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  1. lunchman


    Excellent looking cook. Must be nice having the option of a rotisserie.
  2. Very nice cook. A great looking meal and dessert!
  3. Sunday Dinner on the Goldens' Cast Iron The menu: Grilled Chicken Breasts Roasted Dynamic Duo Little Potatoes Roast Cauliflower with Balsamic Just a typical Sunday dinner for me and Mrs lunchman. The chicken breasts were seasoned with EVOO, pepper and PlowBoys Bovine Bold. The little potatoes are seasoned with EVOO, S&P and Herbs de Provence. Cauliflower was roasted in the oven with EVOO, pepper and Fiore Olive Oil 18 yr. old Balsamic. The chicken and potatoes out on the Goldens'. Breasts are over the cooler coals, turned about every 10 minutes. Total grill time was around 45-50 minutes - Cauliflower just about ready - Chicken breasts are nearly done - And plated with sour cream for the potatoes - Yep, still rockin' that Wachusett Green Monsta Ale for continued good luck to the Red Sox in the World Series! I had not intended to cook this for the challenge thread but since it's a chicken cook in October on the Goldens', I may as well do so. Thanks for checking out Sunday dinner! Regards, -lunchman
  4. lunchman

    Hello from New England

    Welcome from Leominster MA
  5. lunchman

    Problems with R.O. Briquettes

    Briquettes in a Kamado result in far too much ash. As @Walrus has suggested, use lump. Check out the NakedWhiz website for all sorts of lump comparisons, but for the most part you'll be limited by what's available in your local area. For me, that would be Royal Oak lump at Walmart. Occasionally I've used Cowboy, its reputation in the past wasn't stellar but I've found it's gotten better recently. I don't recall what my Lowe's normally carries, the brands are somewhat hit or miss. For lighting, I use FireStarters by Rutland. I cut two in half, place them in four spots in my pile and I'm usually ready to grill in 20 - 30 minutes or so. You can still use your Weber chimney starter and fill it with either briquettes or lump. I've used both methods, it all depends on whether I want to fire up the chimney starter on another grill. I do use Royal Oak briquettes in the Weber as they've been reasonably priced at Lowe's. -lunchman
  6. lunchman

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    Years ago when I began acquiring cast iron for the grills, I followed instructions that were in vogue at the time re: flaxseed oil applied a minimum of three times for initial seasoning. The results were okay, but not spectacular. My CI pans (almost all Lodge) were not as slick as I would have hoped, even after years of use. I'm sure the web article is still out there. About two years ago I stumbled onto Kent Rollins' seasoning methods and have had much better success. He's recently started advocating flaxseed oil as well for initial seasoning, but the key to my success which he recommended was EVOO after each use on a warm pan. My Lodge 12" skillet is used 3 or 4 times per week and is now quite slick. It's my go to pan for fried eggs which were once an exercise in frustration with this pan. The amount of use and continued build up of seasoning over the past year or two with this pan have helped immensely. I did use his method of using one of my sanders on my Lodge pizza pan which gets infrequent use but had developed a sticky, gummy finish. I reseasoned with EVOO as I no longer had flaxseed available. The pan is much slicker and a lot easier to use. I did the reseasoning out on one of the grills as I'm not overly fond of the smell when done in the oven. As a hint taken from that initial flaxseed seasoning article, place the pan upside down in the oven or on the grill. If your seasoning is a bit too thick, it won't pool and get gummy. If using the oven place a tray on the lower rack beneath the pan. About the only thing I disagree with Kent Rollins on is his insistence not to use paper towels to wipe the seasoning on. I don't want to keep a dedicated (read: oily) cotton towel around for seasoning and find there's no problem using paper towels. Bottom line: time and continued use of cast iron helps immensely. I'm still working on CI I use infrequently, but it's getting there. -Dom
  7. lunchman

    "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    Check out some of Cowboy Kent Rollins vids on YouTube for reviews of a few of the brands mentioned in this thread.
  8. lunchman

    Greetings from New England

    Thanks, lived in Lowell many, many years ago (Lowell Tech alumni). Now I'm out in Leominster.
  9. lunchman

    Chicken Shawarma and Naan Bread

    Thanks for the kind words, all. https://www.recipetineats.com/chicken-sharwama-middle-eastern/ For anyone wondering what recipe I use for my Chicken Shawarma, the link is above (hopefully the link works in this post). I searched through a good number of recipes and liked this one the best. I've made this dozens of times, always turns out great. -Dom
  10. lunchman

    My 1st Rib Competition - The 'Cue & Brew Way

    Looks like a fun time was had, nice job on the video. Food and beer looked great too. Always good to see someone else using a Big Steel Keg.
  11. Chicken Shawarma and Homemade Naan Bread I love this recipe, it's a lot of fun to make, always has a great taste and can be treated like Tacos, served with pretty much any toppings you'd like. I usually make this on the Goldens' and the Bubba Keg, but since this will serve as my entry into the October Chicken challenge, this is the first time I'm using the Weber and the Bubba Keg. The marinade ingredients - which all ends up looking like this (I do thin it out a bit with the addition of a little water) - The chicken parts preferred for Shawarma are skinless, boneless thighs. The higher fat content of thighs keeps the chicken moist during the cook. Breasts could be used, but I think the chicken might wind up a bit drier than you'd like so thighs are highly recommended. You can marinate the chicken in a ZipLok bag or as I prefer in a glass dish. I brush the marinade onto the chicken, no sense wasting a plastic bag - I let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to marinate. In the meantime I prepare the dough for the Naan bread. This is a Yogurt based dough, very sticky but it grills up nicely. After a few hours of proofing it looks like this, it's risen quite a bit from when it was mixed in the bowl - And makes eight pieces - Let's get to grilling. The Weber set up for indirect with the Slow N Sear, the chicken thighs are placed on the indirect side - The Naan dough balls have risen a bit after sitting on the mat under a tea towel - The chicken is looking quite good after about a half hour, total grilling time was around 45-50 minutes - The Naan bread is grilled on the Lodge cast iron pizza pan on the Bubba Keg. I add some butter to the pizza pan to get the bread to grill nicely - Thighs after a rest and cut into smaller pieces for serving - The recipe normally calls for a Yogurt based sauce with Cumin, Lemon, Minced Garlic, Salt and Pepper. Mrs lunchman prefers a Sour Cream based sauce so that's what I use instead of Yogurt. Getting ready to make a sandwich with the fixins (tomato, cukes, olives, sauce, shredded lettuce). The local Wachusett Green Monstah beer will hopefully help the Red Sox throughout the remainder of the playoffs! A Shawarma sandwich served on the Naan bread - This last pic will serve as the entry pic in this month's challenge. Thanks for checking out tonight's dinner! Regards, -lunchman
  12. lunchman

    Meatloaf and Mac N Cheese

    No idea why they don't in this forum. I cut and pasted the thread here from the brethren forum where they work just fine. For the time being I suppose you could just copy and paste into a browser. -Dom
  13. lunchman

    Trying to UP my Mac & Cheese

    What are you doing differently that you weren't doing before? Change in recipe? Looks good, btw.
  14. Some mid-week comfort food, what better than Smoked Meatloaf and Mac N Cheese? The Meatloaf recipe is from the ThermoWorks website. https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/smoked-meatloaf-for-the-tailgate/ The Mac N Cheese recipe is the one I've used for many years, has always been a hit with family and friends. http://smoke-n-brew.blogspot.com/2009/10/mac-n-cheese.html Keep in mind I never follow recipes exactly, so the Meatloaf today consisted of a Ground Turkey, Ground Pork, Ground Beef mixture. All were pretty lean, I should have used a fattier ground beef but it is what it is. I won't bore you with mixing details but I do use the Potato Chips as an ingredient. And rather than put the Chilis in Adobo sauce in the glaze I add some to the meat mixture to give it a bit of a kick. The Meatloaf out on the Weber Kettle indirect (yep, those are the potato chips which I should probably crush a bit finer but in the end it really doesn't matter) - After about an hour, grill temps were running about 300 a bit higher than I would have liked, but it still worked fine - And after a glaze was applied (Sweet Baby Ray's, honey, Adobo sauce), allowing it to smoke for a bit more time - Meanwhile I was preparing the Mac N Cheese in the Lodge Dutch oven. I always vary the cheeses, all depends on how I feel at the market. Today's cheeses were Sharp Cheddar, Yellow Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Gouda. The Goldens' was last used with the divider plate so the Dutch oven is on the indirect side with the grill running around 350. Just placed out on the grill, it looks very white from the layer of Parmesan on the top (not sure if the phone had triggered the flash) - Meatloaf taking a rest - Mac N Cheese taking on some color - The slices look pretty dense and there isn't much juice due to the lean cuts of ground meat, but there is a bit of a smoke ring - When I was reviewing a Weber Kettle Meatloaf recipe, one thing they do at the Weber Kettle restaurants is place the slices back on the grill with the glaze. Great idea, that will add some moisture and more importantly, some visual appeal. Since the Weber was already shut down and cooling, I used the hot side on the Goldens' - Much better! Plated with the Mac N Cheese and a Sweet Potato - There's plenty left over for sandwiches for the next few days. Thanks for checking out tonight's dinner! Regards, -lunchman
  15. lunchman

    Greek / Italian Fusion Catch of the Day

    Excellent job, great photography, looks delicious. A winner for sure. It's fun being able to replicate a dish you like from a good restaurant (though nowadays Mrs lunchman prefers anything I make to most restaurants). I'm sure that's true of most folks posting on this forum.