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  1. Hey All, I’ve been researching smokers as I am looking to “graduate” from my MES. I purchased the MES back around 2011 and I love it, but getting bored with the consistent results (weird to make that complaint). I purchased a newer bullet or vertical style water smoker built by Char Broil, but decided its not working for me. Not well insulated and burns too much, too hot. The thin metal body had me concerned with the cold Michigan winter just around the corner. This experience turned me off to the vertical style (although I’m certain the WSM quality is far superior to the product I purchased) and I turned my research elsewhere. I was very close to purchasing an used Weber Kettle and getting the “sear” device from Amazon, but really was concerned that may have been a bit difficult to enter into the charcoal world. Then I came across the AKORN. Watched a ton of you tube videos and decided this would be my next smoker. I will keep my MES on standby, but look forward to testing my ability with the AKORN. I’ve spent the last few days just pouring through this website and taking in as much as possible...and I pulled the trigger! Just placed my order for the gray AKORN with the prep table from Home Depot. I look to produce my first smoke on next Saturday, just in time for the Wolverines game. I would like to thank all who take time to post in the forum and help along newbies like myslef. I already feel as though I could jump right into this just from the knowledge I’ve absorbed from this site. Happy Smokin’
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