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  1. My not be the most inexpensive, but it sure doesn’t get much easier than a steak.
  2. I see your two Roos, two bucks and I’m raising you one buck more.
  3. Good lookin start! Congrats on both.
  4. So much for the secret ingredient in my granola.... Nah, just kidding, took me too long to perfect it, and coconut oil makes it yummy, or maybe it’s the Cayenne. Not sure what it is, but something makes a cookie sheet of it hold together like Captain America’s shield.
  5. Thermal expansion, that’s a good term for it! I knew we’d finally get a physicist to show up. Thanks fbov. I guess part of it depends on how well sealed, and probably a few other varying factors, your particular Kamado is. I think I will go with the slow and easy method from this point on and sacrifice a few more lumps of coal over the long run.
  6. ^^ KK, It was the ceramic body. Costco did refund our money, and remove it. Great service from them! Thus the Big Joe purchase. I posted this because I read somewhere on the Internet (you know what they say about believing everything you read on the Internet) shutting down quickly from high temperatures can cause a pressure change , and possibly damage the outer body. It also describe the damage you see in the picture of my previous Kamado. Maybe a coincidence. When I bought the big Joe, the instructions described a much less dramatic shut down, and that got my curiosity going.
  7. I see different instructions on how to extinguish the fire In Kamados. KJ’s Instructions say to close the bottom vent, until the temperature goes down below 400, then close the top, but leave a slight opening. When I had the pit boss I followed the instructions to the letter. From low and slow to searing. When I was finished, I just closed both top and bottom vents, and walked away. Not to return until the next morning to clean the ash out. I always had plenty of coal left, but also developed a crack. So I wonder if that instant shut down cracked the ceramic body? And if so, should be people who have these instructions be concerned about it?
  8. Well, did it arrive unblemished? Did you get to break it in?
  9. Dealer delivered mine in the nest, strapped down in the back of a lawn trailer. I was horrified, but it worked. Here are some other thoughts from the forum. Good luck, and don’t hurt yourself. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/25726-easiest-way-to-transport-a-big-joe/#comment-343317 https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/34073-transporting-a-classic-joe/#comment-447400
  10. Thank you for the welcoming. First I will say my wife is the chef, I am the sous chef and grunt labor. Me make fire. Decision was made, and a Big Joe, with an ash basket (the only extra option I purchased) will be arriving tomorrow. I’m excited! For the last few months I’ve been googling Kamado along with a recipe, which has rendered a lot of John Setzler, and Malcolm Reed videos, along with a whole slew of others. To this novice both John and Malcolm seem very good at what they do, and give an enjoyable presentation. It’s been fun watching their evolution in video production. I picked up on these two gentlemen first because my wife and I enjoy making pizza from scratch, and Johns videos have given us a lot of good information about making dough. Something we definitely needed help with. Malcolm’s were helpful because he is using a BGE, which uses the same heat deflector as our old pit boss. This helped out with the reverse sear recipes. It’s hard to find professional chefs doing videos with the Pit Boss at this time. Anyway, thanks for making the site available, it’s good to be here. Happy Cooking, and Good Times! Dave
  11. Howdy, I've been cooking on a Pitt Boss 24 for about 4 months that will unfortunately be removed Thursday by Costco due to a cracked bowl. Cracked , but functional. It's held together fine by the band, and the base, but for how long? After waiting for the part to come in on back order (6 weeks), Pitt Boss sent a replacement over the weekend, however in came in pieces, and was lacking the vent, the gasket for the top, or the gasket that goes under the ring that holds the shelves and hinge. Possibly a tube of sealant to use for swapping out the existing vent would have been a nice gesture. Anyway, I honestly believe they are trying to do a good job, but lack the experience with this type of grill, and I want to get on with the Kamado Phase of my life. I'm probably being impatient, and should probably wait for them to ship a new part, but Costco will pick this one up, refund my money, and I can just buy a new one. So, what to buy now. That is the Question? Dave
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