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  1. I haven't read John's book mentioned above, but his youtube channel really helped me get started with kamado cooking. DIdn't really follow the recipes exactly, but different styles and methods of cooking on the kamado are well explained and easy to follow.
  2. I've been using Fogo super premium (gold bag) for the last year or so. I really like it, however, the pieces are ridiculously large. I spend about ten minutes before every cook breaking up pieces. I keep a dull hatchet around to break it up into manageable size chunks. I will check out the RO if I can find it around me.
  3. I also forgot, egg rings are great too. We love our egg "mc"muffins in the morning. But two spatulas are a must as mentioned above. You can make killer omelets by dumping eggs out, adding fillers, and folding over with two spatulas. Not to mention fried rice, you can get the feel of a true hibachi chef.
  4. I recommend going big. I went with the 36" blackstone and glad I did. you can cook on half if you want. I often use one side for cooking and one for staying warm. Some meals take up a bit of space. My families favorite is quesadillas - i need the extra room to cook down peppers and onions, cook the steak or chicken, then have room to assemble and cook the quesadilla. But to your question - I love my long handle scraper when cleaning. There will be a lot of steam and the long handle keeps your hands a little more away from the heat. I currently have a cast iron press I use for smashing burgers. I also use my dome often for melting cheese or quick steaming. I use the squeeze bottles for oil, but found I like a regular water bottle for water, as it dumps out more quick. I also am a big fan of the foil liners for the grease pan.
  5. I like my weber jumbo joe. 18" mini kettle. It is plenty for our needs.
  6. I am loving FOGO right now. I bought a few bags of the super premium a couple weeks ago when they were on sale. Some of the pieces are ridiculously big. But I have a dull hatchet for making good sizes. There was almost no dust in the bag, and it burns clean with very little pure white ash.
  7. I did not do the bottom just top and inside and outside of edge. I was going to use Flax as I do on my cast iron, but I have read that with these the high heat can cause that to flake. I ended up using 4 coats of canoloa (turned up on high), spread it out with a paper towell - I used my heat gloves - wait until it stops smoking (about 10 minutes), then do another coat. After the 4th coat burned off, I turned it off and applied another thin coat. Then the next morning I cooked a couple pounds of bacon, and smash burgers that night. Every time I apply a light coat after cooking. I have also found, there is little need to go much above medium on the blackstone, - unless you are wanting a hard sear - it gets HOT. Some of the best investments I've made is a real long handled griddle scraper, and the grease cup liners are worth every cent.
  8. I would assume it would easily. I think the width is just over 24.5" including the knobs. I am loving mine. I have it seasoned perfectly. Just test this past weekend, I threw a pile of cheese to the side while make quesadillas, and it flipped over like a pancake.
  9. I almost always use it on the lowest setting for indirect - and find I can get as High as temps as I want for indirect. I use a deep dish pizza pan on the x-rack lined in foil for drip pan for most indirect cooks. I can't really see why having the deflectors 2" higher would make much of a difference for indirect. For pizza I usually set it on top of the grate in highest setting and use spacers for pizza stone. I now have the grill extender and will likely put the stone on top of that for next pizza cook.
  10. Have you thought about doing several leg quarters as opposed to whole chicken. I have much better results with leg and thigh quarters as I do a whole chicken, unless I busting out the joetisserie.
  11. three little birds pitch by my doorstep... Singing sweet songs of melody pure and true... Seemed like a good time to throw in some Bob Marley
  12. It took me a while to get my brisket down - I relied to heavily on internal temp and not feel when I first started and about every other one turned out good. I find I would rather do a couple flats than a full packer. Mine still aren't perfect - which is part of the fun - every once in a while I turn out a masterpiece, and still have those that I cube and save for chili.
  13. I play guitar - mainly acoustic flatpicking/bluegrass now, but have been in plenty of bands in the past (and yes a grateful dead cover band in the 90's if my avatar didn't give that away). I also am an avid fisherman. I used to fish tournaments on a regional/state level. Had twins and stopped all together. Sold my 22' ranger and now have an awesome fishing kayak that doesn't get used enough. I also coached swimming for years and I am a national level USA swim official - I will return to coaching very soon as I am nearing retirement from my "real" job. I also enjoy camping with my family. We have a seasonal site in a nice campground in land between the lakes, with a plethora of cooking devices (weber 22" kettle, weber 22" smoker, camper gas grill (for hot dogs), and a 36" blackstone. We have fun and eat well there.
  14. We have a couple organic stores that will sell lacto-fermented full sours like "Bubbies" brand. However, they are never as good as you get from a deli making their own. I tried several times to make at home. All were decent but none perfect. Some were too soft, some had the right "fizz" feeling, but not near sour enough for me - and some were complete failures - maybe I gave up too easy. But I, too, would like to know a good place to order where shipping is not overwhelming. I will keep searching in the meantime - hopefully something will turn up.
  15. Good homemade head cheese is hard to beat. I've tried the store bought stuff a few times, and never cared for it. But my neighbor made a batch a year or so, and it was one of my favorite things to snack on.
  16. A small one isn't quite enough, I ended up using large filled an inch from the top will cover the bottom grate for a high heat cook.
  17. I am a big fan of my Weber Jumbo Joe. I had a smokey joe but it was too small. The Jumbo Joe is just as portable, but much more versatile - its big enough to do indirect cooks if needed, where the smaller one was not.
  18. I was so impressed with the FOGO premium cook today that I ordered another bag while it is still on sale.
  19. Big fan of them all. However, being a dumb American - I'm going to have to get my conversion charts out to follow your recipe!! Lol! Teachers have been telling me since the 80's that we will be going to the metric system soon - but it still hasn' t happened. Wish we would. But we are deep routed in the stubborn american way.
  20. I would like a recipe as well. I've had it before, and it tasted similar to tika masala . I would like to give it try.
  21. I have to say I was really impressed with the fogo - I did a moderate smoke (ribs) on a half a basket just to see how long the burn would be. It used about half over about 5 hours (1/4 basket). What was burned left clean white ash and very little. It may be my new go to. I'll still keep a bag of cowboy on hand for high temp burn offs.
  22. Not a fan of cowboy either. Rockwood is usually my go to, I also like KJ XL - some of the lump needs to be broken up. I have a bag of FOGO super premium that I am testing out tomorrow on some chicken and ribs.
  23. LOL. My high school smoking club did not involve a grill - although we often got hungry and could have put it to use. Kidding, of course.
  24. Is your grill covered? I know when I have left mine uncovered (waiting to cool down) and it took a heavy rain, or if it has been extremely humid it seems the ceramic will absorb some degree of water. I have done a high heat cleaning and seen the ceramic actually sweat - beads of water forming. Also, If I do several greasy long cooks, the crud starts to build up. Again a high heat burn off/cleaning cures that as well.
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