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  1. Funny, I use this exact setup in my classic for 2 zone cooking! I maintain dome temp between 210-260F and the soapstone between 450-500F. I like to reverse sear steaks by bringing then to temp slowly on the cool indirect side while the stone comes to temp, then searing them on the hot stone. I also have the kick ash basket with solid divider. On the empty side I build a small hot fire with coals from the fire side. I place one wood chunk on the coals and get a fantastic clean smoke. I simply remove the chunk when I have enough smoke flavour.
  2. I recently purchased a second soapstone. This allows me to smoke on one kamado and keep the Joe with 2 soapstones for searing. Also great for a simple flat top style cookup. The 2 stones get up to 400-500F with vents in a low n slow position and use so little fuel it's astonishing - I believe the heat absorbed by the stones help maintain heat in the Joe. 20190602_095619.mp4
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