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  1. lunchman

    mini kamado

    Goldens does make a 14" mini cooker, solves the "not ceramic" issue, but at over 100 lbs it's not lightweight. There were some recent postings in other forums on a Humphreys BBQ Sear Station which might fit your needs. It's not a Kamado, but is lightweight at 30 lbs. Check out their website. Other than that, one of the portable Weber grills would be worth looking into, either a Smokey Joe or a Go Anywhere.
  2. Prime rib is on the Christmas menu. I was deciding between that and trying my hand at Beef Wellington, prime rib won out. More than likely it'll be cooked on the Goldens'.
  3. lunchman

    What tongs do you use?

    I'm a fan of the GrillPro tongs as well, have had them for years. The only negative is the silicone grip falls apart, but no worry. I replaced it with custom wood handles I made: I like these since they lock closed. The locking mechanism is all metal. I had a similar set of three tongs with plastic locking mechanisms. A drop on the ground in winter weather broke one pair, won't stay closed. The others won't stay closed either. They're relegated to kitchen duty. Tong styles I dislike are those that are a U shaped bend of metal that you need to hold closed when grabbing food. Too often I've lost my grip and dropped the food I was grabbing off the grill. And finally, for burgers and items like fish, these are by far my favorite tongs/spatula combo. Keep 'em closed to use as a spatula, open 'em to grab the burger on top and bottom. I've had these for years and they're still looking and functioning like new. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Onward-Grill-Pro-40240-16-Stainless-Steel-Turner-Tongs/21903477 -Dom
  4. lunchman

    Grill Fried Hot Wings

    Excellent job, those look quite crispy.
  5. lunchman

    Cooking for 40 for a 40th.....

    Nice job, looking good. Great color on the birds. I'm sure your guests will enjoy it all.
  6. lunchman

    Cooking for 40 for a 40th.....

    Lookin' good! You've probably already purchased the chicken for that part of the cook, but I'd highly recommend boneless, skinless chicken thighs. They'll cook up juicy due to the extra fat content in the dark meat. And I know these are for tacos, but check out my Chicken Shawarma post in this section. They'd do great for tacos and you can put a ton of thighs on your grill. Since they're boneless and skinless, they'll be easy to cut. Your guests will be amazed at the flavor. Have fun with the rest of the cook! Regards, -lunchman
  7. lunchman

    Smokin Stone caught Fire

    For future cooks, cover the stone with aluminum foil which will make cleanup easier.
  8. lunchman

    "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    At Kaufmann-Mercantile.com, Finex cookware is 25% off today with code "karma.
  9. Nope, no problems at all with temps holding around 320-340 through most of the cook. My concern that day were the ambient temps, which here in Massachusetts were in the mid-teens all day. I've grilled in colder weather so I wasn't overly concerned since it was just my wife and me. I had every intention of cooking the bird whole, but with the temps where they were, decided it would be done quicker and more evenly if spatchcocked. BTW, yours looks quite good, nice color. I opted not to smear the turkey skin with butter, went with a spray of EVOO to get the S&G to adhere. I like that look of the sage leaves under the skin, something I'll have to try at some point. The only ingredient I left out of the S&G rub was the bay leaf. I chopped the leaves as small as possible, couldn't get them fine enough and didn't want bits of hard bay leaf on the skin. I was using a mortar and pestle for the rest of the ingredients and wasn't in the mood to break out the food processor. -Dom
  10. I also used Meathead's suggestions and for the first time used the Simon & Garfunkel rub. My issue was I looked through my stash of disposable pans, decided I needed something a tad bigger and bought a good sized turkey pan (larger width and length, but also height). Problem was I forgot that the legs on the Goldens' grates aren't that tall (3" or so), which limits the height of the pan on the sear plate. The pan I bought caused the grates to sit on top of it and not on the fire ring, so back to square one with a shorter, smaller pan. Had I been using the Bubba Keg with the BGE platesetter, the taller pan would have fit. So it goes. Giblets, neck, backbone, veggies all went into the pan with some chicken stock. I almost ran it dry during the cook even though the pan was sitting on some tiles to keep it off the cast iron deflector. Gravy still turned out perfect. Some pics. Realized I had already taken the pan inside to start on the gravy, replacing it with aluminum foil to keep the deflector clean - Finished results - Absolutely the best turkey I've ever grilled. Dry brined, left uncovered in the fridge for 2 days. Skin was incredibly crisp. The Simon and Garfunkel rub was outstanding. I usually use Plowboys or something like it, but those have been upstaged by S&G. -lunchman
  11. lunchman

    Spin Spun Spam

    Normally when I see posts like this, it's an "I've gotta try this!" reaction. This time though, I'll pass. I may have tried Spam at one moment in my life, if I did I can't remember. If I didn't, I'll keep my record intact. Just not one of those "foods" I'm eager to partake of. Looks good though.
  12. lunchman

    Turkey 101

    If this has been posted anywhere else in the forum, my apologies as I didn't find it via search. @John Setzler, it seems your 2015 Kamado Joe turkey prep video has been receiving lots of mentions recently regarding an optical illusion that occurs. This is just one link mentioning it, it's popped up in Google News, reddit, and quite a few other news feeds. Search for "brine optical illusion" and you'll find numerous mentions of it. Here's one: https://mashable.com/article/reddit-spinning-turkey-brine-optical-illusion/#iMoaZJOTdkqC Good video, I did have to watch it a number of times and honestly didn't see the illusion of the turkey skin moving until I watched it again a few minutes ago. Yeah, it is a bit freaky. Congrats on your recent fame! -lunchman
  13. lunchman

    Skillet Rolls

    And the verdict is.... These are quite good!! Thanks for the pointer to the recipe, John! I don't mean to hijack the thread, but here are some pics. Rising - Brushed with melted butter before baking, used two Lodge skillets. One set lightly topped with Sea Salt, the other with Trader Joe's "Everything but the Bagel" (Mrs lunchman won't touch these). Baked and taste tested - Excellent, they'll go quite well with Thanksgiving dinner! As mentioned, these are a Wheat variation. I've found that when adapting a recipe for wheat, the amount of wheat flour should be a third or less of the total amount of flour. Again, thanks for the recipe John! Regards, -Dom
  14. lunchman

    Skillet Rolls

    John, rolls do look good. Go for it, do a test run today, if they turn out fine you're good. If not, go with your backup plan. I thought about making them, bought dinner rolls, then changed my mind and am baking these this morning. A couple of observations from reading through the recipe (maybe John can provide some pointers and tips): Recipe calls for 2 pkgs yeast, 3/4 oz. Yeast pkgs are 1/4 oz., so which is it? 2 pkgs or 3/4 oz? I'm going with the 2 pkgs 6 Tbsp sugar, divided. That's nice, divided how? Based on my baking experience, I used 1 Tbsp for the yeast mixture, then only used 3 Tbsp for the warmed milk mixture (6 seems excessive to me, but I normally cut back on sugar amounts in recipes). As an additional experiment, I'm using 1 1/2 cups of wheat flour, 3 cups all purpose for the total of 4 1/2 cups. We'll see how these turn out, they're proofing at the moment. Baking will be done in the oven in a CI skillet, I'm not in the mood for firing up the Goldens' this morning. -lunchman
  15. lunchman


    Excellent looking cook. Must be nice having the option of a rotisserie.