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  1. That looks outstanding. The pre-cooked meat looks fantastic (nice marbling). The finished product looks just as good. I haven't had a steak in a bit and I am craving one now.
  2. Are you looking at any add on accessories? That may change things up. Been happy with my Classic Joe.
  3. I have gotten to the point where I will only use one (small chunk) of peach or pecan with chicken. Any more is too much smoke. The last several times I have done thighs or a whole chicken, I have not used wood chunks at all. The smoke from my rockwood charcoal has been plenty.
  4. I do the same - wood on and metal off. I do stretch the dough on the counter - flour and a little corn meal on wooden peel then add toppings. The key for me is to quickly get the pizza made and peel in my hand - I keep quickly shaking the peel back and forth so the pizza is sliding an inch or so back and forth. I continue this while walking to grill then keeping the same side to side motion going I start to lean towards the grill to slide off. Once the dough touches the back of the peel, it should pull right off. I have found if I let the pizza sit for more than a couple of minutes on a wood peel without moving - it is likely to stick.
  5. I can't wait to see the finished product on this (off the grill). They look exceptional.
  6. Cherry is good to have around - I think it gives chicken a nice flavor and color - good with Beef too. Pecan is my favorite. It tastes just like hickory but a little more mild. I also like the flavor of Apple on pork and ribs. Peach is my favorite for all things pork - but not a wood webber sells. Mesquite is too much harsh smoke for me, even in the smallest amounts.
  7. If I were only going to have one - and give up everything else - I would go with the big joe. Then maybe add a weber q for a quick hot dog or burger. I just couldn't bring myself to getting rid of the big wsm - You can really load that thing down - almost double the capacity of even the big joe for smoking.
  8. That is my kind of feast! Looks awesome. Happy 9th Bella! (I have two 9 year olds myself). I hope you all had a great day!
  9. I had this same problem myself. Had the 22" WSM and a 22" kettle. I ended up going with the Classic, as I usually cook several times a week for my family of four. It has worked out perfect. There have been a few (very few) occasions where I wish i had the larger one. I did keep my WSM for this reason. A few times a year I will cook 6 or so pork butts for a work party, or a full packer brisket. But from my understanding the classic is much more efficient at warm up time and conserving charcoal. I am pleased with my purchase and making it my primary grill, and also glad I kept the big WSM for large cooks. I plan on using my weber performer kettle as my campground grill this season - it has not been opened since I got my KJ classic in May.
  10. One thing to watch out for when filling it up to the bottom too far past the vent holes in the firebox, is that often times little bits of charcoal will fill in those holes restricting air flow. In terms of the rotisserie, I've tried all ways - even have a divider for ash basket - and set it up so that only the back third is full. However, I have found the best is just bank it up towards the back, but still cook over some coals, but the bulk of the heat is coming from the backside.
  11. Got a kj soapstone for Christmas (from myself). Was going to do some salmon first. However, I was gifted some prime dry aged strips from my dad. Now I want sous vide those and sear on soapstone. Can I use the soapstone in the lower position, or will it get too hot?
  12. I make my own most of the time - but I love the meat church rubs. I haven't tried the ones posted above, but the BBQ rubs. Holy Cow is the best commercial beef rub I have found, I also like the honey/Bacon rub on ribs.
  13. I use mine without the grate, and have had no issues - even on longer cooks (12 + hours). I have not gone much past that - with a pork butt I rarely need to, but a brisket I do on occasion. However, I have not done a full packer on the KY (not sure it even fit the classic) - I do those on my 22" WSM. I have found with the more open air flow of the KAB - I can raise temps much easier - Temps lower about the same either way.
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