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  1. look like mine just got delivered per my ring doorbell.
  2. After ready multiple post about crazy deals on lump everywhere but in Cali decided to start this thread.
  3. dj714

    Lump charcoal

    are briquette's just like regular charcoal?
  4. I almost pulled the trigger on the black but ended up getting the red. kinda want the black version as well.
  5. dj714

    BGE vs Kamado?

    wish I had the same luck as you did. ive tried buying or trading for a firebox for my xl and no luck with that.
  6. dj714

    Lump charcoal

    if you guys are in the Texas are sounds like you can get it out there for $2.58. wish the would ship it ;(
  7. dj714

    Lump charcoal

    where did you guys order it from?
  8. dj714

    Lump charcoal

    whats the price on the char-broil lump?
  9. have a nest and mates or paypal.
  10. dj714

    Surf and Turf and Surf

    looks so dang yummy
  11. dj714

    Kamado joe in 2019

    Lol. Never mind
  12. dj714

    Kamado joe in 2019

    What did you buy there to fix this issue?
  13. I just placed my order this morning.