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  1. Thanks everyone for all your help with this! I have a line on a used Akorn grill for cheap on CL, so I will pick that up and start experimenting. I know it's not nearly as good as a BGE or KJ, but for $75... La Tienda is where I get all my paella hardware, not as cheap as others, but their heavy weight pans are awesome! Reading the tutorial (thank K_sqrd) I am now wondering whether I can use firewood instead of charcoal for open-lid cooking to get a more authentic cook. I would never try for a low-n-slow cook, though.
  2. Hi everyone, I want to add a paella station to my grilling area. This requires a grill with a large rack - at least 22". While I could use a kettle grill for this, I wonder whether I could use a kamado grill instead. This would let me do all the normal stuff a kamado is famous for, and also cook paella for parties. I would rather not buy a cheap kettle grill JUST for paella. Researching kamado grills, there is a limited choice of grills that can accommodate a 22" paella pan when closed - I would need 24" racks. This means KJ Big Joe or a BGE XL or 2XL - which is a $1000+ investment. There are a number of smaller kamado grills that get very good reviews in the $500-700 range but they only have 20.5" racks. I am wondering whether I can cook with the lid open, so I could fit the 22" pan on the 20.5" racks (not worried about the little bit that the pan hangs over). I realize this isn't how they are normally used, but for the 45-60 minutes that paella requires to cook I can't see why this wouldn't work. I am hoping though that I can get some advice from people who really know though. One concern is whether the fire box would hold enough charcoal for this since the consumption would be higher as the heat isn't trapped by the lid. Any concerns about having the lid open for that length of time? I hope this makes sense and would appreciate any advice on this, especially is anyone has done something similar. Thank you! -Paul
  3. Hi everyone! Just a fan of all things BBQ (especially Dino ribs) thinking of buying a to keep my pellet smoker and grill company.
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