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  1. grill seeker

    Deflector plates

    I use a drip pan on the accessory rack just under the grate at top position for cooks that I know are going to have quite a bit of grease dripping (pork butts, load of chicken thighs.....). I use a 14 in deep dish pizza pan, and wrap in foil so I don't really have to clean.
  2. grill seeker

    Cast Iron or Stainless?

    This is my next Joe purchase.
  3. grill seeker

    mini kamado

    I'm in the same situation. Have a nice camper, and looking for kamado. Looking at the Akorn Jr, just for portability. However, If we hit the campground lottery here and get a nice seasonal site - I'll likely take the weber kettle peformer 22in, an 14" WSM.
  4. grill seeker

    First Brisket

    Butcher paper definitely will make a better bark. Sealed foil basically steams the bark and makes it soft.
  5. grill seeker

    Mayo Sear FTW!

    We were out of butter while on vacation, and the kids wanted a grilled cheese. I had heard you could use mayo instead. It was one of the better grilled cheeses I have made - perfect toasting of the bread. I'll have to try it on a steak now - looks great.
  6. Right at about an hour here, if I watch it close.
  7. Sounds like I need to open a restaurant in the UK. The food looks great - I guess I'm just blessed to have 5 or 6 bbq joints within a 10 minute drive from me. Looking at the menu though, I would be tempted to try the picahna steak. I've cooked several, but never seen it on a menu.
  8. grill seeker

    My 1st Rib Competition - The 'Cue & Brew Way

    I was thinking the same thing. There are about 6 of us in my small neighborhood that cook outside regularly, and I know we each have a couple friends that will join in. I may try to throw something like this together.
  9. I just bought the adjustable charcoal divider for Kick Ash Basket - I am excited to use it with the joetisserie.
  10. I was tired of the same dry turkey at my wife's family thanksgiving - so I offered to cook the turkey. (Aunt J - if you are reading this, your turkey is wonderful, and I really just wanted to give you a much needed rest from making this..... My question has to do with I don't think I will have enough space on the KJ for what I need. Have a classic 2. Will be cooking for 17 or so (several young kids). I was thinking a 12 pound bird, and 7 or 8 pound breast. John S. thanks for the great thread on Turkey - taking size rec's from that. I do have a source from a local farm that will have an option for a fresh bird, picked up on Tuesday before thanksgiving. I will be cooking saturday so plenty of time for brine. Not sure if the breast will be fresh or frozen, but I know whole birds will be. I don't think both of these will fit on KJ. I also have available a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker of various sizes, and traditional oven. I actually don't plan on adding any or much smoke wood - I have been pleased with slow roasting on charcoal and that level of smoke. What would be the best way to go about this. Whole bird on KJ, breast in oven. One on KJ one on weber? (which one). 2 different prep styles (herb/cajun).... I should have kept my mouth shut, but also excited and don't want to screw it up. Any suggestions aside from getting the big joe.
  11. Wood chunks are your friend. I like about baseball size. There will still be left over chunks (and I only use a few) after the cook.
  12. grill seeker

    Boston Butt question

    I would like to see some pics of this opened up, and what it is going on with this/these cuts.
  13. grill seeker

    Trying to UP my Mac & Cheese

    Also, My wife about beat me when I put our Le creuset dutch oven on the grill. She bought me a lodge for the grill. I don't have a cast iron casserole dish though - I didn't even know le Creuset made one. Now I have something else to add to my "need" list.
  14. grill seeker

    Trying to UP my Mac & Cheese

    I've been working on mine too. I always try to start with a good bechamel, before adding cheeses to help with the melting process. A good chrorizo is a great way to spice up a mac and cheese. Are you putting fresh mozzarella chunks on that?
  15. grill seeker

    How to Cook a Boston Butt

    21 lbs. Is most definitely two - and two pretty good size butts at that. I cooked a large whole shoulder this summer (picnic + Butt), and I think it was only 18 lbs. It was one of my better cooks. I would vacuum seal, if you can, the other one and freeze. They take forever to thaw out though.