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  1. I was on a mission to use up what ever was left in the fridge and what would be more perfect than to bake it all into a Quiche. It allows me to make use of the new cornbread knife and pie server from Allegheny Treenware. So what went into this? Spinach Pepperoni Grilled Ham Red Pepper Green Onion Mozzarella 8-9 Eggs No prep pics, but here's the finished product in the LeCreuset Braiser. It made a great Saturday lunch, even if it didn't involve a Kamado and charcoal. Thanks for checking out the "Whatever is in the Fridge" Quiche! The utensils from Allegheny Treenware worked out perfectly!! Regards, -lunchman
  2. What looks like a divot in the picture of the knife - isn't. I had to check to be sure. It's just a natural blemish in the cherry and is perfectly smooth. I'll have to come up with something to make in the pan where the knife gets put to use. Perhaps a quiche, we'll see.
  3. I didn't want to continue the LeCreuset conversation in the Borek cook, so have started this topic. One issue I ran into with using the LeCreuset Braiser when I made the Borek was how to cut it without damaging the enamel interior. I simply did not want to use a metal knife so I resorted to using a plastic pot scraper to cut it and a plastic spatula to serve it. Not ideal and there had to be a better way. I took a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond looking for a non-metal knife. Nothing. Sure, I could use a plastic knife that's used at picnics, but that's kinda tacky. The sales clerk at BB&B said a metal knife and spatula was all she used - that might be fine for her pans, but I'm not risking it in my new Braiser. A week or so ago my Google News feed had an article about a company in West Virginia that specializes in Cherry utensils and is featured on one of the Food Network shows. I visited their website and found exactly what I was looking for. A Cornbread knife and a Cake Server filled the need perfectly. I also ordered a set of long handle measuring spoons to go with the order. The company: http://www.alleghenytreenware.com Allegheny Treenware I'll take some pics of the utensils and post them later today, but I have to say the quality is superb! I don't normally post reviews of products I purchase, but I had to write the owners and let them know how impressed I was with the craftsmanship and heirloom quality of their products (especially as a woodworker myself). I received a heartfelt reply thanking me for my kind email. There might be a few bbq related pieces they sell, but most of their products are for kitchen use. Reasonably priced, excellent quality. I haven't made anything in the LeCreuset pan since receiving the knife and server, but they'll be put to good use very soon. Some pictures. Cornbread knife and pie server - Measuring spoons - Forgot I'd bought this. Spatula - Regards, -Dom
  4. This was one of those impulse buys, I've looked at them for years, never could justify the high price compared to Lodge. The LeCreuset Outlet store in Wrentham MA was having a good sale and added my AAA discount, so the cost was a lot more reasonable. I was actually looking for one of their Moroccan Tagines, which for me would have been a specialty piece and probably used infrequently. The clerk suggested I look at the Braiser. I was sold on the price and versatility. Is it worth the price? I think so. About the only negative is the maximum temp for the handle, which is 375 or so, but I wouldn't bake with it at that high a temp anyway. A replacement SS knob is available. It cleans up easily, didn't need any seasoning due to the enamel interior and from the few times I've used it on the stovetop, heating was very even. I keep looking at other LeCreuset offerings, but I own a lot of cast iron pieces. My wife recently bought me a Lodge enamel Dutch oven which I haven't yet used. At some point, I'll compare the two. The Braiser was one of those pieces that filled a gap in my cooking arsenal and was worth the price to me. At some point I'd love to replace all my saucepans with LeCreuset versions, but that time has yet to arrive.
  5. It's funny, yesterday I was trying to remember what the heck I recently cooked in the Le Creuset Braiser, was coming up blank. Oh yeah, Borek. Must be old age setting in. I'll have to make this again so I don't forget.
  6. Excellent video, burgers look great.
  7. I assume it would if you rolled it and left it in the fridge. The Phyllo will probably absorb any liquids from the meat mixture. Variations on the technique would be placing the Phyllo sheets down in layers and spooning the mixture on top, without rolling. Wouldn't help with the pre making it for the fridge, it's just a variation on the presentation.
  8. That is one heck of a good looking burrito! What a superb job!
  9. A fun Easter Sunday of cooking, some done inside, some done outside on the Goldens'. First, although definitely not bbq but it was an excellent and most photogenic lunch. I'm a huge Chef John fan and one of his recent videos was for a Spring Vegetable Tart. Looked great and easy to make. I was grilling later in the afternoon for Easter Dinner, so why not try something inside for a great looking lunch. As BBQ Pit Boys would say, the Vegomatics would love this. Puffed Pastry filled with an herbal Ricotta mixture as a base, baked in the oven. Shell is done first, then filled with the cheese mixture and baked again. I used Ricotta, other alternatives would be goat cheese, farmer's cheese, etc. Under all these nice looking greens are sauted Baby Bok Choy, Sugar Snap Peas, mushrooms, garlic, red peppers. The greens were piled on top. And like his video, it sure did look pretty - Plated with dressing - OK, enough of the veggie stuff. On to Easter dinner and an entry into a challenge on another forum - A 2 bone Rib Eye roast, aka Prime Rib, all by its lonesome on the cutting board, waiting for a rub to be applied. I used Worcestershire, black pepper and OakRidge BBQ Competition Beef & Pork rub. Out onto the Goldens', indirect with searing plate, grill temp was around 325-350. I pulled it off the grill when the meat temp reached about 127. On the cutting board, nothing but Rib Eye steaks, cooked just the way Mrs lunchman and I like 'em - to perfection. Have to get at least one plated shot into the mix - Thanks for checking out today's Easter Dinner! Regards, -lunchman
  10. And it's first use Friday night was a success. The grill came up to temp much faster than usual and held a much more consistent temp through the entire cook. I haven't pulled out the basket yet, will do so today when I make dinner. I know cleaning out the grill will be a lot easier now. This is a great addition for any Kamado.
  11. An excellent meal and those tri tips are cooked to perfection. Like you say, finding tri tips here in the northeast is difficult to impossible for some reason.
  12. With some of the recent posts about the Kamado Joe charcoal basket vs. the Kick Ash basket, it got me to thinking that a device like that would be a nice accessory for the Goldens'. The firebox, as you know is one piece cast iron. There's not a removable plate in the bottom and sometimes ash cleanup gets to be a bit of a chore. I usually use a small shovel to scoop out the ash and what's left of the lump, and thought a charcoal basket would make this more manageable. I liked the heft of the Kamado Joe basket bottom grid, wasn't keen on it's "handles", but do realize the reason for their design since it's made for the KJ. Instead I went with a well reviewed knock off on amazon of the Kick Ash basket by Onlyfire. It arrived today and the fit is just fine. It's a bit smaller than the firebox diameter which should help with airflow. I haven't fired up the grill today, we'll see how it does over the next few cooks but I suspect it will be perfect. Oh yeah, thanks to the forum on keeping my amazon purchases going. Some pics. Partial load in the firebox - Better view of the basket - Loaded and ready for the next grilling session - -Dom
  13. I couldn't even tell they were there. Chef John's recipe actually calls for currants, which I wasn't about to try and find, he suggests raisins as a substitute. It calls for 2 Tbsps of raisins, which I didn't even measure out, but it was probably around that amount.
  14. I'll make sure to be up!
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