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  1. When you had posted this, I thought "Wow, great idea as I'm tired of laying the tortilla down flat and trying to keep all the ingredients in when picking it up". Of course, searching on amazon yielded a slew of different racks and this was the one I chose - SS taco racks I liked these since there were (a) four of them, (b) they were stainless steel, (c) no sharp edges, (d) can be used in the oven or on the grill and (e) easy to clean. And the price I paid was only $12.99. They'll also allow me to take better pics, a bonus! Thanks for the gentle push to get me to add these to the bbq accessories arsenal.
  2. Looks good. I had to look up the technique, then look back here at you post to see if you had used mud to encase the chicken. Good choice on a dough encasement instead. Sort of like a Beef Wellington, I'd guess. Nice job, always interesting to see different cooking techniques from other cultures adapted to the grill.
  3. Congrats. Great looking Kamado and many years of happy grilling to you. I considered the Blaze and the ash pan configuration turned me off which leaned my decision to the Goldens'. Looking forward to seeing posts on your cooks.
  4. Congrats. As a new Blackstone owner, I've been on an accessory purchasing binge. Rather than buying the official Blackstone spatula set I opted for one from Cuisinart, available at Wal-Mart. Two spatulas, two bottles, egg rings and scraper, cheaper than the Blackstone set. Picked up a dome on Amazon. I also bought the hard cover and the soft cover for my 36 to keep it protected. For cleaning, the Weber grate scrubber (the one with the 3 replaceable pads) does an excellent job. I'm finding that disposable aluminum pans are invaluable. Set 'em right on the griddle and put food into them rather than attempting to transport it into a pan on a side shelf. Yesterday I was on the hunt for a crepe spreader, one of those T shaped dowel tools. Yeah, the bug for trying new things has hit me. None at Target, none at BB&B, none at Wal-Mart. Amazon prices were absurd, and I didn't want to pay the price for the Blackstone set, so I headed into my wood shop and spent all of 15 minutes making my own. I already have an offset spatula for cake decorating so I'm all set for a crepes endeavor this weekend!
  5. Blackstone, for sure (from a new owner). Loving this griddle.
  6. Grill envy. Darn, that Pro Series is nice. I was eyeing it the other day at Walmart when I was shopping for accessories. Definitely no need for another griddle with only two of us in the household. I did get the 36" hard cover for mine, it's a nice addition to have. I was going to fabricate something in wood to keep the soft cover off the griddle and prevent water from pooling, then decided to just go with the official BS cover. I'd had thoughts of buying the Blue Rhino griddle since I liked the folding cover/shelves but took a close look at one in Lowe's yesterday and am glad I bought the Blackstone. It's already being put to good use and amazed my wife at how quickly I was able to prepare lunch yesterday, something that would have required multiple cast iron skillets indoors.
  7. Welcome. I agree with not cutting the fire bowl, it's liable to result in disaster either now or later. Check out my "I rebuilt my Bubba Keg" post here - It was a fun project and my Keg still lives.
  8. lunchman

    BBQ Shed

    Yep! It's a Goldens' Cast Iron cooker, they're built in their foundry in Columbus GA. The "talk about your cookers" section of the forum has a thread on them and my review With regards to the shed, I added some hooks for tool storage to the inside of the doors today. With the new Blackstone I have a bunch of new griddle tools and piling all my tools on the shelves was becoming a problem in disorganization. As an aside, the Blackstone now lives on the other side of the railing from the Kamados, down on the pool deck. There simply wasn't room for it on the deck without rearranging furniture. In the winter I'll probably store it in the garage and wheel it outside onto the driveway when needed. -Dom
  9. I'll definitely agree with you there, @ckreef. I used the BS this morning just to see how well I could manage temps with some fried eggs, toasted English muffins and an omelet. It wasn't too much to juggle, no time for pics though. This evening the griddle got put to good use in the form of fish tacos. Pretty simple, some frozen fish chowder pieces from my local Market Basket, thawed in the fridge. I seasoned them on the griddle with S&P and some Oyster Sauce. Grilled some Julienne carrot strips and some store bought coleslaw. Nothing overly fancy or complicated. My wife asked if this meal would have been possible on the Kamados. Yes, but with a lot of juggling of cast iron and a lot of waiting for grills to come up to temp. So that's a not really. Some pics - Not the most photogenic plated pics, but it tasted pretty darn good and was ready rather quickly. I'll still need to master temperature control, though it's not really that difficult. It's like cooking on a giant cast iron skillet ! -Dom
  10. I read through this entire thread, some awe inspiring cooks for sure and congrats @ICDEDTURKESon the engagement. I know this new toy of mine will be put to good use, I just hope it doesn't put the Kamados on the back burner too often where they're collecting dust. Just kidding, I'm sure that's not gonna happen.
  11. I'll need to spend some time reading through this thread, lots of good info here. Although I wasn't planning on acquiring yet another grill, I went and did it anyway. 36" Blackstone Griddle. Just seasoned it this evening, I'll play around with it tomorrow and start getting used to cooking on it. Initial seasoning turned out pretty decent, if I can get it to look and act like my cast iron cookware I'll be all set. Regards, -lunchman
  12. See the Deals thread. I caved in and ordered a 36 from Dick's. Sigh. Hard to pass up a good deal.
  13. Dick's is running the 20% off online only cyber sale today, July 8th. As much as i stated in the "what's cooking for July 4th thread" that I didn't need a 4th grill, I caved in and ordered a 36" griddle.
  14. So you're all saying "resistance is futile" and a Blackstone is in my future. We'll see how long I can resist the temptation...
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