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  1. I was so impressed with the FOGO premium cook today that I ordered another bag while it is still on sale.
  2. Big fan of them all. However, being a dumb American - I'm going to have to get my conversion charts out to follow your recipe!! Lol! Teachers have been telling me since the 80's that we will be going to the metric system soon - but it still hasn' t happened. Wish we would. But we are deep routed in the stubborn american way.
  3. I would like a recipe as well. I've had it before, and it tasted similar to tika masala . I would like to give it try.
  4. I have to say I was really impressed with the fogo - I did a moderate smoke (ribs) on a half a basket just to see how long the burn would be. It used about half over about 5 hours (1/4 basket). What was burned left clean white ash and very little. It may be my new go to. I'll still keep a bag of cowboy on hand for high temp burn offs.
  5. Not a fan of cowboy either. Rockwood is usually my go to, I also like KJ XL - some of the lump needs to be broken up. I have a bag of FOGO super premium that I am testing out tomorrow on some chicken and ribs.
  6. LOL. My high school smoking club did not involve a grill - although we often got hungry and could have put it to use. Kidding, of course.
  7. Is your grill covered? I know when I have left mine uncovered (waiting to cool down) and it took a heavy rain, or if it has been extremely humid it seems the ceramic will absorb some degree of water. I have done a high heat cleaning and seen the ceramic actually sweat - beads of water forming. Also, If I do several greasy long cooks, the crud starts to build up. Again a high heat burn off/cleaning cures that as well.
  8. Same here. There are some impressive set ups here. My home set up consists of a KJ classic 2 sitting on a patio with weeds growing through the cracks with outdated furniture (actually its' not that bad). However, My weekend set up at seasonal campsite consists of a weber performance kettle, 22" and 14.5" Weber Smoky Mountain, small gas grill attached to camper (only used for hot dogs), and now a 36" blackstone griddle. I just don't have any pics.
  9. This looks great. Love cooking fish. I can say that soapstone has been a game-changer for us in terms of cooking fish.
  10. This was my thought too. Thighs are by far my favorite on the grill, and take up much less real estate than a whole chicken.
  11. I am starting back with the last season this week, just to catch me back up. I can't wait! Probably my all time favorite HBO series (well curb is hard to top, and sopranos - so maybe #3)
  12. Looks like the sale has ended, but still going for their regular price of 269, which is less than I paid for the non stainless model.
  13. Depending on how you pat out the burgers, You should be good. I prefer an 80/20 mix for burgers, so putting that many on any grill that size will cause some flare ups. The extended rack will help, but it seems you will be constantly moving burgers around, and likely take as long as doing 2 rounds of 6-8 burgers.
  14. Had collard greens almost weekly growing up in the summer (at least some form of greens). In college I lived next door to a soul food restaurant and had them more than I care to mention. Still crave them, and make a pot a few times a summer. I'll have to make a pot next time I smoke a pork butt.
  15. usually not - however I don't think it will hurt especially if you put them on top of your grates if your worried about them being too close to the fire. When I cook pizzas I get the grill pretty hot with the deflectors on the grate > Spacers > pizza stone - so they can handle some higher temps.
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