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  1. grill seeker

    Grilled Sofrito Swordfish

    Looks amazing!!
  2. grill seeker

    BGE vs Kamado?

    My buddy has a BGE that I have cooked on plenty of times. I actually went out to buy a BGE, but decided to stop by a shop that carried Kamado Joe. They both are excellent at what they do. There were several features that steered me towards the Joe... #1 divide and conquer. I like the solid place setter on the egg - but the split joe gives more flexibility - and you have much different grate settings. The classic 2 hinge is an upgrade, and I like the gasket better on the joe. I would have been happy with either, but pleased with my choice. The post difference as mentioned above has everything to do with an outstanding BGE forum.
  3. grill seeker

    Vegan Brisket And Other Attrocities Against Humanity

    I agree on most. But we had a friend and his wife over for dinner for 4th of july (both vegetarian) - I did a traditional cookout burgers and dogs - made some vegetarian sides and found some vegetarian burgers my butcher (of all people) told me about. Beyond meat/Beyond burger. They were really tasty, of course not as good as my own grind, and the grates had a good layer of beef fat on them. But they were honestly really good. https://beyondmeat.com/products/view/beyond-burger
  4. grill seeker

    Low n slow chicken wings?

    I've had success with an almost reverse sear method with wings. Load them up indirect and smoke for about an hour @250. Take them off lower the grates and crank the heat. Toss the wings in melted butter and oil mix and quick sear for about 1 minute per side to crisp up. Get all that smoky flavor and good crisp skin.
  5. grill seeker

    2 nights 1 day cooking for 4 - hiking

    When I was an active hiker a few years back , I was really into making my own meals and dehydrating. Jambalaya was my go to. Have you ever heard of making moose goo (I see you have tortillas and peanut butter). this is similar but adds masa (corn flower and honey) to give it more calories for weight. http://www.ultralightbackpacker.com/moosegoo.html I miss those days. Had twins 9 years ago, so slowed down quite a bit, but ready to get them involved too. But at a more leisurely pace. There for a while, I was really into ultralight hiking and covering miles. Base gear would be around 11-12 pounds. Now I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. Went from counting ounces, to camping in 34' travel trailer. But it does get the wife and kids outside hiking and having fun in nature (just with the security of the home base).
  6. I may have to go check these out. Was looking for a joe Jr. for the camper, but this price is hard to beat.
  7. grill seeker

    How to Cook a Boston Butt

    After cooking on multiple pits (primarily a WSM), I have found the Kamado Joe stays plenty moist. In fact I think I lose some bark because of the moisture held within the ceramic during cooking. I will foil on my WSM (no water pan, and Ique) @ 160, but The first couple times i followed this on the KJ, I lost a lot of that bark. I let it go without foiling on the KJ with no problems. Ribs are much better on the moist cook of the KJ, and the verdict on brisket is still out. But in terms of bark on a good butt on the KJ, I can't get the flavor or texture I want if I foil.
  8. grill seeker

    How low can you go with low and slow?

    Went over 15 a couple weekends on full load for a butt. Still had some that didn't shake out of kick ash basket. Granted one piece was a log of KJ XL.
  9. grill seeker

    Hurricane Florence

    If you are evacuating, and need a place to go - message me, in Western Ky, and will cook you dinner. Have a 34' camper I can set up in driveway for your family.
  10. grill seeker

    1st Pizza Cook from Dough

    I use these as well, after watching Johns video. I think I went with a larger size. They work fine though, and we have made some great pizzas.
  11. grill seeker

    How do you store your smoking wood?

    I order peach chunks several times a year. I always kept them on a shelf in the garage until I discovered brown recluse spiders love dry wood and cardboard in dark places . I now keep them in a large clear plastic container/lid, w/holes
  12. grill seeker

    Drip pan

    Im going to order this. I use a 14" pizza pan foiled for quicker cooks (chicken thighs), but use a disposable foil baking pan with a 1.5" depth on x-rack for longer cooks (pork butts). They work fine, but i've already spent more on these this summer than one of these. I will still probably wrap in foil for easy clean up.
  13. grill seeker

    Instant pot

    I got one on prime day 2017 for a great deal. I used it a lot initially -I would rather grill in nicer weather, so I used it primarily during winter this past year. Found a couple of great dishes the family loves (chicken adobo and stuffed peppers). But It also makes the best stock, broth, or bone broth going. For that reason alone it is worth its price and space in the cabinets.
  14. grill seeker

    Brisket help

    Yes, trimming the fat cap down helps. But, i've found foiling briskets steams the bark more than crisps it up. I've seen a great improvement in my briskets in going from foil to grill rated butcher paper. I also quit messing around with the points (I don't really do burnt ends) and sticking with just the flats for slicing.
  15. grill seeker

    Lump charcoal

    I have tried quite a few over the years. I liked rockwood...OK... I may have gotten a couple bags that were tossed around as I had quite a bit of crumble. I am on about my 5th bag of Kamado Joe XL and it has been great. Little waste, and easy to break up larger chunks. And it burns clean from the start.