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    Grilling, gaming, shooting, dove hunting, fishing, and BBQ. I am somewhat of a foodie, and a nerd about it.
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  1. Hey everyone ! Today is a sad/happy day. I took a job offer in a different state. One I can't refuse. As such, I am selling my home and moving into an apartment. I need to get rid of this KJ Classic II. I bought it in August 2018. I am getting rid of EVERYTHING including the below : Looft Lighter Charcoal Starter Can BBQ Guru auto controller with the Kamado setup Pizza stone All of the things that came with it originally I am looking for $700 OBO in Tulsa/Owasso. You will need to pick it up.
  2. Yessir ! I broke it in on some steaks. Cooked them medium well unfortunately. I am not used to the heat retention this beast had, but I had set it to 700F and cooked the steaks for 4 minutes (2 per side). Did some seared then roasted potatoes using the divide and conquer. It was pretty nice. Startup was pretty fast (probably a total of 30 minutes using weber cubes). Can't wait to do low and slow. After shutting it down, It held temps for hours !
  3. Oh God. That has been the worst. The cleaning. I have gotten in so much trouble getting ash on our expensive couch and having to call companies over to remove the stains haha ! I had the 18.5" WSM. What comments do you have on the capacity of the classic Kamado joe ? I was able to put 2 15 lb briskets on the WSM. Would I be able to do the same on KJ ?
  4. Howdy Y'all ! I just ordered my Kamado Joe off of Amazon for delivery this Thursday. I am insanely excited for this ! My experience is 5 years of being a weekend warrior personally on a Weber Smokey Mountain, and catering for a charity organization that I am a board member of. Brisket and turkey are my jam. Can cook pork due to religious requirements, but other than that everything is fair game ! Decided to dive into Kamado because I was done with how much charcoal my smokey mountain, also my engineering background tends to make me seek efficiency. Even with a thermal blanket, and gaskets all over, the WSM was still eating half a 20 lb bag of kingsford for my 20 hour smokes. With the Kamado, I am looking for more things to smoke other than my normal brisket and turkey. I have seen people online do chuck roasts, fatties, etc.
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