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  1. Yep, the page has reported discontinued for at least a week now. I was initially looking in to the iKamand mostly because I’m already a gadget nerd and new to Kamado cooking but have been successful with learning the vents, but... gadgets! I started eyeing the FB300 after I saw John actually recommend it to another reader. Alas, no joy. Then a day or so ago I got offered the iKamand at a discount.... I read that Bobby was working on an updated version, but that was before the acquisition... Anyone know if that is still moving forward?
  2. Hi, Hopefully I am not breaking any rules by posting this info, but this was the pricing quoted elsewhere for the Costco Roadshows: Roadshow prices $1499 BIG JOE $969 Classic 2 $399 Joe Jr Extras / Grill covers included Costco reward incentive LUMP 30 lb $21.99 BJ JOETISSERES $219.99 Classic JOETISSERES $184.99 When I saw those prices I scoured Costco’s special events page just *hoping* I could find a show anywhere within 100 miles of me! Nothing! Apparently out west the only shows are Traeger. Vegas needs some lovin’! I would be all over that lump like stink on a monkey! Good luck at your show!
  3. Hi, When I put mine together, the pieces did not fit perfectly snug, and I don’t believe they should. The reason for the looser fit is to allow the ceramic pieces to expand and contract under heat load without cracking. My my biggest struggle was getting the ring snuggly down on top of all 6 pieces. Using the holes to pull up a plate and adjust positions individually was a bit of a pain. I followed the advice of another poster here and used rags to help hold the plates in position. Hope that helps, and I am sure others will also offer their tips and tricks soon!
  4. Hello! I should soon be getting a JoeTisserie for my new Big Joe, and would love to roast peppers and turn all sorts of things! This naturally led me to look into baskets that can be used on the JoeTisserie in a Big Joe, however the overwhelming number of options leads me right back here to ask your advice... What (specific) baskets would you recommend in both a tumbler (round) and a flat basket? Definitely looking for options that use the internal space of the Big Joe well. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I’m new to all of this as well, but reading this thread it really does seem that your dome temp is off. Any chance that the probe was touching the metal you boiled water in for the calibration? Does a recalibration with the probe (dome thermometer) suspended in the boiling water still reach 212? Last question, did you account for your altitude when you calibrated it? These are just places I would troubleshoot next if I were experiencing what you are...
  6. Thank you both for your replies! I was initially thinking of using some high heat caulk designed for smokers and BBQ’s to try and seal those tears, like this stuff: https://www.amazon.com/LavaLock-grade-adhesive-smoker-Silicon/dp/B01LRNK6K2 any thoughts on using something like this? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. Hello! I just received a new Kamado Joe Big Joe II and noticed that the gasket was damaged. I opened a case with Kamado Joe and they are sending a replacement kit as well as a firebox panel (corner was chipped from one of the panels) I have attached a picture of the gasket damage, and I have two questions. Is it safe to use in that condition until the new gasket gets here? And I also noticed that there is a very nice felt lining that goes up under the band to which the gaskets are actually adhered. Will this lining be ruined by removing and replacing the gasket?
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