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  1. Sent you a message this morning.
  2. Well I don't think it was from the carrier. The scratches and ding were covered by Styrofoam and that was still intact, not damaged.
  3. I am not one to complain but just received my Big Joe DoJoe and as soon as I open the box I see a pretty big gauge taken out the aluminum and also some scratches. I know the DoJoe will still perform fine but what about the metal being exposed long term? Would you just live with it or something to be concerned about?
  4. I said Fresh Market but it was Whole Foods I have heard was good.
  5. Sorry for another DoJoe thread but didn't want to take over someone elses. I have the Big Joe DoJoe coming in tomorrow, thanks to the Atlanta Grill Company sale, and while I don't have enough time to make fresh dough for my first cook. Is there any recommended dough I can just buy? I have heard Fresh Market has good dough to use, any suggestions? Thanks!!
  6. John any plans to try the SLoROLLER in the Joe 2 to let us know if we can achieve the same results? I know on the website they say it will fit but it's specifically made for the 3 and the results may vary. You have the means, help us out.
  7. Kntputt basically my setup, just don't have the classic, but I do have the Weber Summit!
  8. kortus3 - How did you get it so cheap?
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