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  1. The pizza cook was either the first or one of the first cooks - as you can see it is no longer pristine ceramic. Also did my first lowish and slowish beef brisket today. A few missteps (meat probe thermometer calibration was off, salted the fat cap side a bit too much) but it was still tastier than anything I’ve had at local restaurants. Daniel
  2. After living for about a decade in an apartment we finally bought a home and now have space for a grill again. A Home Depot gas grill was inherited from the previous owners but I'm much more excited about the Kamado Joe Classic II we picked up at the Costco road show a few weeks ago. Thanks largely to the tips on this forum (and YouTube) so far we have enjoyed pizza, beer-can chicken, fish, ribs and pulled pork. Being from Texas originally I decided to follow Aaron Franklin's pulled pork video for my first 8+ hour slow smoke the past weekend and the Boston Butt came out very tender and juicy. Thanks for the site, lots to learn and looking forward to many more cooks! Daniel
  3. As a pizza lover and new KJ owner attempting some high heat cooks I'm intrigued - I've always wanted an outdoor pizza oven. Wonder what the price will be. And could you get a similar effect by closing the dome vent and propping the lid open a bit?
  4. I took a peek during my recent long cook and with the Kick Ash basket small hot coals end up in the drawer so I just left it alone. Might not have the same hot coal issue with the cast iron bottom since the holes are fairly small but I would be careful none the less. As long as air flow is still good there isn't much to worry about while the cook is in progress from my limited experience. Daniel
  5. I did my first long slow cook on our new KJ Classic with a Kick Ash this weekend (butt, too) and my results were similar. Used only KJ big block with a few chunks of oak for smoke - not sure if perhaps it was the oak? It used about the same amount of lump as a high temperature pizza burn the other day and there was less ash then so perhaps the temperature also plays a role. At any rate I just emptied the basket and used a shop-vac to clean up the rest. Daniel
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