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  1. Any vacuum sealer suggestions? Was looking on Amazon at the FoodSaver V2244 or the NutriChef. Don't need top of the line but also don't want something that will fall apart..
  2. Appreciate the input. I’ll add a vac sealer to this list!
  3. Hi All, I just received an Insignia 7.0 cubic ft chest freezer from my in-laws (good size for my wife and I) and was curious about a few things. If you have one, how do you go about sorting the different items? I've read online that people like to use different colored reusable grocery bags for various types of meats/veggies/etc. Stackable plastic bins also seem to be very popular online. Just was curious if people on here would have some input. We generally buy our meat from Kroger and tend to take advantage of the BOGO meat deals and other sales they offer quite frequently. My wife shares a Costco membership with her mom but we honestly don't get out there much (way too crowded for me). What places do you all like to shop at for meat? Any tips on buying in bulk (1/3 or 1/4 of a cow). Thanks, Andrew
  4. Not sure why the pictures aren't showing?
  5. Here's a few pictures of the cook from last Saturday. 11 lb pork shoulder that I put on the smoker at 6 am and took off around 6:15 pm. Biggest pork shoulder that I've done so far and it turned out really nice. Used a pork rub from Eli's BBQ (you have to try it if you're in the area). This was the first time I cut marks into the fat and I think it's something I'll continue to do going forward. Basted with a mix of ACV/hot sauce periodically throughout the cook. Sorry I don't have a picture of the pulled pork, you can see that I started to rip into it before I took the last picture.. haha Pork Shoulder.3.pdf Pork Shoulder.1.pdf Pork Shoulder.2.pdf
  6. Hey everyone! I've been lurking in the shadows for over a year and finally decided to create an account. Got an Akorn as a wedding gift last September and haven't looked back! The site has been extremely helpful and I'm looking forward to posting some cooks real soon. I've had some good results with pork shoulders, chuck roasts, wings (my wife's favorite) and pizzas but the brisket didn't turn out too great the first time around. For whatever reason this is the only pic of the smoker I have saved on my phone. I'll be smoking something Saturday for the Buckeye game that I'll upload to this post.
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