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  1. No, it’s not right. You should be able to close the bottom that all away. You might want to look close and see what is keeping it from closing away.
  2. Na, you guys got us big time on cold fronts coming through.
  3. Well John, had any more time to play with it? Have to admit I was a little bit envious when I saw this post. I’ve been looking at the Wicked Edge for quite some time, and could never justify spending the amount of money for the higher end set up all at once. Because you know you’re going to eventually want all of the good stuff. The worst part of it is that over the years I’ve spent a small fortune, well more than the cost of the Wicked Edge on different stones, and devices from Chosera, now Naniwa, Shapton, Workshops, DMT, leather strops, etc. OK, I will admit, I might miss that Zen moment when you reach that hair popping edge acquired with a waterstones and a strop. Not to mention the whole process is rather relaxing. But then, maybe not, I do like cool gadgets! Looking forward to your review.
  4. And here I thought breakfast pizza was served cold, usually with a hangover, and had toppings more like pepperoni mushroom and onions. Learn something every day, next thing you know somebody will be serving me a breakfast burrito.
  5. OK, I’m a little envious, it looks tasty! Happy Birthday!
  6. Looking to buy a new end grain cutting board, and was wondering if one wood is better than another for this purpose. There are a lot of beautiful choices out there, but I know some softer woods will keep knives sharper longer, handle moisture better, and some are better at keeping bacteria at bay. Any input is appreciated.
  7. Can you sear a steak at 600 degrees, or cook a pizza at 750 in a pellet cooker?
  8. Well now, that didn’t come out in the order I wanted. Just jumble them around a bit and hopefully you’ll get the idea.
  9. Welcome to the forum, and I think what ^^UTVol said pretty much sums it up. I previously cooked on a Kamado without the D&C, and wouldn’t want to be wouldn’t want to be without it it now. It really expands the capabilities of the Joe. Good luck with your purchase.
  10. After reading several objective reviews. I think, unless space is an issue, I would keep the Weber, and avoid the hassle. Even if you ditch the Weber you’ll still have more bulky accessories to deal with and store. The wife and I both on our own businesses. Monday through Thursday we don’t get into the kitchen until about 7 o’clock, if not later. A gas Weber can be a wonderful thing when you’re in a hurry. Nothing wrong with having more than one grill.
  11. Welcome to the first Kamado Joe Challenge. This is a test, only a test, don’t let it get to you. Best to use 4 hands, but it can be done with only 2. And yes, when it’s together, that is the way it’s supposed to be. The most sloppily assembled thing you have ever put together. As long as the bottom of the plates are in the groove, and the tops are in the ring you should be good. If you want you can even out the spacing between to plates, but be careful. Mine came apart while I was trying to space them out and perfect it, and I had to reassemble it again. Good luck, and
  12. I know it’s not an answer to the question, but I do find that my stock on hand directly affects my consumption. The more I have, the more Big Joe consumes.
  13. Yes, and most good torches have a easily engaged locking button so you don’t have to hold the trigger for extended use. I could see accidental engagement as being slightly intimidating.
  14. In another thread KK said she didn’t like To use the Weber fire starters because of the strong chemical smell. I to have some and don’t like to use them for the same reason, so I just use a propane torch. Is fast, it’s easy, and I get exactly as much coal fired up as I need to in very little time. I was wondering if there is any reason not to use the torch? I can’t imagine there’s enough residual propane for the ceramics to absorb it, and make a difference in anything, certainly nothing health issue wise. Your thoughts.
  15. Correct, all of them. As I said in my first post concerning the basket, but you can’t bend them in to far, are they won’t line up correctly with the D&C.
  16. I don’t think anything other than the small adjustments I did is really needed. Anything else would be just more weight and something else in the way. As I said my deflectors are rocksolid now. Jmo
  17. The High-Tech adjustment. With a slight tweak here, and a slight tweak there, here a tweak..... Much more secure.
  18. You can see in the picture my heat defectors were barely sitting on the hooks, just a slight movement to one side or the other and they would fall off. Took about five minutes to walk to the garage grab a pair Channel-Locks and bend all the hooks in about 1/4 inch. Can’t bend them too far or they won’t fit in the D&C. Longest part of the project was walking back-and-forth to the garage. Problem solved, heat deflectors sit on the hooks rock-solid! We’re not talking rocket science here, but others mileage may vary.
  19. Oh yeah, that looks like a tasty Cuban sammich! Living outside Tampa Bay I practically grew up on those things.
  20. Without breaking the bank Yaxell makes some pretty decent production knives with good steel, and a good warranty. They’ve been in business since the 1930s. BD1N is an American stainless steel Yaxell is using to Manufacture of the Dragon line of knives. It’s making a pretty good impression with more people than just me with it’s stain resistance, 63 Rockwell hardness, ease of sharpening, and edge retention. If you’re looking for something a little more showy, Yaxell also makes the Enso line, and their Super Gou line which will give you a layered steel with both VG10 cores for their less expensive blades and SG2 for their higher end knives. SG2 is not as popular a steel, but is in my opinion a much better steal the VG 10. My biggest problem with knives, is there are so many beautiful options out there, and just not enough time. Good luck!
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