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  1. Not sure what want you’re talking about. And I’m not trying to post photos from a phone but rather my iPad.
  2. Not sure of the correct location for this question. I am unable to load photos from my iPad. I can find them, choose them, but can’t find a way to actually upload them, let alone with captions. Help!
  3. Looks fantastic. Can’t figure how to post pictures.
  4. I do have a sealer. What did you run your joe and about how long?
  5. cooker613

    Rib roast

    Am planning a 7 lb, 4 rib, rib roast on my big joe for the new year (5779). I’m torn between using the joetisserie or not. Also I need to make it ahead of time for later reheating and eating. So, any suggestion and / or comments will be appreciated. thanks
  6. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I’ll be posting some food porn at the appropriate headings
  7. Have been using my kamado joe, big joe for about a year., but only recent stumbled across the site. Reciently added a joetisserie. A great addition. Have done chickens about a Hal dozen times. With the holidays almost here, am looking forward to doing a turkey and a rib roast. Looking forward to meeting the folks.
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