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  1. I got one in September of ‘18 and I absolutely love it! I was lucky enough to get it at an unbelievable price too. No problems so far with it.
  2. It’s 1118 pm on Friday. My turkey is almost thawed. Going to experiment with spatchcock turkey before the day. Ended up with more people than anticipated. Would like to smoke it around 225. Does anyone have experience with this? Looking for rough estimate. It’s only a 13 lb bird. Akron Kamado 6020. Thanks all!
  3. Ok, so I have to be the one... my buddy told me heavy smoke at around 225 for two hours. Wrap and up temp to about 300 for four hours. It’s been solid advise except for I’m not getting the “bark” I would like. Even extended the unwrapped smoke to 2.5 hours, better but not great. My third butt is tomorrow and the other two have been freaking awesome. Any insight how to make it where none of my family ever wants to bbq unless I make it?
  4. Thanks! I thought about that about two min after posting. It’s that kind of night. Brain is set on in the morning.
  5. Welcome from NEGA. Chicken is a great starter, but be careful. My wife says I cook it too much now. However... SOMEONE.... asked for more this past Wednesday. Just sayin. The more you play, the better it gets. I’m using an Akorn 6020 ceramic.
  6. The only upside to this is that it would drop my temp if a little too high.
  7. Ok, this may have been covered before and I’m sure it’s a dumb question but I can’t help myself. Since I have started smoking, even before kamado, I always get coals going and add my soaked chunks. Question is this, should I add chunks prior to starting fire?
  8. I want something else to smoke. Preferably nothing that takes more than eight hours. I, my family, is burnt out from pork and poultry. After reading for more than fifteen minutes, my brain says “no more”. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I’m sorry if this has been asked but I just can’t read through all the awesome posts this forum has. Just for the record, would like something different from a steak as well. Never tried a reverse sear and don’t want to this weekend. Thanks all! BTW, Akorn ceramic 6020 is my three week old baby.
  9. I actually saw the char broil brand last Saturday at academy in Athens. I’m going tomorrow so if it’s still got a decent price, it’s coming home. Aside from some small pieces and dust, I got no complaints with RO though. I will def try the CB though. It’s the least I can do since two of my last three grills have char broil...Right??
  10. My buddy who has BGE has been helping me a lot. That’s why I started with Royal Oak. Also was told “Cowboy”? was okay as well. Thoughts?
  11. Yes, I am completely new to kamado grilling and using lump charcoal. If this has been covered before, I am sorry, but I don’t have the patience to read through hundreds of posts. My question is this, what is the best lump charcoal to use. I bought royal oak. I’ve seen a couple bad mentions on one style, just curious as to whether I made a good first choice or not. Thanks all for dealing with my “newb” questions.
  12. Literally just got my first kamado a few hours ago. Char Griller 6020. Seasoned and grilled burgers this evening. Read manufacture guide for settings but they just get close. Tomorrow the Dawgs play and I want to smoke a pork loin. Does anyone have this grill or some really good advise? I know my temps, not new to smoking..... only kamado. Thanks all. I’m sure you will be awesome.
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