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  1. Two more cooks under my belt and half a dozen more lessons learned. Brisket started out alright but lost temp overnight. Overcorrected in the morning before settling in. Topped out at 192F during a 16 hour cook. My photos are getting an error message but you guys have seen brisket before right?
  2. Awesome, this all is super helpful. I'll report back on how the weekend goes!
  3. Thanks for the tip. I think this gets to the problem. What would you say a "full firebox" is exactly? Covering the bottom of the grill completely with 1-2" of lump? I think my chimney provides slightly less then that but I like that it lights up well/completely. I've had trouble judging the ready-ness of briquettes that are just piled up. I'll search around for a "charcoal lighting for dummies" or something. Thanks!
  4. I got in on this Sam's Club Vision B Series blowout for my first kamado. Dove right in with some chicken wings and I couldn't get the temp up over 250F. I think I didn't use enough lump charcoal, didn't let it full ash over in the chimney, and put the food on too early. Second time tried a porketta roast and went too far the other way and couldn't get it below 300F. Both meals were salvageable and it was fun being able to impart some hardwood smoke into the flavor as well. Picked up a remote thermometer and stone deflector to start upping my game. This weekend I'm going to try a full slab of brisket overnight and a chicken wing party for Sunday football. I'm sure everything will go perfect, right?
  5. Well, if you spent 400, like me, hurry into Sam's with your receipt. I got the $350 price!
  6. Bummer, thought I had a "hot" deal. Oh well, happy with what I got for the money after the first two meals Now time to find the right deflector and thermometer!
  7. $499 on the website seemed like a good price. In store had an additional "end of season" discount of $100. My Sam's had 7 left. St. Paul, MN area.
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