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    feedback on dojoe

    Ok i had another try with the dojoe today i have put a full bag of charcoal, took 30-40 min to reach 700-750 f and stay at that temperature for 40-50 min. excellent result for napoletan pizza, nice crust, nice wooden taste, 2 min cooking. i would say that for that even it is not (at all) fuel efficient, but the results are there. kids and wife enjoyed
  2. jpp

    feedback on dojoe

    yes it is definitely a fun accessory to use. it is well made and quite impressive on when it sit on the big joe.Obviously it cooks good pizzas if you like the 600f temp mark. however as mentioned it consume so much fuel that i am questioning the price tag you pay for it. Personnaly i would advise to invest in a dedicated pizza oven and use your kamado for what it does best. You will enjoy same fun (if not better), ability to produce different pizza style (napolitean), be able to prepare a side cook on the kamado while cooking pizza’s (why not smoked chicken wings mmmh) and pay less overtime...thats my personnal conclusion.
  3. hi everyone Just wanted to give you a feedback on my experience so far with the dojoe (on kamado big joe) i have a very mixed feeling with this accessory. i am loving all others kamado accessories however From access to the center of stone (very small opening), temperature control (most of the time below my required temperature (i like to cook pizza close to 700deg f) ) and the impossibility to cool down the charcoal for a next cook (you cannot close the dome until it cool down completely) i have very negative feelings about this product. But the most annoying thing for me is the charcoal consumption to reach an acceptable temperature...it is just unbelievable the amount of charcoal you need to put inside the kamado just to cook couple of pizzas i have made a quick calculation and i would reimburse almost a dedicated pizza oven (like ooni pro) in less than 10-15 cooks only vs the amount of charcoal i am putting right now i have made several trials (almost 7) and my conclusion is simple: i will stop cooking with the dojoe and invest in a dedicated pizza oven...i gave up... and i can tell you it does require a lot for me the give up something i invested 300usd could be good to share your feedback on this product. maybe i raised my expectations to high
  4. jpp

    iKamand v2

    Hello! How are you everyone i just installed the ikamand V2 based on the notice which was in the box...so i removed the screws located on the right side of the vent and installed the ikamand but now i cannot put the screws anymore... does somebody have a solution? i have a kamado big joe 3
  5. Not sure i will get ton of feedback on this question but lets try :) i could have a pretty good deal for a kamado projoe. it is quite difficult to find a proper review on the net (due to the beast and the market price i understand...) Does anybody has a feedback or made trial on the projoe? For me the only differences with the big joe 3 are: - stainless steel for top vent + handle - cast iron slo roller - higher dome (is this really going to make a taste difference ...) not sure it is worth the investment...
  6. Hello everyone i am a bbq geek (loaded with weber summit (gas), kamado big joe 3 and plancha forge adour) but i am also a builder by profession. I would share some tought on making a bbq only concrete (using normal type of cement). What do you think about that? have seen something similar on the market? of course it might be challenging in term of cracks management and weight but infinite shape type could be interesting to explore. Not sure if cement will bring some safety food concerns while heating up... let me know what you think about it? JP
  7. Dear kamado lovers i own a weber genesis propane gaz bbq since 2010 and getting tired of the beast ..(no really flavor, impossible to smoke, etc etc....good to sear however :)) i am looking since couple of months to get a Kamado style cooker. Big brands cannot be find here and have to be imported..so price for a kamado big joe goes from 2000 usd -> 3600 usd! it is totally insane.. only chinese style (aupex etc) can be find locally or imported but i am not that impressed about the build quality.. the only kamado which seems reasonnable is the monolith lechef (around 2000 usd all in (with bbq guru device and with transport). i really wish i could invest into a new kamado big joe (hinges, gasket, etc looks really good) but the price is really to high. i guess cooking result will be similar with the monolith.. what do you think about the monolith le chef? how does it stand in term of build quality vs kamado joe? (is it stable? does it feel premium?) looking for your advices
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