxes, and just got into my first one this weekend. All I can say is where’s the lump? 3 inches my rump, more like 3 centimeters if I’m lucky. I poured out the box into my coal container, and was overwhelmed by a cloud of black dust. There were a few 2” pieces, but most where thumb size and smaller, mostly chips that would fall through my KJ basket. Fortunately I had some of my Fogo lump left over, and was able to line my basket with it and mix this stuff into it. Anyone else have a similar experience? Better I hope. I still have 3 more boxes of the stuff.
  3. There certainly is a lot of interest in instapots, and pressure cookers on the web. And yes, the first forum I checked out wasn’t a joy to navigate. You’ll never know unless you try, and if you don’t, you’ll always wonder if it could have been a success. What do you have to lose? Go for it!
  4. Be very careful with the Worksharp, you can ruin the tip of a blade fast. Use the finest grit belts on your good knives, and never pull the blade all the way through the guide. Use light pressure, and lift the tip off the belt half way through the pull. Otherwise you will round off the tip in a heartbeat. Practice on a cheap knife. Great tool for quickly sharpening lawnmower blades, shovels, machetes, and axes with the course grits.
  5. Congratulations on the new KJ, welcome to the forum, and take a few minutes of your time to watch and read some of the information here: Enjoy!
  6. Yes 2 pairs. One for Handling hot food, and can be washed off easily with soap and water. The other pair such as welders gloves, for handling hot items like cast-iron, grates, deflectors and such.
  7. And too my surprise, I wake up this morning and there it is. Notification from the Kamado Joe Cooking Channel.
  8. Those do look tasty, and I found several recipes on the web. One with bourbon that looks intriguing. Was this off the cuff, or will we see a Setzler rendition.
  9. If you even think about attempting this, you’re on the verge of Bat Shizzel crazy, but if you do, I’d recommend against shorts and thongs. You know, just to be on the safe side.
  10. After a little consideration, and investigation I went with a cherry board from The Boardsmith. http://www.theboardsmith.com/ Of the three popular choices. Walnut, maple, and cherry, I went with cherry because it’s the softest of the three, he had one in the que waiting to be finished (no six week wait time), and it’s the same wood as our cabinets. Although I wanted a 18x24, I went with a 16x 22. I thought it would be a bit more manageable for my wife, I was correct. I can wash this one at the sink, one half of the board at a time, then spinning it around to wash the other half. While I’m the one who washes this, I’m pretty sure my wife could without too much issue. I think it weighs about 21pounds. The board wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t mass produced either. The attention to detail, and the way the grain was laid out is obvious, and something, I as a person with a little wood working experience can appreciate. In the picture you can see all my drawer facings on my cabinets are made from the same board. Yep, I’m anal like that.
  11. Thanks for the update on the lower angles. Now I’m running out of reasons not to buy the WE other than the need purchase proprietary stones, and the major conniption fit my wife is going to have when she sees another sharpening tool in my shop.
  12. I thought this would be a nice addition, however this thread started in August. At that time John had already anyone been given a mule to test. Any ideas on production time, chance of the DoJoe making the Christmas list?
  13. My wife and I made a game out of who would spot him first in has cameo appearances in the Marvel movies. Cheers to a long , and interesting life.
  14. Nothing like the right tool for the job! Another tool I might suggest would be round trip tickets to the south, leaving now and heading back in May. Not to sound like a high school cheerleader, but OMG, that -4 degrees Fahrenheit. we just had a cold front go through yesterday, and it’s a bit nippy out there now.
  15. Thanks for posting. Far too many of my various peppers go to waste every summer do to the amount of fruit, and my lack of initiative to do something with them. Time to save the peppers!
  16. Looks like it was tasty. I miss chops, wife’s not a fan of the other white meat, so I get a lot of something you’ve expressed a great love for, fish.
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