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  1. Hi guys, the fiberglass gasket became detatched from my 2018 big joe. It looks to be in fine shape other than the fact it's no longer adhered. Is it possible to re-adhere it or do I need to do a full replacement? If I gotta replace it, where can I get these in Canada? The only online vendors I've found are in the US.
  2. Yeah, now that I looked in daylight it seems like a simple adjustment. Think I can handle this one
  3. After a high heat pizza cook the other day, I noticed I couldn't get my (2018) BJ to latch. I found the latch "tab" on the lid was misaligned with with the latch on the bottom portion, but I COULD get it to latch if I pressed a bit to the right at the same time as pressing down, to correct the alignment. Anyone seen this? I haven't done any band adjustments since I got my Big Joe ~6 months ago. I also haven't looked too carefully at the band system on my grill since it was dark when I discovered this but I'm hoping I can correct the alignment by loosening the bands, rotating the latch to correct alignment, then tightening back up.
  4. So I ran a test today and followed some of the advice from here: 1) used smaller pieces 2) lit the lump starting at the bottom, then layered on more lump, lit, more lump, then lit one last time in a few places around the top. 3) kept the deflectors and pizza stone off until I hit 500F, then set them up on the grates per John S. I hit 800F and the temp was still going up darn quick when I snuffed it out. Time between starting to light and hitting 800F was about 1.25hrs. I'm pretty happy with that!
  5. Thanks John, this was my first pizza. I'm an inexperienced pizza maker AND inexperienced griller! I have a chronic tendency to try and sprint before I can crawl, and it's a real problem That said the pizza came out pretty well despite the low temp. Not as much leoparding as desired but tasted pretty good for a first try.
  6. Thanks John, this is great info. I knew high heat had risks for cracking the firebox but didn't know it impacted other stuff. To be honest I'd assumed it was ok given your pizza video, might be worth adding a note to it? I haven't really looked closely yet at how the bands work - If I choose to use my BJ for high heat and my bands go loose, is there a limit to how much I can tighten them before they're just permanently loose? Are they replaceable at a reasonable cost? Are we talking like only 10 cooks before they're headed for the dustbin or more like 100? Just trying to get an idea of the scale of the risk.
  7. Ok I'll shut the lid earlier next time for sure - there still looked like loads of fuel when I closed it though. Sorry for my ignorance but how does leaving it open so long explain smoke leaking out when I shut it and the smoke blackening the outside of the grill?
  8. Thanks that sounds like something to try. How do you light from the bottom? I have an electric starter I could pile charcoal on top of. To answer your question, no there's lots of fuel still left - I loaded the firebox pretty high. It didn't seem like it was going out just that the temp was leveled off for more than 10 minutes. Dunno if it is everywhere but lump is expensive here and I could see the dollars roaring out my exhaust so I shrugged and threw my pizza on.
  9. I read somewhere that to get good high heat cooks you should leave the lid open for a good while for maximum airflow, so that's what I did. You think I should go lid closed, vents full open more or less right away?
  10. Just to clarify, you're suggesting I could close the top vent a bit to trap the heat... It would ultimately make temps go down but maybe I'd get a short spike from the heat trap - long enough to cook pizzas? Interesting idea. Has anyone else besides John done 900F pizza cooks? Anyone done it on a Big Joe? Am I seeking the impossible?
  11. Understood, and I've done direct heat cooking where I've seen 600-700 pretty quickly - I know my grill can do that. I was just comparing my charcoal fill level to what you had there. How high should I fill my charcoal when doing pizza cooks, and how long do you estimate it takes to get to 8-900F with the pizza setup? Also, check out this new band of dirt/soot that just formed around the outside of my grill where the smoke was pouring out. Is this normal? Any kind of a clue?
  12. I just saw this video: I had my charcoal filled well above the air-hole level... probably another 4 or more inches higher than John has there
  13. Hmm, don't think so. I opened a fresh bag that I just bought.
  14. You mean now that I'm done or before I started? Before I started I cleaned out all the ash and even removed the tray to maximize airflow.
  15. Hi John! I mean I had it pretty full. At least up to the level the heat deflectors would normally sit at in the lower position. What's a good fill line for a cook like this?
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